Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

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Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass – Clear Distance Left of Gate Enter 0 if you do not want the track to extend beyond the edge of the gate on that side.

Clear distance to the right of the gate Enter 0 if you do not want the track to extend beyond the edge of the gate on this side.

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

This is our best-selling bypass gate hardware kit, and for good reason! A hardware bypass kit is used when there is not enough space on either side of the door to fully open the sliding door. This kit uses two tracks so both doors can pass through each other. By extending one door in front of the other, the doors are “stacked” on top of each other in the open position, maximizing the accessible door area. The suspension design differs from a classic strap in that the strap only extends to the center of the wheel and does not curve to the top of the wheel. It gives a sleek, low-profile look. This set is perfect for any room in your home or business, including the bedroom, living room, office, study, study, living room or pantry.

Calhome Sliding Double Bypass Double Door Barn Door Hardware Kit & Reviews

Shipping is $24. Ships from Atlanta, GA within 3 business days via UPS. Kits usually ship 1 to 1-1/2 weeks from order date. Free hardware returns

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

I was a bit disappointed with the extended mount as it makes the third door tilt rather than point straight down. We are currently looking for another ride that will solve this problem.

Hi Michelle, the reason the outer door leans towards the middle door is because you haven’t finished the installation. Once you widen the channels at the bottom of the door (per the instructions) and attach the one-way bypass guide to the front of the center door, the guide fits into the bottom channel of the outer door and holds the outer bypass. A door parallel to the middle door. Once you finish it, you’ll notice that it doesn’t bend. We have contacted you by email and are working to resolve the issue for you. We built 6 barn doors in 5 days for our basement and I will go over them in this tutorial. To share how we made a bypass barn door with a very important tip that makes all the difference in creating a balanced and balanced look. We built a total of A total of 6 barn doors for this project: 4 double bypass barn doors for our basement as well as 2 additional single doors that we used in our master closet. Yes, all 4 bypass barn doors pictured above are fully functional doors (meaning nothing is attached).

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Ft Sliding Barn Door Hardware Closet Track Kit For Single/double/bypass Door

There are many different ways to build a barn door, but the process is divided into two parts: First, the hardware (rails, hinges, fasteners, etc.). The second is the door (usually a load-bearing panel and trim).

After making 6 doors, we became very good at this process. I’m pretty sure I could build a barn door in my sleep at this point. For context, the first four doors took us a full four days to create, but the second two doors were completely fabricated, painted, and hung in less than a day! But since we’ve never done this before, made some mistakes and had some “learning experiences”, in this guide I’m going to share not only how to build a barn door, but what we share. There were mistakes along the way and how we fixed those things, so you can learn from both our mistakes and our successes.

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

I decided to go back and reverse the arrow pattern on all four of our barn doors. So each door was asymmetrical, but when all the doors hung sideways, they formed a V-shaped pattern.

In 1 84in Double Frame Barn Door With Single Track Bypass

Below is my original design concept for our door (I say “concept” because this is what I wanted the door to look like in general, not a practical representation of how it would line up):

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

However, we opted for a single track hardware system with double bypass, so our final design is shown below. All 4 doors we built in our bypass are fully functional (none are bolted) so each leads somewhere and each can be opened from the front or back.

Each door is truly different from the others. The image below breaks this down and the reason is fully explained in the “Accounting for Overlap in Barn Door Bypass” section at the bottom of this tutorial.

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Bypass Closet Doors

If you decided to make one barn door by itself or two barn doors (without the possibility of sliding one behind the other), you have two options:

If you choose to bypass the barn door like we did (meaning the door can slide in front of you or behind you), you have two options:

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

So we decided to create a single rail bypass system, with all 4 barn doors hanging on one rail. This means there are two “front” doors and two “back” doors. The “back doors” are on straight hinges, while the “front” doors have angled hinges that raise and pin the front so the back door can slide back.

Finished & Unassembled Double Barn Door With Non Bypass Installation H

With this (and all) 4-door bypass system, you also have to choose which door is the “front” and which hinged door is the “rear,” and you have 4 configurations to choose from:

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Option A = door 1: before | Door 2: Behind | Door 3: Front | Door 4: Back

Option B = Door 1: Back | Door 2: Front | Door 3: Behind | Door 4: Go ahead

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Sliding Closet Opaque Glass Barn Bypass Doors / Sete 6933 White Silk / Modern 6.6ft Rails Hardware Set / Wood Solid Bedroom Wardrobe Doors — United Porte

Option C = Door 1: Back | Door 2: Front | Door 3: Front | Door 4: Back

Option D = Door 1: Before | Door 2: Behind | Door 3: Behind | Door 4: Go ahead

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

We chose option D because in our hallway, doors 1 and 4 are our most used doors, so we wanted them to hang in the front. Personally, I also pay more attention to the symmetry of the overall C&D options.

Classic Black Single Rail Bypass Kit Bp02

Note 1: The “trimming” material needed will vary depending on your door design. I have listed the materials needed for our door designs, but different door designs naturally require different trim materials.

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Note 2: I used MDF veneer with primer because I planned to paint the door. If you plan to stain them instead, you’ll want to use real wood veneer.

Note 1: These instructions can be applied to any barn door design that is a combination of support panel and top trim, so these instructions can be adapted to barn door designs other than our design.

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Interior Sliding Barn Doors For Every Room In Your Home

Note 2: We pre-painted all the individual parts before assembly. Pre-dyeing is just my personal preference, but not mandatory. If you don’t want to pre-paint, ignore all paint references and last paint/stain.

Here’s my tip “Account for overlap in barn bypass doors” before you build anything! I put it at the end because it’s only for bypass doors and if you’re building a normal non-bypass door it’s not necessary.

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Note 4: You’ll notice that the timeline in my photos doesn’t quite follow these instructions, and that’s because we weren’t so sure about our first door (which I took progress photos of) so we painted each set of trim. This is how we did the rest of the door where we cut it instead of cutting it from the front.

Diy Sliding Barn Door To Replace Bi Fold Closet Doors

If you are building a barn door (especially one track) this is critical. This is why our “back” door is a different width than our “front” door. Look, everywhere they say “about an inch of overlap” between bypass doors, but that’s about it

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

If you want to see the whole design of your “back” door from the front! It seems painfully obvious in retrospect, but I didn’t see anyone mention it so I didn’t think about it until we built our first 4 doors. So I am sharing our mistake as well as our solution.

Let me explain: if you take the total width of your space and divide it by the number of doors you will create, overlap one inch and create 4 doors exactly the same size in a single track bypass system, as you can see in the picture below they are the “back” doors (in case Ours: 2 doors and 3) a few centimeters of design visually lost behind the “front” doors (in our case: doors 1 and 4).

Sliding Closet Barn Doors Bypass

Classic Design Double Track Bypass Barn Door Hardware Kit

Also, because of the overlap, the entire width of the door no longer spans the entire width of the rail (huh, right? *sigh*). But if you’re wondering why we didn’t widen the doors, while those wide doors would have solved the problem of physically covering the space, the visual design would still be just as cluttered with partially overlapping “rear” doors. . I will show you what I am

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