Small Kitchen Living Room Combo Design

Small Kitchen Living Room Combo Design – The open kitchen is built with minimal walls to allow the kitchen to flow into other common areas in the home, usually the dining room and living room. Although an open kitchen gives a house a modern look and makes your space spacious, there are some challenges.

Because there are no walls, open kitchens tend to have less cupboard and storage space than closed kitchens. When you can see the kitchen from other parts of the house, if you leave junk in the kitchen, it can be seen everywhere. There is no hiding a pile of dirty dishes.

Small Kitchen Living Room Combo Design

Small Kitchen Living Room Combo Design

Regardless of the challenge, homes with open floor plans remain popular and sell faster than homes with closed floor plans. If you are interested in open kitchen and living room design, here are some pictures to encourage you:

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This two-story design would be ideal for homes with a variety of activities taking place in the common area. A small kitchen can be placed against the wall in the dining area. The living room and multi-functional loft are all connected, so family members can communicate with each other no matter where they are.

Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you have to compromise on gear. By using an open floor plan, this designer can fit the dining room, living room and kitchen in a limited space. There is even a small bonus room that would be great as an office.

It may seem unreasonable to have a large kitchen if you have limited space, but this design turns out to be functional. This gourmet kitchen does not skimp on luxury, but the open plan seamlessly combines it with the rest of the house. The bar doubles as a work island and dining area, while the lounge is close enough for the chef to chat with everyone.

The clean and simple lines of furniture and structure in this home create a beautiful modern space. The three main common areas, kitchen, living room and dining area are all close together to feel as if they are in the same room. Because the kitchen is on the end wall and includes an island, it has a surprisingly large amount of cupboard space.

Stylish Small Kitchen Ideas That Do More With Less

Open layouts can work with any design style. Modern industrial design is especially suited to open floor plans. Cabinetry and Lighting The work in this plan brings an industrial aesthetic to the entire space. Natural stone finishes and understated furniture add a modern feel.

Although open floor plans make the most of a small space, that doesn’t mean they can’t look good in a larger space. This large house can feel both large and flat. There is a bar for casual meals and a dining room for more formal meals. The glass doors leading to the patio make the room appear larger by offering a view from outside.

If you’re a fan of mid-century modern design, you’ll love this look. The walking chairs are curved and the barstools stand against the uprights and straight lines of the furniture. Red adds a color scheme to the otherwise neutral tone that characterizes the rest of the house.

Small Kitchen Living Room Combo Design

Nowhere is the open floor plan as bright as in a small space. This place has everything you need here. There is not only a bar, but also a separate dining area. The living room is different from the kitchen, but the lack of walls gives everything a cozy and intimate feel. This is a small house best suited for entertaining. Multiple seating options ensure no one feels cramped, even in small spaces. When guests leave, the compact nature of the home makes it perfect for a small family.

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This beautiful combined room offers easy flow from the living area to the dining area to the kitchen. The spacious sofa means there is room for family and friends to watch a movie together. Plants bring a touch of nature, a welcome element in a modern home. The included bookcase is good enough to hold your home library and display your decorations. Accent lights on the walls will be a great way to show off your favorite paintings.

One of the main benefits of an open floor plan is shared lighting. This home allows all common rooms to benefit from the natural light that flows from the living room. The gray and white in the furniture and appliances let the yellow of the beautiful lounge chairs really become the focal point. Glass coffee tables reflect large glass windows and do their job without adding extra clutter.

Another advantage of an open floor plan is that the decorative elements in one room influence the other. In this lovely space, some plants seem to be more abundant as they can be found throughout the house. The red fridge adds a lot of personality to this kitchen. The modern aesthetic of this floor plan is applied to furniture such as bookshelves and TV stands.

The house has a view from the window. If you have a great view, the open space allows you to see it from anywhere in the house. With neutral, neutral furniture and only color information from plants, every aspect of the house is designed to maximize the view. This house project would be perfect for a beach or mountain house.

Traditional Kitchen With Added Storage

The plan is so simple and minimal that the green chair steals the show. The remaining items in the house fade into the background as they should. Modern design has the following features. Kitchen cabinets and appliances are neatly polished. The only curve in the room is from the chairs, which keeps the neutral furniture from getting boring.

While there are some downsides to open floor plans, such as less privacy and increased heating and cooling costs, most homeowners find that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. One of the main reasons people renovate their home is to give it a more open floor plan, which has been proven to increase home prices. Whether you are renovating or building a new home, there are the perfect open floor plans to meet your needs. Stefan Gheorghe is the founder and CEO of. In 2008, he launched the platform due to his passion for interior design and home decor.

It is easier to focus on functionality when the kitchen is a separate room. But when it was part of the open floor plan and presented itself to the living room, the design approach changed. The kitchen not only needs a functional space, but it also needs to look good and match the overall appearance of the space.

Small Kitchen Living Room Combo Design

If the space is small and you don’t want the kitchen to be the center of attention, then your best strategy is to keep it from standing out. So if the walls and ceiling are white, the kitchen furniture must also be white.

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Draw attention to the living room by making the kitchen as simple and tidy as possible. In this case, it is small, but organized. Windows enhance its overall appearance even brighter, but make the kitchen less cluttered with wall cabinets.

Use the same colors in the kitchen as in the living room to blend them. Ideally, it will have the same type of floor. This means that there is no clear barrier between the spaces. The kitchen island is the only element that separates these two spaces.

Because you want both the kitchen and the living room to have their identity, you can take advantage of the details of the layout and accents. For example, if the room is long and narrow, the sitting area can be on one side and the kitchen on the other. Use rugs and artwork to define space.

Layout is also important when floor space is limited. This is when you need to be smart about setting up a kitchen space. Perhaps it can be placed under a ladder or a smooth ceiling can make the most of it. Let it serve as a separate individual space while also being part of the harmony.

Seven Benefits Of An Open Plan Living Space

Harmony and harmony is your best tool when designing and decorating a kitchen that opens to the living room without walls in between. Area rugs can be used to differentiate between areas, while colors, textures and materials used can be the same throughout the area. When placing furniture, avoid sofas that face the kitchen directly.

A simple design option is to have a small dining area between the kitchen and the lounge area. This will act as a buffer zone. In this way, the cooking area and the actual living space are not directly connected. In a combined modern apartment

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