Small Living Room Ceiling Designs

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Small Living Room Ceiling Designs – Clear spaces in your home are important to keep that clean and airy look, but what about the biggest empty space you have? There’s one key area that’s almost always overlooked in any home, and it’s a great opportunity to flex your decorating muscles: the attic.

Although this area is often forgotten, the fifth wall can also be an important element in the design plan of your apartment. An empty space, usually white, hanging over poorly designed rooms; with a few simple design tricks, it can be the centerpiece of your entire living space. After installing new floors, investing in furniture, and spending hours organizing bookshelves and shelves, it’s time to turn your attention upstairs. We’ve rounded up the best patio design ideas to make an impact in your home (including ideas that only require a can of paint).

Small Living Room Ceiling Designs

Small Living Room Ceiling Designs

Before that, consider these 20 hotel statement pieces that will make sure your guests do it twice every time.

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Never underestimate the power of a few cans of paint and a lot of creativity. Painting your living room from floor to ceiling can add a cozy feel and atmosphere to any room, especially if you have a pop of color. Create contrast by choosing bold accents: In this space, natural wood doors add a touch of grime, while gold metal light fixtures add a touch of elegance.

Why should all hardwoods be fun? Try installing wood on the ceiling for a natural warmth that can bring character to your space instead of keeping exposed wood on the ceiling. Paint the walls a clean, bright white and the ceiling is highlighted.

This classic stencil design will make a big impact in your space with the right color combination. A coffered ceiling immediately draws attention and gives a room a classic and elegant feel. Not a fan of the traditional style? Choose more modern furniture or take a cue from this design: antique furniture blends and complements the plastered walls and ceilings of the room. The finished design creates a stunning composition, with a selection of colors that feel equal parts calm and energetic.

Some homeowners choose to paint their exposed beams, but we love that this designer went in the opposite direction with black paint. A clean color scheme based on neutral furniture and black and white architectural details makes the space feel modern while expanding. Similar colors on the walls tie the space together, making it feel fresh and airy.

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We’ve always been fans of celestial objects, but we’ve never seen them like this. By bringing a dark forest green color to the ceiling, this designer created a moody and dramatic atmosphere in a classic living room. Instead of leaving the exposed bricks of the fireplace in place, the integrated color scheme emphasizes every detail of the style.

You can spend hours creating a very balanced gallery wall, but everything will be stuck north of your most hanging frame. This metal tile ceiling will add the perfect touch to complement the room’s wall art, while the modern light fixture will be the focal point of the entire space.

Choose a ceiling color that balances your space: If you’re working with limited natural light, choose a lighter shade to make the room feel larger. In rooms with large windows, dark ceilings can have a bold effect.

Small Living Room Ceiling Designs

Welcome to our dream hotel. The designer used every inch of this space to decorate the property, and it paid off: the wardrobe itself is a statement, but what really makes this room stand out is its contrast. In an all-white house, this formal living room is separated by a dark blue stain. From the white coffee table to the brass lamp, the smallest details add enough visual interest to complete the room.

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While we’ve seen ceilings painted with vibrant colors and fun textures, sometimes dark is what’s needed to make a statement. The designer skillfully achieved the contrasting element by combining the white interior with the black roof and windows. Monochromatic colors in home architecture can make colorful design details feel natural.

Wallpaper is great for any home, and with the right print and colors, you can transform a space in hours. But don’t let the name fool you: walls can be used outside of walls. This designer blue design on the corner ceiling of the house instantly makes the entire space feel balanced and useful.

If you love shiny things as much as we do, you’ve probably already pinned this design to your Pinterest board as we speak. The light paint color in this living room is attractive without looking too busy. Taking the same shade to the walls, the designer highlighted the color with wall art, earthy curtains and warm leather furniture.

It’s amazing what a difference a little texture can make in a home, and this living room offers plenty of proof. For an easy DIY project that will make your roof stand out, install shiplap over the entire surface. This simple touch makes a white room feel static and inviting.

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You may be familiar with tin roofs, but using the same material at home is different from others. In this cozy cabin-inspired space, dark metal ceilings complement natural wood walls and bright white furniture. The earthy charcoal color complements the dark colors of the stone fireplace on the home’s floor and ceiling.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full quilt project, you can still draw attention by focusing on lighting. Three different chandeliers hang at different heights for different decor in this great room with a vaulted ceiling. By choosing clear white frames with black hardware, the lights blend into the wall with enough contrast to create a focal point.

For those of you who have gone to the extreme, pay attention: your living room is filled with mundane decorations and luxury furniture. This opulent ceiling medallion built into the home’s coffin creates the perfect setting for a vintage crown to stand out. The dark charcoal color gives the design an elegant yet attractive feel.

Small Living Room Ceiling Designs

To enhance your decor, paint its small details in a contrasting color to prevent complex designs from blending.

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Give the corner wall the illusion of more space by contrasting the colors of each wall. We love the mostly white details in this room, which can create the texture of a ship, but a single blue section of the ceiling adds character. By painting higher walls, ceilings feel higher than they really are: low furniture can further enhance the visual effect.

If you currently work with wooden ceilings in their natural and rustic look, don’t be afraid to keep them. This cabinet is very attractive and the ceiling is completely different: instead of painting the wooden frame, sand it and change the color scheme without losing the original character of the room.

If you think of your ceiling as another wall, you can find a way to tie it into your home decor in a cohesive and beautiful way. We love how this cheerful color, dark blue, is used in this cheerful living room. Paired with white walls, neutral furniture, and a vibrant red rug, the contrasting colors in this design feel balanced without overwhelming the space.

If you’re stuck with a contrasting ceiling lamp, you can consider another option: blend the beams with the texture. We love the clean look of these classic white ceiling beams while adding depth to the space. Also, placing them parallel to the longest wall will open up the space and make it appear larger.

Ceiling Designs For Living Room With Images

This look is similar to the single design, but changes one important detail. This designer chose a bold line by painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, choosing white without including any trim. As a result, the lines at the top of the room are defined, allowing the dark furniture to blend in with the black walls without overwhelming the space.

We’re big fans of wallpaper on the ceiling, but we’re also rocking this nautical line that creates a focal point in the middle of the room. This designer uses angles for a geometric effect that still feels modern thanks to the color white. Along with the patterns on the ceiling, a variety of patterns from pillows to rugs balance the lines of the room and when you integrate the ceiling into your design, you get another face and become something beautiful. At Fuller Interiors, we love adding unexpected colors and patterns, so a carefully thought-out patio design is one of our favorite recommendations.

If you’re worried that textured wallpaper or ceilings won’t add character to your space, remember, just like coffered ceilings.

Small Living Room Ceiling Designs

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