Small Living Room Divider Ideas

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Small Living Room Divider Ideas – Whether you’re looking for a stylish accent to separate rooms in an open plan layout or to decorate a dark corner, room dividers are a smart accent that can transform an interior. This versatile design solution is ideal for small and large spaces. In addition, in addition to traditional room dividers, some bookshelves can serve as a glass wall divider.

For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our room divider ideas that can transform kitchens, living spaces and beyond.

Small Living Room Divider Ideas

Small Living Room Divider Ideas

Sometimes a neutral room needs a design accent as decoration. Here, designer Richard Michaud used a large, neutral room divider to add warmth to the living room of a New York loft.

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A frosted glass screen adds visual interest and privacy to a Beverly Hills kitchen renovated by Jamie Bush and architect Dennis Gibbens.

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s iconic Greenwich Village home features a beautiful Fornasetti screen. It’s the perfect backdrop for the white walls and Vladimir Kagan’s ivory chair.

Spanish fashion designer Jorge Vazquez’s Madrid home is a lesson in maximalism. The games room has a 19th-century French screen with a botanical print to match the Cole & Son wallpaper.

An antique screen between gilded mirrors adds individuality to this kitchen by Ken Fulk, designed for the US ambassador’s residence in Vienna.

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Believe it or not, a few bookshelves can work great as a room divider, as seen in this SoHo loft designed by Richard Michaud. Gold shelves separate the living area from the family room.

Looking for a decorative piece for that missing corner? A structured room divider in a light color such as blue is the ideal solution.

Model Natalie Lima Suarez chose sleek glass doors to separate her bedroom from the living room in her Brooklyn loft. The custom sliding design creates an airy, Zen-like feel to the apartment.

Small Living Room Divider Ideas

A 19th-century Korean screen bought from Christie’s in the living room of a London townhouse. The black screen adds contrast to the Nicholas Haslam Ltd tea pot.

Room Divider Ideas For Small Spaces

A black faux leather crocodile screen balances the gray color palette in this luxurious living room by Thom Filicia.

“When I look at them, I see doors opening and knights riding on horseback,” Chanelle said of the beloved screens in her apartment. The Chinese screens he uses throughout the house provide an additional focal point in the striking living space.

A wooden door from Uruguay stands out in the hall of the spacious home of Maison Gérard dealer and collector Benoist Drut.

Designer Irakli Zaria London’s pied-à-terre living room is decorated with a series of screens. Custom screen design by Galerie Glustin.

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New York’s Smokin’ Park interior designer Ernest de la Torre decided to cover the living room fireplace with a pair of Chinese lacquered screens.

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Small Living Room Divider Ideas

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Enter a photo! Today we’re going to show you some living room divider ideas that will make you want to add this item to your wish list!

If you want to add intimacy to your living room without completely closing off the room, a room divider is the best choice. This home accessory is often overlooked, but if you have an outdoor space, it’s just as important as any other piece of furniture. It just adds texture and natural beauty that you can’t get from other pieces.

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Geometric room dividers are perfect for creating a traditional and memorable look in any room. It creates the illusion of a larger space without being really overwhelming, and it definitely adds texture with wood blocks, geometric shapes or patterns.

Using bookshelves as a room divider in the living room is also a creative and great idea to divide rooms without compromising on style and open space. With open shelving, you can look into another room and still add a stylish and sleek bookcase effect. Place your favorite books, small accessories and even family photos and you will have even more space for your most special decoration.

Simple wooden rugs can be installed to create the feeling of a small, intimate room without completely covering the sofa. Depending on the interior, the look can be modern or mid-century contemporary or even Scandinavian. This is definitely a look you need to try at home.

Small Living Room Divider Ideas

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Creative Room Divider Ideas For A Contemporary Interior Design

This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to the use of cookies. As open spaces improve, so does the concept of their multi-functional use. Now that most of us do everything at home, the concept of defining different activity zones or simply creating privacy has never been more important.

Luckily, room dividers offer an easy, stylish way to make your home more flexible, and you can even customize your room divider preferences to suit your needs and lifestyle. Read on to discover 23 ways to divide and conquer!

These partitions are ideal for situations where you want to easily and quickly switch between dividing and opening up a space.

Folding screens have been a feature of Asian design for centuries and are simple, light and attractive. These partitions combine three, four or more panels, which can be transparent (

Decorative Wire Mesh Room Divider Ideas

Create your own room divider by gluing your favorite fabric to the panel frames. Tip: When attaching the panels, install the hinges on the opposite sides so that the screen folds. (See this blogger’s supply list for more information.)

Ask for curtains to immediately divide the room. Hang the rod from the ceiling and use rings or hooks to secure the curtain panels. Think velvet for drama or elegant for a lighter look. Closed for privacy, open to spaciousness. Perfect for sharing a bedroom in a studio apartment or in-laws apartments.

If a curtain seems too shiny, pick up a modern barn door for under $200. Or make your own by guiding Mark Powers from this old house.

Small Living Room Divider Ideas

For a simple sliding door project, make a frame out of 2x2s, nail or glue it to masonry boards, add wheels on the bottom and hinges on the top, then hang it from the wall-mounted drain pipe.

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Commonly used in commercial or professional environments such as conference rooms, accordion doors stop on the top track but avoid the floor track to avoid tripping. They are usually made of vinyl, laminate, wood, aluminum or acrylic.

Wood divider screens start at around $200, but you can do it for less with three 16″ x 64″ sheets of plywood and a dozen 3/4″ x 2″ pieces of wood for the frame, half of which are 16 inches. pieces. inches long. and the rest is 6 feet.

Make a frame, attach plywood sheets (any color) and put them together. Tip: High quality hangers are durable and look better, so don’t skimp! (See here for full instructions.)

Some rooms, such as a child’s room or a temporary home office, have a layout with places to put things. These ideas fill the bill:

Easy Divider Ideas That’ll Make A Space Feel Bigger

Any bookcase that is perpendicular to the wall instead of the wall quickly becomes a room divider. Simply secure it in place: attach metal L-bracket and wall studs to the top of the bookcase, then insert a few screws through the sides of the furniture into the same studs. For additional protection against slipping, you can reinforce the bottom.

A bookcase with lockable wheels offers the most flexibility, especially in large spaces such as attics or basements. Just move, lock the place you want to give space to today and move it to a new place tomorrow.

The bigger the bookcase, the more privacy. Long, wide pair, placed at the back

Small Living Room Divider Ideas

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