Small Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

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Open floor plans add flexibility to any home. In a typical house floor plan, rooms are divided by walls and doors. Each room has its own privacy pocket, which makes it easy to divide the different rooms of the house. But in an open floor plan, the walls and doors go down, allowing the spaces to blend. Your kitchen can be double kitchen and triple living room. And this flexibility makes many tasks easier.

Small Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

Small Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

“Open concept living allows for seamless entertaining – pour a glass of wine, check the sauce is boiling on the line and prepare a meal while … socializing with family members or guests.” Deborah Costa, interior designer and co-founder of Alchemy Design, she said. “Open floor plans enhance the heart of the home by connecting cooking and relaxing areas.”

How To Design An Open Plan Kitchen Layout

Inviting you to be together, floor plans make life easier. But editing can be tricky. How do you organize furniture without walls? And how do you decide which rooms to put together?

“When designing a floor plan, planning is the first and most important step,” says Jenna Schumacher, principal designer at Insert Design. “Without defining usage spaces, you need to develop a coordinated design that maximizes functionality, balances the range of components, and celebrates connectivity.”

This may seem like a long list. But the right inspiration can be much simpler. To help you design your open floor plan with care and ease, we asked six interior designers to share their best floor plan ideas.

When creating an open floor plan, it can be difficult to decide which rooms to combine. A popular choice? Connect the kitchen to your living room. “Kitchens are the center of the home,” says Costa. “Other people don’t force themselves to cook. They want to keep up with what is happening in the living area. “

Open Kitchen Design Ideas Every Smart Home Buyer Will Choose

Plus, more guest space means a less crowded kitchen. “A family room or living room open to the kitchen allows you to spread out,” says Emily Davis, principal designer at Emily Davis Interiors.

Create a scene in your open concept home by opening your door. “Opening the door to the kitchen and living room gives the home an immediate sense of flow,” Davis said.

Without a wall, how do you know where one room ends and another begins? Simple. “Use rugs to create different zones in a room,” says Kathryn Staples, founder of Aspen & Ivy Design.

Small Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

And Christine Rene, interior designer and founder of Design Alchemy, agrees: “A rug under a coffee table in a common room or under a table in a dining room works well to illuminate certain areas.”

Stylish Small Kitchen Ideas That Do More With Less

The best thing about open floor plans is that you can customize them to fit your needs. So, if you work from the kitchen or dining room, introduce yourself in a formal workspace.

“Increasingly, we’re using computer parts in pools right out of the kitchen,” says Renee. “They’re great places for adults to use their computers or kids to do homework without messing up kitchen counters or dining tables.”

A seamless way to separate two rooms in a floor plan? Pull the room divider. Get something long enough for decoration, and if you want to connect the rooms, you can choose a short room divider to see if it is long enough.

Accent pillows aren’t just a fun way to decorate a room—they’re also great for dividing up floor plan space. “A suspended ceiling can provide room for separation and lighting without the structure separating the rooms,” Staples said.

Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Designed By Gail Gray Home

By covering your kitchen ceiling with wooden beams and placing a kitchen ceiling, you can create separate but connected spaces.

Enhance your living room by expanding it into a playroom, games room or other entertaining space. “We like to combine the family room with comfy chairs and covered storage for toys and games,” says Curated Nest lead designer Erin Koren.

If you want to personalize a room without covering it up, use storage furniture to get the job done. “Closed storage solutions like shelving and racks can break up areas in a floor plan,” says Koren.

Small Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

Why limit yourself to just one sofa? With a floor plan, you can create multiple rooms – leaving plenty of room for your guests to mingle and socialize.

Open Kitchen Design: Pictures, Ideas & Tips From Hgtv

“Avoid the usual sitting position and place the room next to it,” says Costa. “Think of the space as a hotel or lobby and create different moments and spaces for gathering.”

Think of the space as a hotel room or lobby and create different moments and spaces for gathering.

Sharing a kitchen with a living room is a popular option, but sharing a kitchen with a living room is a great option.

“We love the flow of the living room and kitchen together,” says Koren. “We open up the living room walls to the kitchen because it allows for more traffic—something to bring to dinner.”

How To Decorate An Open Plan Kitchen Living Room

In any open floor plan, the staircase is your friend. How? Different positions make it easy to divide the room into smaller corners and allow you to enjoy the flexibility of a wall without a wall.

Want the privacy of a closed floor plan without putting up walls? Use closed doors, such as doors and arches.

“Covered spaces can do wonders for creating visual separation between rooms,” says Davis. “The wide box space allows you to feel without connection

Small Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

When creating your floor plan, keep in mind which rooms you are responsible for in your home. So, if you want to have a kitchen and a bar, make room for both. “Our customers like to add another drink to their plan,” Costa said.

Design Ideas For Open Plan Kitchen And Living Rooms

If a fence isn’t your thing, make room for everything. Staples suggests adding a wine cellar for wine lovers or a library in the family room for book lovers.

Lighting can be a great way to create flow and separation in a floor plan. The key is to move the light from corner to corner – while maintaining overall alignment.

“Make sure the lighting you choose is functional but has character,” says Koren. “It allows for a nice flow and allows each part to have its time.”

A traditional way to design your floor plan? Combine three rooms into one room. “Our clients like to connect the common room, dining room and kitchen to create a seamless flow of daily activities,” says Renee.

Open Plan Living Cost Guide

By placing your kitchen, dining room and living room in one place, you can enjoy a more peaceful stay – don’t miss out.

If your staircase is not in a corner, it may be better to place it as the border of your room. Use your stairs and make them like a wall. Use this floor plan to divide different rooms without separating them.

A proven way to create separation in a combined kitchen and living room? Slide a meal. “To break the long line behind the sofa, we put buttons behind the sofa,” said Koren. “It breaks the horizon, adds fun and versatility, and adds care.”

Small Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

No house is complete without food, and if you don’t want to give space to your dining table, you can make room in your kitchen. “Entertaining is no longer a formal event, so some have chosen not to host a formal kitchen in their home,” Staples said. “It allows the business to network more when it comes to receiving and preparing food.”

Open Floor Plan Design: 10 Pro Ideas For A Cohesive Look

A good way to separate different rooms in a floor plan? Decorate their walls in different ways. “Visual separation can be done with different colors or different wall treatments,” Staples said.

Paint different areas different colors, cover them with different materials, or cover one with wallpaper and leave the other bare.

It is not appropriate to assemble sofas in any house. But it’s a good way to relax in an empty space. With one sofa facing the dining room and one sofa facing the living room, you can make room for pre-dinner and post-dinner conversation – giving guests an easy way to enjoy the night.

If your kitchen is connected to another room, such as a dining room or living room, use your island to separate the two.

Open Kitchen Ideas That Are Spacious And Functional

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