Small Wall Shelves For Living Room

Small Wall Shelves For Living Room – Whether you live in an apartment or a vacation home, you have limited square footage. Plenty of floor space for furniture, accessories, decorations and most importantly, storage. The smaller the space, the fewer opportunities to store and display your favorite things. That’s where walls come in. In an unused part of any room, walls provide the necessary vertical space. If you are not sure how to use the vertical space, we recommend floating shelves. Floating shelves, named for the floating look they give hidden appliances, are sleek, small and perfect for decoration or storage.

The best floating shelf ideas combine function and style. Regardless of your decorating style, floating shelves can complement your space. You can use it in the kitchen to put extra dishes or leave them in all the cupboards. In the bedroom, choose floating shelves as part of your wardrobe or use them to display family photos or your book collection. There are endless possibilities. Floating shelves, due to the “lack” of visible fasteners, take up less space than traditional systems.

Small Wall Shelves For Living Room

Small Wall Shelves For Living Room

Now that you know all the options for floating shelves, you may be wondering where to hang them. We’ve brought you 15 designer-approved floating shelf ideas. Read on for some real shelf inspiration.

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In the kitchen of Joanna Saltz, the beautiful home editorial director, cookbooks are not only accessible, but easy to find. It’s a great storage solution for those of us who remember book covers better than their titles.

Treat your shoes as an investment instead of tossing them in a pile in the closet. With a series of floating shelves, designer Tasmin Johnson made sure this client always knew what he had. Put seasonal shoes on the top shelf so they don’t get noticed until you need them.

Want to add character to your new home or experience the original era of an old home? Choose floating shelves from reclaimed or antique wood. Unique knots and grains make each board unique.

Floating shelves are a great addition to almost any room in the house, but they look especially popular in the kitchen. They make things easier to organize when cooking and cleaning than built-in cabinets, and you can display more fish in your decor. In Justina Blakeney’s kitchen, reclaimed wood floating shelves are accented with bright green tile.

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Create a cozy reading nook in your bedroom with dark paint colors, soft fabrics, sentimental art and, of course, books within easy reach. In this Arent & Pyke-designed room, rows of floating shelves provide a home for the resident’s collection.

If you have a custom niche in your space or want to reflect an existing quirk, consider floating shelves as your solution. They allow you to really reap the benefits of waste. Here, Emil Dervish highlights this space by giving the floating shelves a bright orange-red exterior.

Don’t forget to play around with logotypes just like you experimented with different colors, textures and materials on floating shelves. For example, a thick shelf will look over the wall, while a thin floating shelf like this one will look soft and allow your decorative items to take center stage.

Small Wall Shelves For Living Room

Equal parts preppy and bohemian, modern and timeless, this Anna Spiro Design kitchen is a celebrity’s dream. A single floating shelf on the lower row cover line is visible and vertical.

Genius Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

In a small powder room, a floating shelf can save essentials like laundry, hand soap, candles, and tissues. Interior designer Gail Davis installed a simple glass shelf directly below the mirror to create a symmetrical look.

For small spaces with only a tulip table, choose fun accent chairs and consider a built-in chair. A classic gallery wall or dramatic sliding shelves that showcase your decor will add coziness without taking up any valuable square footage. This breakfast bar by Arent & Pyke proves it.

Create a deep gallery wall by placing a frame with floating shelves instead of framed art. In this living room designed by Alberto Villalobos, the combination of counter and metal elements is enough, but you can also fill it with decorations and books to fill the negative space.

Floating shelves can be bold and flamboyant when individually decorated, but with an emphasis on material and style, it’s also dreamy minimalist. In this space designed by Shapeless Studio, wall-to-wall floating shelves create a neutral, straight, clean look—almost like a gallery, but accessible and grounded.

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In this colorful dining room designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, two floating cubic shelves act as platforms for dishes. This trick is perfect for a narrow wall in the dining room, hallway or hallway.

Floating shelves blend seamlessly with white walls in this neutral Scandinavian studio apartment. Take inspiration from this space if you’re working in a small space and want your floating shelves to disappear rather than get in the way.

Why use floating shelves when you can attach a floating shelf to the wall? In this living room, he strikes a balance between bohemian and sophisticated.

Small Wall Shelves For Living Room

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