Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples – As a professional, I’m always looking for new things to try and share with my readers to make their chores easier and more productive. I recently came across samples of Samplize Peel and stick colors, so I had to try them! Here is my review of the Samplize Peel and stick paint.

If you’re looking for a new coat of paint, but don’t want to spend time worrying about small patches of color and finding the perfect shade of blue,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Make an example. This peel and stick paint system is here to enhance your home decor with little effort or impact!

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

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Samplize is another innovative way to choose colors that best reflect your style without compromising. Let’s walk this path together and discover how simple – yet powerful – color patterns can be!

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

The shell sample and the stick color samples are real colored squares that you can use directly on your wall.

Try samples from your favorite paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Farrow and Ball and PPG before investing in a big paint project.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Paint Color Samples

This sample is waterproof so you can keep it on the wall until you choose the color you want.

This is important because seeing pictures online or in catalogs doesn’t really give you a complete idea of ​​how the color will look in your home.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

With peel-and-stick designs, you can be sure that your chosen color will look great when it’s finally time to paint the walls!

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I am very pleased with how easy it is to apply this pattern to my walls. All I have to do is remove the backing paper from the template and press it firmly against the wall – it’s that easy!

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

After I did each pattern, I waited about 24 hours to see how they looked in the light in a different room on a different day before moving on to the next one.

They stayed on my wall for a few weeks with no problems – no fading or staining!

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

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Smoky Blue by Sherwin Williams is the color I used in my kitchen and bathroom! Thank you so much for Samplize!

Shell sample and stick color samples are very affordable – only $5.95 – $7.95 per sample! And if you buy 8 or more samples at once, they’ll give you 2 more for free, making the cost about $4.75!

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

This makes them a great way to try out different colors before committing to painting your entire room. You can buy them below.

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With this unique product, you can order a sample pre-cut into 9″ x 14.75″ squares, which is pretty big if you ask me!

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Overall, I highly recommend Samplize Peel & Stick Paint Samples if you are considering a home improvement project. Not only is it an inexpensive way to “try out” different colors before committing, but it also makes color application easier than traditional painting methods. Experimenting with different colors has never been so easy! Try Samplize today for your next home project – you won’t regret it!

The company recently added a “flower swatch pack” to their product line, making choosing the right shade even easier! Check out some of the packages below:

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Light French Gray Sw 0055

With Samplize, the ordering and delivery process is fast and seamless – just choose the model and color palette you want, choose which room they are intended for, add to the shopping cart and place the order.

You will usually see the sample arrive within a few business days of placing your order. Anyway, I showed up at my door last night with a FedEx envelope!

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

If you’re like me and want to quickly test an idea before fully implementing it, Samplize makes it easier than ever!

Samplize Review Peel And Stick Paint Sample 06

Note: This article is not a complete list of pros and cons of using Samplize, but a few examples to give you an overview.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Get true-to-life colors by ordering from Samplize. Customers praise the ease of use and their satisfaction with the product. Look below!

“The easiest, most useful thing. How about you stick them on the wall and take them off and stick them in different places with different lights? That’s a game changer.”

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Homeowners Products & Resources

“Love these! The colors are beautiful and the patterns are amazing! Help me choose colors for our new house.”

“Great!!! Order same day and receive next day!!! Yep! Will be ordering soon… great service and great company. Thank you!”

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Not only were they able to confidently choose the right color for the interior design project in advance, the swatches also arrived quickly and in good condition.. We just bought a new house! SHEEP! It’s a small fix, and it’s a great color choice like dark turquoise in a room that doesn’t get much natural light.

My Samplize Review

This picture is from the catalog and is now the color of the walls in the dining room. I’m sure the previous owners liked it, but I wasn’t the only one.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

One thing I don’t like about this new house is the darkness in the dining room! And a lot of that is because the paint on the wall reflects light. I need a color test!

So instead of ordering color swatches and painting them on a board, or trying to make clear swatches of dark paint without a primer, I decided to try Sherwin William’s peel and stick paints.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Worldly Gray Paint Sample By Sherwin Williams (7043) Peel

Their specialty is that they use two layers of real paint and you can put it on the wall. They are 12 x 12 squares.

I’m not sure what would work for colors in these rooms. I know I want something normal and maybe with a magic LRV (luminance value) of around 62 to make the room very bright.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

I also want to try a SUPER bright color to see the difference in color vs. almost free play in the room.

Barcelona Beige Paint Sample By Sherwin Williams (7530), 41% Off

If you are not familiar with LRV – Kylie M Interiors has the best here: https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/paint-colours-and-lrv-the-ultimate-guide-to-choosing-the – color color /

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

I’ve done a lot of research on the colors I want and narrowed it down, but I still have NO IDEA what would look good in the house. Each building and lighting is very different.

I ordered Alabaster (size 82 LRV), Fine Grey, Silverpointe and Sea Salt from Samplize. These are all Sherwin William colors, but Samplize has other colors.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Sherwin Williams Reflection Sw 7661

TIP: The Samplize ordering process is very simple, but there are many options. It’s best to do your research FIRST and the options are limited or it can be overwhelming.

Now when you get $15 worth of paint you get free shipping by using the site’s coupon code Samplize so I took advantage of that.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

When you first look at the $5.95 price tag, it seems a bit steep (at least to me).

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But Sherwin Williams paint costs $8.69 per color when you pay full price. Then you have to buy cosmetics.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

So the actual Sherwin Williams samples are more expensive than the Samplize shell and stick samples. But you can paint a larger area with Sherwin William patterns than the Samplize design cover.

So some of your choices should depend on the area you want to explore.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Aesthetic White Paint Sample By Sherwin Williams (7035)

TIP: Sherwin William’s color scheme is called “Colour to Go”. You get a lot of color for the price, but it’s not full color and needs a coat. If you decide to try this color, you should know that you cannot use Color to Color as a finished product.

I ordered the samples on Saturday and received them three days later on Tuesday. I think this may vary by a day or two depending on your location, but I was impressed with how fast the delivery was.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

Everything was well packed and as you can see I was sent good instructions on how to hang it on my wall.

Greek Villa Sw 7551

And each one comes with a piece of mylar between it and the next model. My bet is that it won’t last.

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

These are 12 x 12 and peel and stick in the background process – just like the big picture. They are very thick and feel like heavy cardboard. I think it’s okay.

The first thing I tried to give them

Sw Peel And Stick Paint Samples

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