Tan Brick House Trim Colors

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Tan Brick House Trim Colors – As you probably already know, bricks come in a variety of color options. It is also no secret that some people want to keep the natural look of this material because of its brilliant color and texture.

If you are that type of person, you may be wondering about the right color options for shutters on brick homes. While you can choose any color for these outdoor accessories, you know that choosing the right tone is your best bet for creating a stunning home design.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best shutter color options to match your brick exterior. The discussion here will be divided into several subheadings based on the color category of the brick. This way it will be easy to inspire you to choose the most suitable shutters for your home.

Brick And Roof Color Combinations For Your Home

The first category we want to talk about here involves the best shutter colors to pair with a red brick house. The best thing about this house is none other than the bright color that doesn’t look too bright. Instead, it contains a certain elegance.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Red brick, as well as any other type of brick, is quite easy to match any color, even when trying to choose the right one for shutters. Here, however, we will try to give you the best advice. We will talk about these, one by one, in the following.

If you have a red brick house then the first shutter color we recommend you choose is black. This tone will add a contrasting detail to your home’s exterior.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

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This can cause the red color of the brick to appear. Surprisingly, something like this can make a building look more prominent.

For example, you can take a look at the image above of a traditional two-story red brick house. This house is very small. However, you can see that the exterior color scheme is very interesting with the combination of red brick, black shutters and white trim.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

The combination of the brick red material and the black tone of the shutters not only adds a contrasting look but also adds elegance. On the other hand, the combination of black shutters and off-white color creates a timeless look that will last forever. This is even better because the white tone also looks compatible with the color of the brick.

Neutral Siding Combinations

When you have a red brick house exterior, you may think that red is a suitable color for the shutters as well. The problem is: what if the look is boring because of the red-red idea?

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Well, in that case, we have an option that you can choose. This is done by selecting red-brown shutters instead of having pure red color.

You can check out the traditional red brick house image above. If you look closely, the shutters used here have a reddish-brown color. It is the red undertone of these materials that makes them compatible with brick materials.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Creating An Exterior Paint Scheme

Here the brick red and shutter color both seem to match the white tone in the scheme. Especially the color of the shutter adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the design.

To add a cozy touch to a red brick house, you can choose gray shutters as window accessories. This is another very easy selection to match the red tone of the brick material.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

However, there is one thing we want you to know before choosing this shutter color. The overall design looks good when there are other tones in the gray range in the exterior color scheme.

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The house pictured above is an example. It has not only gray shutters but also other gray colors that you can see on the ceiling and doors. With these details, it will be very easy to incorporate gray shutters into your home’s exterior design.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Last but not least, the shutter color we recommend matching a brick red exterior is any color in the deep blue range. If you think that blue tones always show a cool side, you will see something different in this combination.

When navy shutters are paired with a red brick exterior, the result is warm and inviting. The blue tone here is not at all overpowering. Most importantly, the brick-red tone is still the most dominant in this design combination. So the warm impression is still visible here.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

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Take a look at the traditional house image above as an example of this idea. In this project, the shutters are given their color by Sherwin Williams’ Down Pore SW6516 Paint ().

Let’s move on to the second category of brick colors and the shades you can choose for shutters to match them. The group we are referring to here is none other than Tan Brick, which looks visually stunning with its natural yellow hue.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

For this type of home exterior, we believe there are at least three shutter color options. These include wood colors, gray and navy blue.

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The first shutter color that looks good with a brown brick house is wood. Any wood tone looks amazing when paired with this type of home exterior. In more precise words, the result you will see from the combination is a beautiful natural look.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

In the exterior design of the house, which you can see in the image above, for example, both brick walls and wood-colored shutters look fantastic. Combined with other elements in the color scheme, they make this traditional home look beautiful.

When choosing a shutter color like this to match your tan brick walls, there is one tip you can follow. It serves to ensure that the color is the same or very similar to the color of some elements of the exterior design.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

How To Choose A Front Door Color For Your Brick House

There are at least two elements in the image above that are very similar to shutters. These are the decorative details of the columns and the corners of the roof.

To create a neutral look, you can pair a tan brick exterior with gray shutters. Most importantly, this combination is something that also gives a classic feel to the design.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

You can see a photo of the historic home above. The main focus we want to discuss is none other than gray bricks and gray shutters.

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However, you can see that the white tone on the doors and windows is also present in the color scheme. It’s a great addition, in fact, it seems to add shine to the overall exterior.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Tan brick is really more neutral. However, we can’t deny that it has a slightly warm undertone.

That’s all, the unusual but classy pair of gray bricks and navy shutters, as you can see in the photo above, is a good thing. Blue tones can add a touch of class that can make the exterior of the house more pleasing to the eye.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Exterior Paint Colors

Navy blue shutters are also the perfect choice for those of you who don’t want your tan brick exterior to look too bright. In other words, these accessories help reduce the bright impression of the home design.

Brick brown is a more neutral option than other tones available. This means it will be easier for you to find the right trigger colors to match.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

While yes, you have to keep in mind that some trigger tones can do something good. In this case, there are three options that we suggest you to choose. They are wood color, black and brown.

Inspiring Shutter Colors For Brick House To Create An Amazing Exterior

If you have a brown brick house and you want the exterior design to look welcoming and elegant, you should go for a shutter color choice that comes from the wood color category.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Gray color of brick and wood always go well together. That’s why combos are always an easy option when you’re confused.

The photo above of a grand traditional house is an example of this. Here you can see how cozy the house looks with gray bricks and wooden shutters. It’s even better because the house has dark gray roofs that add to its grandeur.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

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Black is another color you can choose for shutters in a brown brick house. The difference the combination can create is a bold look, as shown in the photo.

In simple words, we can say that dark shutters can erase the general impression on brown brick. The end result of the combination is also timeless. So it is good for those of you who don’t often like to renovate your homes.

Tan Brick House Trim Colors

Another easy shutter color choice for a gray brick home is brown. Yes, brown and gray is simple

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