Warm Colors For Bathroom Walls

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Don’t let a beautiful backsplash, trendy touches, or a luxurious tub fool you — the foundation of a well-designed bathroom is a beautiful shade of paint. After all, paint can transform any space, so why should your bathroom be any exception? While footprint and amount of natural sunlight are important when making any important decision, the good news is that you’re not short on options. Neutral for shredded pillow? Dark moody tones for a touch of drama? A bold color to embrace your maximalism? Unlimited. However, the hard part is choosing the right pigment, which can be an incredibly difficult task. To help us, we asked some of the industry’s favorite designers to share their favorite shades. Their answers come at all ends of the color spectrum – you just have to pick one.

Warm Colors For Bathroom Walls

Warm Colors For Bathroom Walls

“I love using Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue in bathrooms, especially in powder rooms with little or no natural light. It’s a very strong color that immediately evokes a warm richness.”

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“I often use Benjamin Moore’s Mopboard Black for bathrooms. I love a dark, moody powder room that feels mysterious and elegant at the same time. Mopboard black is a shade that feels warm and has a pop of color.” There is plenty of depth, which is perfect for bathing.”

“It’s a fresh, warm, buttery white that works well with almost any design palette. My recommendation is to choose a matte finish that illuminates the space while creating a soft depth as the lighting changes throughout the day.

“I love pattern and color, but sometimes classic white is best! Keeping some bathrooms clean and fresh in a stark white, like Benjamin Moore’s Simply White OC-117, allows other elements to shine . Add a high-end shine for dramatic effect and you have a combination of timelessness and luxury.”

“For an exciting pop of color in an unexpected space, we love using something completely off the wall for the bathroom, like Benjamin Moore’s Chartreuse. We usually like to take a softer approach in master bathrooms, but the pool tub was the perfect place to incorporate a color that isn’t typically used in a bathroom. We also used it as a catalyst for the exterior color scheme.

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“This color, a warm combination of green and brown, is perfect for a powder room designed to attract attention. It’s sexy and soothing, creating an instant feast for the eyes, especially when paired with a bright wall covering. is combined with.”

“My all-time favorite white color is Benjamin Moore’s Serenity. It feels soft, cozy with a hint of warm gray tones. It feels crisp, clean and timeless and is particularly responsive to changes in lighting, whether natural or artificial. It’s extremely versatile no matter what style, color scheme or space you’re working with.”

“My favorite color is Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore. I mirror walls painted with Iron Ore to balance the tone and paint the ceiling a lighter color. I put a mirror on the painted wall to give the color a pop. I also install sconces of soft and subtle colors».

Warm Colors For Bathroom Walls

“Crisp Portola Paints lives up to its name. It’s a pure white, crisp, clean and bright with a subtle touch of warmth that works equally well in a small dressing room or a spacious bathroom.

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“It’s definitely not for everyone, but we painted our bathroom in Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle, an homage to Elsa Schiaparelli’s trademark shocking pink, and there’s no better color than four hot pink walls. Echo always makes you look like you’ve just returned from a tropical vacation; healthy and tanned regardless of your actual condition.”

“I love powdery pink blush in the bathroom because it warms up any complexion, especially in the morning when you can admire yourself in the mirror. Neutral white tiles, Carrara marble and even colored tiles Organdy looks fabulous next to.

“Benjamin Moore’s Dark Purple is a rich aubergine that is equal parts regal and sexy. It’s perfect for a bathroom because it’s dramatic, whimsical, and eye-catching.”

“This classic shade of white has a timeless and universal purity. But it’s the subtlest shade of pink that gives this color the real magic in the bathroom. With the warm light of the sconces, this wall color is perfect for the background. That’s right our best color reflected in the bathroom mirror.

Bathroom Decor Colors And Palettes To Fit Your Style

A balance of warm and cool tones, wrapped in neutrals, that works with many color concepts and palettes.

“I love Cinder Rose in a traditional setting, painted at a pop with lots of white subway tile and a nice basket marble floor. Please paint the ceiling! Every time you look in the mirror, you’ll You will be rewarded with a beautiful, healthy glow made for this beautiful and rich complexion.”

“Adrift is a soothing shade to use in a seaside bungalow, or the perfect way to create a beachy atmosphere wherever you are!”

Warm Colors For Bathroom Walls

“Teresa Green is a light celadon color that creates a serene atmosphere and complements the wide color palette of accessories. I often combine it with large blue ginger jars for makeup remover wipes and smaller blue and white accessories for other personal care items. Add fluffy white towels and silver linen cotton towel trays, because we all wash our hands thousands of times a day.’

Neutral Bathroom Paint Color Ideas For A Luxurious Look

“This aqua blue shade is perfect for the bathroom, a space we usually want to feel bright and clean. It might be a little bold for all the walls of a master bath or bathroom, but perfect for closets or small powder rooms. It’s just the right intensity.”

“My favorite paint color is always Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White. It’s a perfect warm white with no yellow undertones. I like to pair it with Glossy Super White for bathroom doors and tile to add some contrast and shine. to create the right balance of neutral warmth with a touch of modernity.

“I always start with stone when designing a bathroom and let that inform the color palette. Pale oak blends well with most marbles, accentuating the veins of the marble, but with darker tiles. Also softens the skin. Be careful, depending on the lighting it can turn gray or beige. Personally, I like it, but depending on the location, it can be tricky.”

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Warm Colors For Bathroom Walls

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Matte gloss has a low-sheen reflective finish that is durable, easy to clean, feels good to the touch, and hides minor surface imperfections.

Warm Colors For Bathroom Walls

Eggshell enamel gloss has a smooth, velvety look that resists dirt and grime

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