What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint – Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are some of the best paint brands in the world. Both painting companies produce quality paints that are widely used by professional artists and DIY warriors alike. But which paint is best?

In this article we will compare Benjamin Moore vs. Sherwin Williams to help you decide which paint to use for your next painting project. We will find the highest quality paints for interior and exterior use and share professional painting tips that will save you money and time.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore The best paint is Benjamin Moore with a thin edge. In terms of paint quality, durability, coverage and ease of use, Benjamin Moore paints take the cake. In fact, their interior paint product Regal Select is the best interior paint on the market. Also, acrylic exterior paint products like Benjamin Moore’s Aura are expensive but very expensive.

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What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Having said that, you really can not go wrong with Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore. From a pure paint quality point of view, they are almost identical. Accordingly, they both have worse, better and premium paint lines at different prices.

All in all, Benjamin Moore or Sherwin is in the respective leagues. Especially compared to paint brands like Behr, Valspar or PPG.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Rustic Refined Paint Color Collection

Among professional artists, it is like comparing Coca-Cola to Pepsi. Some people prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola or vice versa. Both paint brands produce high quality paints, but some artists swear by one or the other.

But Benjamin Moore has one major drawback compared to Sherwin-Williams paint. Before we get into that, let’s talk about the price difference of Benjamin Moore vs. Sherwin Williams.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Benjamin Moore is slightly higher than Sherwin Williams house paint when comparing similar products. As mentioned above, both companies have different lines of interior and exterior paints such as Cashmere, Emerald or Period. Across the board, the average at Sherwin Williams is $ 53 and Benjamin Moore is $ 57.

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Sherwin-Williams also has Superpaint, which experts consider the best balance of price and quality of any paint. For reference, Superpaint is about $ 48 per gallon for users. This is about $ 30 less than Sherwin’s Top Emerald.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Generally, high quality paint is always worth it, but up to a point. Personally, I am not a big fan of special paints like Sherwin’s Emerald or Benjamin Moore’s Aura. Both high-quality paint lines cost more than $ 70 per gallon.

Finally, it is worth noting that paint prices are rising due to the recent shortage of paints. Epidemics and unusual weather have limited paint production facilities. In fact, paint prices are up 10.6% in 2021 and are likely to rise further in 2022. However, if you are waiting for a paint job, you may want to pull the trigger sooner rather than later due to a shortage.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Los Angeles, United States. 24th Dec, 2020. A Sherwin Williams Paint Store, Thursday, Dec. 24, 2020, In Los Angeles. Photo Via Credit: Newscom/alamy Live News Stock Photo

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This is Benjamin Moore’s bright weakness compared to Sherwin Williams. Depending on where your home is located, it can be difficult to find a store that sells Benjamin Moore paint. This is because Benjamin Moore distributes his paint through independent retailers such as Ace Hardware and JCLight home improvement stores. Compare it to Sherwin-Williams, who manages and manages all of his own storefronts.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Even if there is a Benjamin Moore paint shop near you, I have found that different independent retailers have different products. For example, you will not be able to find the exact white ceiling paint line that JCLlight applies in Ace Hardware.

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This alone can be a deciding factor in choosing between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. As a painting contractor, if I had to drive an extra 15 minutes to the dealer Benjamin Moore instead of Sherwin, I would choose Sherwin. It’s really close when comparing the two paint brands.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Whether you are an artist or a homeowner, being close to a paint shop is a consideration. When buying paint for painting work, you will have to stop at the store a few times to touch the gallon or otherwise. No doubt you will thank yourself for choosing a local store when it comes to matching classic paint many years later.

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What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

Find & Explore Paint Colors

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have a variety of paint colors to choose from. As a result, there are no clear winners when it comes to color. You can not go wrong considering that both companies can match the colors of their fans.

While all Sherwin’s color consulting companies are free, Benjamin Moore’s color consultations typically cost $ 40- $ 80. Also, not all Benjamin Moore retailers offer this service. You can book Sherwin design consultations online here. Unfortunately, Benjamin Moore counseling can only be booked by contacting your local store.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

In addition, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore share recipes so they can match each other’s colors whenever they need to. However, I recommend keeping the color selection and vendor intact whenever possible to reduce the risk of color mismatch.

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Paint is a bright or glossy color after it dries. In many ways, the smoothness of the paint you choose is just as important as the color. This is where things can get tough when comparing Sherwin Williams to Benjamin Moore. Each paint manufacturer has a different name for their gloss. To complicate matters, some individual paint lines have their own specific smoothness assessment.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

To make polishing easier, call your local paint store for advice. For the interior, we recommend flats for the ceiling; Matt or egg for walls; And satin or semi-gloss for decoration. And for the exterior, we recommend a matte or satin flat surface for the sides. And semi-gloss or glossy for door and window moldings.

Benjamin Moore’s best paint product is Regal Select. In fact, over 50% of professional artists choose Regal Select as their favorite interior paint. It is a 100% high quality acrylic paint that marks all the boxes. That’s why you can’t beat Regal when it comes to thickness coverage and ease of use. It is also known for its durability and cleanliness.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

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Like most wall paints, it requires two coats, but the pigment retention is better than other paints in comparison. Regal costs more than $ 50- $ 60 per gallon, but in most cases it costs every penny. However, Regal is more efficient than both and is $ 10- $ 20 per gallon cheaper than Sherwin’s comparative Cashmere product. Benjamin Moore’s Regal is also a better paint than Sherwin’s Superpaint, but Regal costs more than $ 10- $ 20 per gallon.

Also, Regal Select is a low VOC home paint that is mold resistant. It is safe to use indoors during and after painting and reduces paint fumes.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

If you are looking for interior or exterior soundproof paint, consider Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Line. It’s a step above Regal Select, which makes the Aura $ 15- $ 25 more expensive, but it is a thicker paint that covers the color better.

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Finally, both Aura and Regal Select are manufactured with Benjamin Moore’s Gennex Color technology, which allows both paints to stay vibrant for longer. This innovative technology reduces the volatile organic compounds in Regal Select and Aura inks.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

You can think of Ben by Benjamin Moore, the younger brother of Regal Select. As you can imagine, Ben costs $ 20 less per gallon than Regal Select. However, it is more effective than other element-level Sherwin Williams interior paints such as A-100.

The main difference is that Regal Select Ben provides better coverage and thickness. This is due to the large amount of solids in the paint form. Also, Ben’s drying time is two hours compared to Regal’s one hour.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

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Then Regal Select has a wider range than Ben. Of course, Ben only comes in a flat, egg-shell shape and a semi-gloss finish, while Regal includes all three finishes in a matte finish. And pearls.

But this is a little-known fact about Ben by Benjamin Moore’s interior paint. Not only is it self-painted, Ben’s egg shell and smooth surface is close to zero VOC. That’s why we still like to use Benjamin Moore’s Ben for interior painting projects. In addition, Ben Sherwin Williams’ Harmony costs almost $ 30 less than the VOC brand.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

It is a highly effective solid-grade paint that is good for the environment. In any case, our professional painting team considers this a great achievement.

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Another specialty of Benjamin Moore is the Advance line of water-based alkyd interior paints. Advance is one of the best paints on the market for interior decoration, doors, windows and door frames. It is more effective than Sherwin Williams Proclassic decorative paint by almost all means and still has a low VOC level even after painting. Not to mention that it’s cheaper at $ 55 per gallon, compared to ProClassic’s $ 70 per gallon.

What Store Sells Sherwin Williams Paint

In any.

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