White Floating Shelves Living Room

White Floating Shelves Living Room – Over the years we have installed more than 15 floating shelves in our home. It all started in our old house. The living room had a huge blank wall with no architectural design.

Because of its size, I didn’t know what to do with Air or how to decorate it without everything looking super small and stupid. Enter floating shelves.

White Floating Shelves Living Room

White Floating Shelves Living Room

I heard Jillian Harris speak at a design event about the importance of making stickers in your home. Suggest this on consoles, coffee tables or shelves!

White Floating Shelves Set Of 5 Hanging Shelves Decoration For Bedroom Living

So, after maybe days, but months of staring at my wall, I had an idea! I didn’t have the benefit of a built-in shelf, but maybe I could make one.

Why hang 6 floating shelves on your wall with a mirror in the middle surrounded by four picture frames.

It inspired our blog and Instagram to take off like wildfire and was featured on the cover of national interior design magazine At Home for Spring 2016. Sometimes thinking outside the box really pays off haha.

Since then, floating shelves and their decorations have been a big thing that we incorporate into many of our rooms and designs. I even have a blog post where I share a simple trick to creating the perfect shelf. And we get a lot of questions about where floating shelves come from!

Shario White Floating Shelves

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We’ve had a version of the white floating shelves in our living room for the past 6 years and still can’t get enough of them. As I mentioned in our old house, I was stuck on how to decorate a large blank wall in our living room. I ended up hanging a mirror in the middle, surrounded by 4 picture frames on each side, and then 3 white floating shelves extended from the frames on either side. Little did I know that this design would become so popular and be on the cover of an interior design magazine. Blank walls can be intimidating, and knowing what to fill in without spending a lot of money.

We eventually sold that house and moved to our current house where I added more floating shelves. This time I chose a large white floating shelf as the focal point and two small shelves on the sides. The reason I love using shelves as a decorating base is to be able to change them with the seasons and display items in cute little vases.

White Floating Shelves Living Room

The best thing about floating shelves is that they are very versatile when it comes to design style. I don’t want rustic shelves, but instead of shelves I want something clean and simple to make my decor shine. We’re still using the floating shelves we used in our old house ( source 1 ), but I’ve included other options in my buying guide for you!

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Check out our article on how to properly hang your floating shelves so they don’t fall to the floor! I am very satisfied with today’s redecoration of the living room. I received Elfa Decor shelves as part of The Container Store Ambassador Program. For the past few months, I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​shelves or built-in shelves around the TV. My new Elfa Decor shelves have white floating shelves.

Then I saw the floating white shelves and knew I would enjoy having floating shelves on either side of the TV. I was very impressed with the whole design and installation process. The shelves are attached to the upper end only with screws, and the individual shelves are placed on the side supports. So if I want to forward them later, I’ll have to do a lot of patching. It is only necessary to remove the upper support and the shelves.

My previous attempt at making shelves was disappointing and I did it for a while but it was less and less and didn’t make me happy. They were small and didn’t have a lot of sweet stuff in them. My holiday style is definitely out of this world this year.

I’ve already painted a few pumpkins, but I’m still looking at what to come up with. I can imagine fairy lights on the side and lots of garland. Do you think I should make everything out of reindeer or maybe a magical, colorful forest of bottles?

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My plants love living in the warmth and sunlight of a covered roof. The shelves make me happy because I feel like I’m making good use of the vertical space.

I also added some small disc lights and turned them on at night to create a different atmosphere. An exposed TV doesn’t bother me much on jewelry; Because that’s real life. Now I can confidently watch my favorite Netflix shows and smile at my cute things. Simona is an interior designer and decorator. Since 2011, he has been writing about interior design, DIY solutions and the latest trends in home construction.

Floating shelves are extremely versatile and can fit into any space without significantly affecting the overall decor. The white shelves are especially heavy. White is a neutral shade that is easy to combine, but also a color that is suitable for creating contrast when needed.

White Floating Shelves Living Room

Use white floating shelves in the kitchen to create an airy and spacious look without neglecting storage space. Open shelves are very practical in the kitchen, they are excellent for displaying food, spices and other things.

Inspiring Living Room Bookshelf Ideas For Spaces Of All Sizes

Similarly, a set of white shelves can provide useful storage without feeling cluttered and small in a small room or room with a sloping ceiling. This modern dining room is a great example of that.

But for this strategy to work, the walls must be white. In the second case, the shelves and walls can be of different colors, but if white is used, the room will not seem spacious.

Floating white shelves can also be used in the living room. A great way to display decorative items such as framed photos and personal collections. Use strong, thick shelves to give an unobtrusive impression.

Frame this white fireplace with a total of 8 floating shelves. They blend beautifully, especially since they are not overcrowded with jewelry. In fact, even an empty shelf can look beautiful in the right context.

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A long wall shelf can be used as a home office for decoration. There is a clean line between the table and the soothing gray shelf. This is a great background for the workplace.

Looking for a way to fill the wall space above the bed? Get a pair of floating white shelves. They look good on any background, patterned wallpaper, light or bright colors. You can put personal belongings on the shelves and make the room more attractive.

But even if the background is not white or the same color, a white floating shelf can be a good addition. In fact, the shelves, for example, stand out nicely against a black wall. This is the ultimate example of a small home office. The walls are made of panels, and the shelves hang from the ceiling.

White Floating Shelves Living Room

Similarly, these white shelves contrast with the black walls of the bathroom. A fun and elegant way to create symmetry in a room, with black-framed windows taking center stage.

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White shelves are better matched with something else in the room, for example, these shelves form a set with the lower part of the wall. Here, the designer has played with white and brown to create a home theater feel, while recycled wood paneling adds warmth and texture to the space. Combined with birch wallpaper, the room brings nature in a small but beautiful way.

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