Wood Shelves For Living Room

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Wood Shelves For Living Room – Hadley Mendelsohn was an assistant editor for two and a half years before joining the House Beautiful team as a designer. It covers topics such as interior design, beauty and more.

Stylish and versatile floating shelves are one of our favorite storage solutions. This design trend increases the size of any room by using wall space instead of taking up valuable space on your desks, tables and bedside tables. Because floating shelves can be arranged in a variety of ways, they can make your room feel more formal and elegant or enhance a casual atmosphere.

Wood Shelves For Living Room

Wood Shelves For Living Room

Small rooms can always benefit from extra storage – but whether decorating a bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, office, entryway or even garage, this hanging kit can increase storage in any room with open wall space. . With so much style potential and functional value, we decided to explore the idea of ​​floating shelves to inspire our next home update.

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Below you will find the best ideas for floating shelves to display your favorite items and create a new surface in any room in your home.

Just because you don’t have a lot of space in your house doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your walls with your favorite art or keep your favorite books nearby. Floating shelves are transformative in tight spaces where you need to use every corner. With floating shelves, this small bedroom still manages to communicate a lot of character and personal style without looking cluttered.

Sometimes one shelf is enough. Example: In this elegant living room, floating shelves are hidden and subtle, creating a surface for various objects (speakers and other technical accessories) and decorative items. Because this living room plays with proportions, it can look too busy with an attention-grabbing console. We love how simple this place is, drawing our attention to the beautiful, beautiful art installations and unique sculptural furniture.

If your room is mostly filled with neutral colors and clean, sharp lines, a great way to introduce dimension without compromising the minimalist aesthetic is to install a linear, uncluttered row of floating shelves stacked with your favorite decor. We love how this dining room features color-coded books stacked flat instead of vertically. The elegant appearance is broken up by a few small things, even the top-shelf speakers function symmetrically.

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Choose shelves that match your walls to create the perfect floating illusion. They will blend seamlessly and the environment will appear more open. In this space, shelves provide a special place for photos and books, while the clean canvas aesthetic makes black and white photos shine even more.

Use your cupboards and drawers to store glassware and utensils, then display your favorite items on open floating shelves. Even if you hide all your kitchen appliances, floating shelves can enhance your décor to personalize a functional environment. The light wood look of this small corner shelf contrasts nicely with the attractive gray marble back panel, sharp black window frame, and gold handle. Plus, they painted the wooden kitchen island for unity: It’s just the right mix of materials.

In this living room, floating shelves are placed on either side of the fireplace, adding plenty of space to display favorite items. Rather than serving as storage space in the kitchen or bathroom, these shelves are more about decoration. A neutral color scheme helps make disparate objects look unified in a gallery-style display.

Wood Shelves For Living Room

When arranging shelves, arrange small items at different heights to get a dynamic design that comes together as a balanced whole.

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Floating shelves don’t have to be full of items to make a statement – ​​and this bathroom is proof. With a natural light wood texture, this shelf creates a contrast between the white tiles and white walls, while warming the room and complementing the light fixtures. Lastly, simple style plants add a touch of greenery with a minimalist touch.

Gallery walls are a timeless design staple, but once installed on the wall, they can be difficult to rearrange. Skip the commitment (and holes in your walls) by displaying your gallery directly on floating shelves. Not only does it allow you to switch out pieces whenever you want, but it also creates a look with clean lines between a number of different pieces of art.

A fireplace without a hearth? No problem with this stunning living room with floating shelves and a centerpiece. A focal point above the fireplace, this light wood shelf breaks up a large open wall while adding surface area for decor. We love how the large round mirror with a black frame complements the fireplace interior.

Maybe your kitchen is short on storage space and just needs some personality. In this room, patterned wallpaper-style floating shelves add character and contrast to the walls without detracting from their stunning texture. When designed with small shelf plants, floor plants, and plantings of fresh greenery in the center of the island, this helps draw the eye around the room.

Led Floating Shelves: The Perfect Blend Of Style And Functionality

If your room is designed in cool colors that needs a little warmth, complement wooden floating shelves with natural wood and copper elements. On this open kitchen shelf, items like a textured cutting board and wooden spoons help tie the dynamic look together. Copper accents are the perfect touch to liven up dull textures, while simple ceramic pots and small paintings bring in different shades of neutral color.

Collection of posts for music lovers. This idea lets you show off your best albums: Add some additional, taller shelves for a larger music collection, or swap out the artists you listen to most often. It’s a great way to browse all your music if you turn it off every week.

Floating shelves don’t just serve as additional storage – they can even replace upper cabinets if designed well. Here, simple white kitchen shelves, decorated with white plates, float above the worktop to blend in with the room’s light. Wood accents, such as coffee and sugar cup lids, knife holders, and small wooden containers on shelves, add a sense of visual depth.

Wood Shelves For Living Room

Entryways provide a haven for keys, sunglasses, hats, and more, but finding space for everyday items in a small space can be difficult. Floating shelves save the day in this narrow entryway: As an attractive place for knick-knacks and decorations, they serve as functional storage for guests, while also giving guests a good impression of the owner’s style when they walk through the door.

Willow & Grace Floating Wall Shelves

This floating shelf seems to blend in with the rest of the room thanks to its light wood style and warm color. The white background in the painting helps balance out the trashy colors, while the plants add a lot of texture. Woven baskets, wooden corners and shelves in neutral tones on the rug serve as finishing touches to the final design.

For a cohesive, minimalist look, decorate your shelves with matching framed photos in the same wood color as the shelves themselves.

In addition to food, spices, and other essentials, floating kitchen shelves are also a great place to display your favorite cookbooks. Save your best recipes and easily find them when it’s time to get them out and make delicious meals. Stacked sideways, these books help add clean lines to a dynamic bookshelf decor.

If you’re an avid reader, floating shelves can be a great place to save space on standard shelves and store your favorite items. By stacking the books in a row, the designer created a neutral color mix that harmonizes with the rest of the room. A simple wooden photo frame brings the colors together.

Maymai Shelf With Solid Oak Structure 60 X 193 Cm

No problem. This designer created a DIY vanity by building a floating shelf above an antique sink. With plenty of space for bathroom fixtures, this unique sink stays functional thanks to the extra storage space – plus, who can get enough of those two brass taps?

The laundry room always seems to be the place that doesn’t have enough storage space. Between towels, sheets, and detergent, finding a place to fold clothes can be difficult. A floating laundry rack placed in a corner saves valuable space above appliances.

While this floating shelf is still technically floating, we can’t get enough of how the designer added metal hangers to give the effect of hanging from the ceiling. It’s the simple touches that make the difference in this style. Bonus: The shelf matches the exposed rafter ceiling.

Wood Shelves For Living Room

This weaving exhibition space is a boho lover’s dream. Natural materials like jute and rattan are combined with live plants, glass and books on floating shelves. Thanks to the simple neutral color scheme, the variety of objects looks thoughtful and unified.

Floating Wood Shelf With Floating Shelf Hardware

If you’re short on table space for photos, upgrade your designs by moving them to a floating shelf on the wall. We love the color coordination of these shelves

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