300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

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300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump – Water flow is very important to the health of your saltwater aquarium, especially if you keep corals. Adequate flow provides gas exchange and plenty of oxygen for the fish, while waste and nutrients enter the filtration system for removal. In the case of corals, this current carries food and important nutrients and washes away waste.

Aquarists create water flow in their aquariums using feed heads and a return pump. While the feed heads are responsible for the internal flow and current generation on the screen, the return pump moves the water through the filter system. If there is an oil tank under the tank, the return pump will return the water from the aquarium to the aquarium. In the multi-purpose tank, a return pump moves water through the rear filter chambers to the screen. In both cases, the return pump creates a constant, circular flow of water through the mesh aquarium and filter system; why is it called the heart of the aquarium.

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

Although it may seem a little confusing at first, choosing the right size return pump is quite simple. After doing some simple calculations, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

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Water pumps are rated in gallons per hour or abbreviated GPH. The advertised GPH rating is the pump’s maximum flow, which is the amount of water the pump can move when not connected to anything. Think of it as the flow of a pump in a bucket of water. This is the industry standard for measuring the performance of a particular pump, but it does not represent everything. Attaching the pump to the pipe or PVC pipe creates pressure (pressure on the head) and reduces the flow. This flow loss must be taken into account when selecting a return pump.

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

For reef aquariums, a general rule of thumb for hobbyists is to find a pump that can pump at least 5-10 times the total volume of water in the tank per hour. For example, for a 50-gallon tank, look for a pump with a capacity of at least 250-500 GPH. If the pump is used in a tank, the pressure from the water line will slow the pump down and probably reach 150-350 GPH flow where it is located.

While 10 full tank flows per hour is about the absolute maximum flow through a decent sump or filter system, hobbyists using modern filtration technology often choose to go a little slower and 2-5 full tank flows per hour with head pressure. This increases the time it stays in the sump and provides a slightly quieter operation.

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

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Whether you prefer slow or fast flow, always use the total tank volume to estimate how many times per hour the return pump can run a full volume of water through the filter system, and keep in mind that 2-10 full tank revolutions per hour. generally acceptable.

When choosing a pump, it is important to consider the amount of pressure generated by a particular water line in order to accurately assess the performance of the pump. You can use standard formulas (see below) to calculate head pressure, and you always want a pump with flow control, whether it’s a built-in valve or a DC-controlled pump. You can always reduce the flow with the valve, but you cannot speed up the pump.

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

It should be noted that the tank drain has a maximum flow, which means that only so much water can pass through the drain; and sewer overflows. Most overflow boxes publish a maximum flow value, which is helpful in choosing the correct drain.

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It is quite rare for the return flow to exceed the maximum drain rate if it does not exceed 10 times the flow rate per hour, but even then the return flow must be regulated and the return pump sized accordingly. .

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

Pumping water in an aquarium is hard work. Gravity and friction in pipes, tubes and valves reduce flow. The higher and farther the pump has to push the water, the harder it is to move it, which ultimately slows the flow. This resistance is called “head pressure”. The higher the elevation and distance, the greater the resistance to flow and the greater the pressure on the head.

If you need a flow rate of 300 GPH and choose a pump that maxes out at 300 GPH, you will be very disappointed when you install it on your tank. Pipes, bends and head pressure would greatly reduce the actual flow rate. It is necessary to choose a pump that is more powerful and provides the necessary flow AFTER the pressure on the head.

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

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To calculate head pressure, use the following standard formulas to add the vertical height, distance and 90° turns to calculate the head pressure figure.

You can use the pump manufacturer’s flow chart to determine the actual pump flow based on the head pressure developed. Pump manufacturers provide these charts or graphs as a reference for sizing an aquarium return pump.

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

The idea is to choose a pump that is powerful enough to deliver the recommended flow rate calculated in advance based on the pressure generated by the plumbing. In the example below, the water rises about 4 feet vertically, 4 feet horizontally, and then flows through two 90° bends. This would produce a head pressure of about 6.4 feet.

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(4 ft vertical rise = 4 ft head pressure) + (4 ft horizontal = 0.4 ft head pressure) + (x 2 90° elbow = 2 ft head pressure) = 6.4 ft total head pressure

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

Using the above flow diagram modeled from a Neptune System COR-15 pump, we can calculate a flow rate of approximately 700 GPH at 6.4 feet of head pressure. These are just estimates, but this simple calculation will get you where you are based on the actual flow rate of your particular tank.

It is important to note that you should always choose a slightly more powerful return pump than a questionably small one. This is because you can always reset the flow with a valve or regulator, but you cannot increase the flow if the pump is undersized. A little extra pump power isn’t bad either, as it means you can use the return pump to add reactors and UV sterilizers without losing flow to the mesh tank. Just make sure the pump physically fits into a certain part of the crankcase or filter.

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

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AC pumps operate at a constant speed and must always be connected to a line valve with a true pump-to-reservoir connection. This not only allows you to control the flow, but also completely shuts off the water line when you turn it off. for pump maintenance. You can easily remove the pump with a real connection connection without taking apart all the plumbing.

DC pumps are equipped with electronic controls that allow you to vary the speed of the pump and the flow rate, which can be a big advantage when collecting the total water flow to the tank. They run quieter and are slightly more energy efficient. It is still a good idea to install a DC pump connection valve, but it is not necessary to control the flow.

300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

**Pro Tip: If you want to get the most out of your pump, don’t limit the diameter of your water line. If the water line is smaller than the pump inlet and/or outlet, it will restrict and slow the flow. For optimal performance and longevity, it is best to use water supply lines that have the same inlet and outlet diameters, or whatever is recommended by the manufacturer. Also keep the pumps clean; operating the pump with deposits will significantly reduce pump performance and overall life.

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300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

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300 Gallon Per Minute Water Pump

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