Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

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Welcome friends! First, I want to thank you for sharing my excitement the other day when I helped announce the Minwax Color of the Year dresser. It’s such a beautiful color!

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Today I will show you how to paint furniture with black chalk paint. This is my first time using Athenian Black by Annie Sloan. (Yes, I believe Annie Sloan makes the BEST chalk paint! And not just because they trademarked the term “Chalk Paint.” And now, after using Athenian Black on this nightstand, I believe it’s the best black paint ever. Furniture.) And attached quick video so you can watch me at work.

Using Dark Chalk Paint™ Wax To Age Furniture

It was an Ethan Allen nightstand and I knew right away that it was made before I even saw the maker’s mark. I cost $22 at a thrift store.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

I got a can of Athenian Black from my local Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dealer and plan to use this animal poster as part of a project.

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Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Creamy Soft White Chalk Paint™

First, make sure the piece is clean and smooth. I used 220 grit to remove some of the clear topcoat, although it is not always necessary to sand before applying chalk paint. (You can learn all about how to prepare furniture for painting here and how to paint furniture with chalk here.)

Next, I drilled new holes for the new drawer pulls with my trusty drill/driver and filled the old holes with wood putty. If you look at the gold stroke below you will see that the screws are not centered in front of the arrow. So I just drilled a new hole…it had to be slightly off center because of the screw. (However, if you look straight ahead, a stroke can be seen in the middle of the drawer.)

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Next it’s time to paint! Athenian Black Chalk Paint is a beautiful deep black that Annie Sloan released a few years ago. Previously, graphite was the closest color choice to black, and a darker gray than slate.

The Best Furniture Wax For Your Chalk Painted Pieces

Athenian Black is true black and does not require a primer to bleed. You only need a primer (clear or tinted primer) when painting laminate furniture (fake wood) or smooth surfaces.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Chalk paint is really thick, so brush it dry before moving on to the next area. If you brush the same area before it dries, you’ll end up with more texture than you’d like. However, it dries pretty quickly, so once you’re done with the first coat, you should start the second coat right away.

After everything is dry, sand the pieces lightly for smoothness and more on the edges and curves to emphasize. I used 320 grit sandpaper for this part.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint By Annie Sloan

You can see in this picture that if you have sanded the chalk paint black, the corners will look light gray. Wipe the sanding dust and I’ll tell you how to go over the gray corner slightly down when we line up the drawer.

If you continue to sand, you will see that some of the original wood finish will come off. It’s up to you how annoying you want it to be – I prefer a “less is more” approach.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

I wanted this piece to be fun and a little modern, so I bought this animal print poster board for the drawer line. I measured the drawer first and then measured/marked the same area on the poster board.

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Cut carefully – it’s better to cut it a little bigger and then cut it.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

You can line the drawers with different types of materials – poster board, notebook paper, contact paper, fabric, large maps, wrapping paper, etc. I don’t always take out the drawer, but give it a special look change, like e.g. shocked inside.

You can also glue the paper with different products, but I usually use matte Mod Podge and a foam brush. Apply a thin layer to the front of the paper and press down – rub back and forth gently for 1-2 minutes. Do not use too much glue and the paper will crease and tear if it is thin.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

The Many Uses Of Annie Sloan’s Clear Soft Wax

The best top coat to use after chalking furniture is black wax. You can use a brush, but I prefer to use a lint-free cloth.

In general, when using black wax over other paint colors, it is best to use clear wax first and then black wax. The clear wax acts as a barrier and allows you to control the amount of black wax you apply. Because if you use too much then rub some clear wax on top and it will remove some of the black.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

However, I recommend using black wax directly over black chalk paint. It gives a nice rich finish and covers the gray edges when we sanded before. You can compare the images above and below to see the difference.

Old White Chalk Paint® Litre **note

A warning: If you use black wax with a lint-free cloth, you will probably end up with some wax on your fingers. It comes out easily in the laundry – but don’t worry about the fabric, you can just throw it in the trash.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Depending on how much you use your piece, you may need 1-3 coats of wax for protection. Also – wax takes about 30 days to harden completely, so use sparingly for the first month.

I love how the piece can be made vintage, shabby chic, or even sleek and modern depending on how you use it. And I really like painting and playing with Athenian Black – so I think black is the best color for furniture. In fact, I’m already looking for the next piece to use!

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Black Wax By Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

Have you tried Chalk Painting black furniture? What do you think would work with Athena’s black chalk paint?

Here’s a before and after reminder – feel free to share or pin photos to this post so you can easily find this project later.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

I try to remember to be more “present” in my project photos – so here I am. (Hello friends!) 🙂

Vanity Refinished With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint In Graphite

I love painting Ethan Allen furniture. Here’s another painted Ethan Allen nightstand I made – and it’s definitely not modern:

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Now it’s time for another makeup project from my blogging friends! Below is a before photo – visit the link below to see the awesome Afters and find out how I did it: I have to admit I’m a lazy DIYer. I’m always excited to start a project but want to skip to the fun part, I don’t want to clean/sand/paint first (is there still a problem?). So when I started reading about how to paint with Annie Sloan chalk paint and how it sticks to anything and doesn’t require sanding or priming, I had to give it a try!

Since marriage, the master bedroom has been given furniture by my parents (thanks ma’am!). You know that really good solid oak (that is, it almost killed some movers trying to move this heavy stuff) from the 80s? I have been trying to do this since.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax

… and it worked well in our last house (we were in our 4th and last house in 8 years). Now we are on the lake and our style is quite thin, the black feels a little heavy.

I thought the gray would be soft, so I drove 50 minutes with my 4 year old (see the level of determination?) to the nearest Annie Sloan chalk paint dealer. I, being a good and practical craftsman, left samples of chips and garbage on the table at home (sigh). So I have to round it off a bit. Which left me with not enough color I envisioned, So I should have gone with the French weave, but for $35 a quart we got a pretty soft gray color called Paris Gray with.

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

I thought it would be a good project to tackle after the husband left for work, but who am I, I tore it up as soon as I got home! Excellent, goes on easily with no prep, one coat and no brush marks. It’s worth the extra money (keep the receipt from your husband 🙂 ).

Clear Chalk Paint® Wax

(look at the color that matches our walls, even if it’s blue, I’m still looking for a little contrast, oh!)

Annie Sloan Black Chalk Wax

Another step, worry. You can do this with sandpaper, but I’ve read that it creates a lot of dust.

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