Bed Facing North Feng Shui

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Bed Facing North Feng Shui – The number one good feng shui (pronounced “fung-shui”) bedroom layout is the so-called top feng shui bed placement.

The bed cannot directly face the door. We didn’t tell you that. No, it’s one of the basic rules of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of creating harmonious environments based on our connection to them and understanding how they affect us. Science deals with qi (life force) and introduces positive changes that open energy channels and strengthen human energy.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

In this guide, we’ll look at why you shouldn’t sleep next to a door and how you can use it in your bedroom.

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One of the basic principles of Feng Shui and the most important is the command posture. It is easy to implement and should be used in bed that reflects you; on the table – it works; And for the furnace, it is your wealth and you feed yourself to the world. The command position rule is that you should face the door but not face it, meaning you want to see the door but not be directly with it.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

There are eight baguas (energy zones) that create an energy map overlaid on your home’s floor plan. All baguas are arranged around a center that represents overall health and well-being. Each Bagua represents one of the following areas of your life:

It is better not to touch the eight parts at once. Instead, choose three areas of your life that need the most attention. Work with them in appropriate positions in your home to activate the energy.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

Feng Shui Bedroom Rules Uncovered, Why The Bed Can’t Face The Door

There are five interdependent elements: wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Each element corresponds to a different bagua and must be balanced with other elements. They all have their own qualities, including shape and color that we must incorporate into them. Identifying the right elements and bringing some earthy energy into the home can enhance the space by adding something that embodies the energy of those elements, such as a plain brown rug.

According to feng shui principles, placing the bed in line with the door is a very bad position. Feng shui practitioners call this the “dead man’s pose” or “coffin pose” because the feet or head are facing the door, the way we carry the dead out of the house through an open door. This is a situation that can always be avoided if you can help it.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

C enters the house through the door and window. If you sleep directly against the door, you are directly in the path of all energy entering the bedroom. When you sleep, you should feel safe and secure, not anxious or weak. If you sleep directly against a door, you can add a footboard to the bed to increase safety.

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However, a kickstand is not always ideal in this case. You may feel stuck on a running board or don’t have the space you need. Perhaps the footboard is not to your taste or the design of your room. Other options include creating an “armor” by placing a chest filled with heavy blankets at the end of the bed or placing a low partition between the bed and the door. It is better to place a mirror on the side wall so that everyone entering the bedroom can see it.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

Qi should flow; You should not place your bed under a sloping roof or under a roof window. Do not place it under a fan, chandelier or pendant light. All this creates stress. If the bed is under the beam, the energy of the room is reduced. Keep in mind that painting the bed can also affect the quality of your sleep.

In feng shui, the commanding position is supreme, and you can see the entrance to the room even if you don’t obey. For this reason, you should not place your bed against the entrance wall or lean against the wall for parties. It is best to have maximum support, which means the bed should be against a solid wall and not in front of a window.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

Bedroom Feng Shui

What if an adverse situation cannot be avoided? The good news is that this doesn’t mean it’s over for your feng shui. You can still reduce energetic disturbances in the room and allow chi to contribute to your well-being. We’ve already discussed the importance of command position and what to do when it can’t be achieved, so let’s look at what to do when other situations that irritate Kiwi can’t be avoided.

If you can help it, you don’t want to put your bed in front of a window because the energy coming through the window will disturb your sleep. If you find yourself in a situation where the bed must be in front of a window, try to find a high bed. The bed should have a pillow that provides good support. It is helpful to be able to walk around the bed so that energy flows freely.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

Placing a bed under a beam creates pressure and cuts through the energy, but it can make you sick as the beam cuts through your body. You definitely won’t like it, so if you have no choice but to put your bed under a beam or row, hang two flutes with red ribbon above it. Angle the ribbons so that the open ends are facing each other. This prevents the beam shearing effect and allows the energy to flow into the groove and leave you.

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You never want to face the bathroom door. According to Feng Shui, the bathroom is a place where energy leaves the house. Having a water element that represents wealth, prosperity and fluidity means they have good energy. However, since germs can collect in the toilet, this part of the house also experiences an energy imbalance.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

If your bed actually has to face the bathroom door, you should close both the bathroom and bedroom doors. Hang a mirror on the inside of the door facing the bathroom. The mirror will reflect any negative energy from the bathroom.

There is much more to arranging your bedroom in a feng shui style and controlling the flow of vital energy in your home. Here are some other ways to control C in the bedroom:

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

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According to Feng Shui the headboard is an important part of the bedroom. They represent strength and stability in life, especially in romantic relationships. The headboard should not have any holes, so you should have solid wood and/or upholstery rather than gel-bar style. It is best to fasten the headboard securely for maximum support and strength. The head of the bed should also have a solid base, so the bed should be placed close to the wall.

Detoxification is important. Remove as many chemicals and toxins from your bedroom as possible and replace them with organic materials. Using eco-friendly products and non-toxic cleaning products is a good start. These products include organic underwear and sleepwear, which release toxins and gases onto our skin. Filling a room with sweet orange oil can enhance the energy of the room and make it smell a little sweeter.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

Clutter is another element to focus on. First look under the bed. The clutter below can affect you while you sleep, creating subconscious obstacles in your lifeā€”for example, letters from your ex can affect your current relationship status. Things under your bed can make you feel like you’re not at home Ideally, from a feng shui perspective, there should be space under the bed so that energy can flow freely. Otherwise, just store bedding and blankets under the bed.

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Different colors have different meanings in Feng Shui. It all depends on what you want to achieve with feng shui in your bedroom. Light neutral colors such as earth tones promote restful sleep and provide additional support and relaxation. If you’re looking for more passion, pops of red are the way to go, while pink and peach are equally good if you’re focused on partnership and impressing your significant other. Meanwhile, blue and green promote health and vitality.

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

Our bedroom artwork says a lot about our personal lives. If you want to attract a partner and match your tastes, any art you place in the house should not depict private people or personal objects. When practicing feng shui by painting in the bedroom, the objects should have elements of “pair”. Family photos should be saved for other rooms. Placing a piece of art at or above eye level can increase vitality.

Electrical devices and electrical connections generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that can affect your well-being and the quality of your sleep. When you have trouble sleeping, you need as few electronic devices as possible. How do you have fun?

Bed Facing North Feng Shui

Personal Feng Shui Success Direction!

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