Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

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Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls – A gray bedroom? per 100 square meters. room? At first it didn’t seem like a good idea. Since light colors reflect light and make your space appear more visible, the truth is that if the space is small, we tend to gravitate towards lighter shades. But the fact is that you can do it in a slightly different way with black colors. I know, I know. It sounds strange but it is true. All these years I was a chicken.

So listen to me. When you paint a room white, the main purpose (besides aesthetic choices) is to make your space look bigger. It works. On the other hand, dark colors can make your space look bigger because they reflect less. Since it is not defined by light and absorbs most of the light, the definition of your room will be blurred and give you the illusion of space.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

And when I painted our bedroom wall, it didn’t change the visual size of the room. The difference it made was good. The changing lights throughout the day make the wall magical and beautiful to look at!

Before & After: Tranquil Grey Bedroom Ideas

Having had white walls for over a decade, I wanted to add some depth to my home. Haha, needless to say, I’m classified as someone who likes whiteness, which is not really the case. It’s undoubtedly my favorite color, but I like to throw a few shades here and there, and it’s time to give in to this long-term desire to have a gray wall while everything is calm, cozy, comfortable and carefree – all at the same time. The bedroom is gray.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Plus, over the years I think I’ve really come to love how light plays with the colors of your home during the day. While the white is very bright – the light seems very constant. On the other hand, the dark wall is pure magic. As the light changes throughout the day, so does the shade of your wall, and for someone like me who likes visual stimulation, it’s all very interesting.

Of course I want a gray bedroom, but what kind of gray? This is the phrase I had in my head. “Something beautiful, peaceful, happy, but not religious. It’s not rat gray, something wild. Something sensual and innocent. It’s synonymous with hygge and the modern beach house.”

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Master Bedroom Makeover

Yes, I’m not picky when it comes to colors or colors in general. But I’m happy to have the exact shadow I created in my Photoshop palette.

I picked up my bike (I want to believe it’s a magical machine), zoomed to the nearest paint shop and grabbed a beautiful can of gray-green and sprayed three coats on our window wall. Contrary to what many people have told me and what I personally believe, I have not downsized my bedroom. In fact, it instantly added an elegant, understated classic charm to this space, which I love every day.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

The method is called high contrast! So, instead of painting the whole room dark, paint a dark shade on one wall or corner which will add depth to your home. Dark colors move away from the viewer, so they visually increase the space. We’re talking about breaking conventional wisdom, aren’t we? That’s what I did in my classroom. Instead of painting the whole room gray, I highlighted the window wall. This works for me in two ways:

What Colors Go With Gray? Try These 14 Combinations

Try painting your TV wall, living room corner, bookcase or bedroom wall a dark shade and see how it looks. But make sure you choose a wall with enough natural light.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

I also suggest toning down your black tones – charcoal to blue, but it’s really up to you. If you can rock a burgundy wall, who am I to tell you?

But now I think we have a winner. An insult in this White House and a beautiful one that I clearly love. Going with the wind never felt so good.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Light Grey Bedroom Ideas For A Calming Effect

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Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Find our home at Goodhomes, Better Homes & Gardens and CW Interiors. If you are interested in my articles, check out my stories on Houzz, Huffington Post, GoodHomes website, and Asian Colors. I hope you enjoy reading! According to the dictionary, “gray” is synonymous with words such as “dim”, “gloomy” and “dark”. Take it seriously! While Merriam-Webster is entitled to its opinion, it’s time to give the independent shade the respect it deserves.

Ideas On How To Decorate Grey Walls

From charcoal to soft pewter, these beautiful shades have the power to transform any space – especially the bedroom – into a classic. If you want to update a small room while you can go all out and paint the walls gray, simple decorative accents work just as well. “I choose decorative accents like bedding (linen and plaid), a nightstand lamp, gray pillows, maybe a rug,” interior stylist Mariska Oldenburg said.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Whether your style is rustic, modern, beachy or classic, here’s proof that a gray bedroom is boring.

According to Oldenburg, gray is the perfect accent color. After recently repainting her bedroom, the designer chose decorative accents in shades of gray.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Grey Living Rooms That Help Your Lounge Look Effortlessly Stylish And Understated

“The room is very bright and neutral, which makes it easy to add contrast with the gray,” says Oldenburg. “There’s a little gray on the marble heater.”

While most beachy designs use sandy tans and relaxing shades of blue, we love how this bedroom escapes gray to the sea. The pearly white paint on the walls, quilted bedding and black and white surf pictures transport you to the Californian coast where you stay.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Raw concrete walls are often found in cool urban rooftops and boast a luxurious and contemporary look. Whether you own a skyscraper or not, you can create the same look with just a few shades of gray and a sponge applicator. The end result looks very expensive and there is no need to rent a city loft.

Fabulous Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You To Decorate

Dark colors and tone shades look incredibly expensive. This cool charcoal tone on the wall has a blue color that perfectly complements the sapphire details on the bed. Fitted curtains and gold accents create a bedroom that feels like a luxurious hideaway.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

The best part about gray is that it complements other neutral tones. Unlike other shades, mixing a handful of shades of gray will enhance a space, not clash. To recreate the look in your own bedroom, collect patterns in all shades of gray with printed wallpapers, pillows and additional decorations.

If you’re looking for proof that gray can look airy and totally sophisticated, here it is. This Parisian-inspired bedroom features a color palette that includes grays on all levels, from subtle pews to deep charcoal hues. Elements like chunky shapes, ceiling medallions and light fabrics complete the look.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

Bedroom Wall Design

If you want to have the ultimate hotel experience at home, check out this beautiful bedroom. Painting one wall (especially the one behind the headboard) a metallic shade will make your white clothes and framed art stand out without making the rest of the room feel dark. Paint the rest of the walls white to brighten up a modern and airy feel.

From what we’ve seen, this episode is a peaceful escape. A warm gray tone (it’s a mix of gray and beige) color scheme paired with gold details has a warm feeling that we want to retreat to at the end of the day.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

While we’ve already established that gray works well with a variety of tones, we generally like the look of incorporating one shade. This bedroom seamlessly showcases the shade of mushroom gray from floor to ceiling, including the curtains, bed and flooring. The end result is absolute design perfection.

Tranquil Grey Bedroom Ideas

It’s the ultimate grown-up escape, striking the balance between light and airy, cozy and casual. Features like a tufted headboard, floor-to-ceiling curtains and pom-pom throws combine with a white, gray and pale pink color scheme that’s luxurious yet fully lived-in.

Bedroom Decor For Grey Walls

A very soft shade of gray on your bedroom walls pairs well with natural textures like wood and leather, as well as black, providing the perfect backdrop to blend mid-century modern with boho.

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