Behr Semi Transparent Redwood Stain

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Behr Semi Transparent Redwood Stain – Important Note: This is our third review of Behr Premium Outdoor Weatherproofing Wood and Deck Stain. BEHR PREMIUM Clear Waterproof Wood Finish and BEHR DECKplus Clear Waterproofing Wood Finish are basically the same product but at different prices and in 3 sets for mixed colors. These are relabeled “clear” products from Behr’s premium semi-transparent weathering wood stain that we reviewed previously. Same product and same performance, just different label and cleaner tone This review has the same rating as our last Behra Deck Premium Stain review

Regarding Behr stain coverage issues: Behr mostly lies about their stain coverage. Their “semi-transparent” colors do not show the grain of the wood well, they appear as a semi-solid or completely opaque color. Adds a stronger color to the wood and helps remove stains that are very difficult to peel

Behr Semi Transparent Redwood Stain

Behr Semi Transparent Redwood Stain

Give your wood the perfect protection with the BEHR PREMIUM clean, weatherproof all-in-one surface. This 100% acrylic formula blocks the elements and the sun’s harmful UV rays for up to 4 years. Available in 6 custom colors and 6 pre-mixed colors on decks and up to 6 years on fences and decking, you can get the look you want with your valuable investment.

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Well prepared for lightly weathered, untreated exterior wood surfaces (0-5 years of exposure) such as: decks, railings, shakers, shingles, siding, roofing, fences and wooden patio furniture.

– Apply BEHR PREMIUM Clear Waterproofing Wood Finish Repeat the first test We found that Behra does not penetrate the wood as the product claims. It dries on the surface like paint. It had a semi-solid appearance with many wood grains covered by pigment. The color of the cedar on the deck made it pumpkin-like

– The advantage of the BEHR PREMIUM clear waterproof wooden surface is that it has excellent UV protection in areas where the stain has not failed. Unfortunately, only half of the deck floor and most of the beams were there

– More than half of the cedar porch floor was “stain free” The scar is peeling or worn in large, uneven areas Vertical rails were not a problem

Behr Reformulates Weatherproofing Wood Stains And Finshes To Offer Complete Protection From The Elements For Exterior Projects

– BEHR PREMIUM Clear Waterproof Wood Coating $35 per gallon. We used 5 gallons per 300 square feet for 2 coats

– BEHR PREMIUM Clear Waterproofing Wood coating Mold grew on the floor next to the house and on the rails.

– Applying BEHR PREMIUM Clear Waterproofing Wood Finish is not the same as painting the deck. We have stained 1000’s of decks and have not found a stain that is more difficult to apply than Behr. It dries very quickly and shows overlap if you are not careful. We used paint to apply the stain to the entire deck as it gave the best results

Behr Semi Transparent Redwood Stain

– This is how we decided on the BEHR PREMIUM transparent waterproof wooden surface. We applied a large amount of Behr stain remover and tried to pressure wash the remaining stain. We failed and then repeated the RAD stain remover at a higher concentration. We removed about 85% of the stains The rest was left shaken and then taken out to the open area of ​​the wood to clean and polish the wood. It took 12 hours to prepare, and needless to say, the client switched brands

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– Top rated by our customers Not sure why most of our users and reviews disagree. Consumer Reports user rating 1 out of 5 stars on its own website 13 out of 14 real user reviews rated 1 star.

* All products have been tested and the results are based on our practical experience. We do not guarantee equivalent results. Please note that results may vary depending on different types of wood, UV exposure and natural weather.

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