Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

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Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss – Choosing the perfect white color can be difficult, but it can give your room a beautiful look. Check out our favorite Behr white paints and tips for choosing the perfect color.

I have redecorated my rooms several times with white painted walls. Why? White walls can make a room look much larger than it is, can make a room feel fresh and new, and can make a room brighter when natural light is limited. But the color white doesn’t have to be boring! Most of my favorite Behr whites are beautiful.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

To make it look interesting. You can also make things more interesting by painting the walls and giving them a slightly different shade of white.

The Best White Paint For Your Space And How To Choose It

. This means that white paint can have slight shades of blue, pink, or yellow, making it appear more colorful compared to pure white. Most whites have subtle undertones.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

Personally, the best way to figure out the tone of your painting is to use white copy paper in natural light. Go outside an hour before sunset or, indoors, move to a window. You can check the shade of the white paint by placing the paint chip on copy paper. When you see the subtle differences between the paint and the white copy paper, all the nuances will stand out clearly.

(LRV) measures the amount of light reflected (or absorbed) by a painted surface. Colors with a high LRV are bright colors that are often used in natural environments, while colors with a lower value are darker and provide environments where people can truly relax. It’s important to consider both factors when deciding on colors for different rooms in your home. With LRV you can also choose slightly lighter and darker shades of white for your trim and walls.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

The 10 Best White Paint Colors That Experts Swear By

Below are some of my favorite and best Behr white paints I’ve used in home renovations. Many factors can affect how you see the color white in the photo below, including the lighting in your room and your computer/phone screen. Be sure to read my tips at the end of this blog post for choosing the right white color for your space.

This is the closest thing to pure white and has one of the highest light reflectance values ​​I have ever seen. It’s a good choice if you like pure, crisp white, and it’s also my favorite white color for trim and cabinetry. Ultra Pure White contrasts very well with the next white color I listed.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

I used Ultra Pure White on all the trim, doors and boat covers on my Little Lake House rental project. In my opinion, it is the best neutral white for almost any trim and door project. This highly reflective white color always looks clear and fresh.

Thoughts On Cabinet Color? Considering Bottom Left (behr Weathered Moss) Or Bottom Right (behr French Silver). Floors Are Antique Brown And Kitchen Paint Is Sherwin Williams Pure White. Will Redo Counters Eventually. :

Whisper White is a great color choice if you want something close to pure white but with a slightly warmer feel. Warm whites can look too yellow, but to me this white is subtle and perfect. White is my favorite color these days! In fact, I love Whisper White so much that I wrote an entire post about it! To me, this is the perfect white color for any room.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

I used Whisper White for all the trim work in my house, as well as Our DIY Camper 2.0 for walls and ceilings.

Polar bear is another color very close to pure white and has some warmth. It’s one of Behr’s most popular white paint colors for a reason. I haven’t used Polar Bear as much because I like Whisper White a little better (I think Whisper White looks bolder), but my sister recently used it to paint her house and it’s really pretty.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

What Is High Gloss Paint?

The reason I like silk white is because it has a slightly grayish beige undertone, so it doesn’t look too yellow or gray. The white color gives it a modern look. Silky White pairs beautifully with Ultra Pure White finishes and shiplap. This is the combination I use at Our Little Lake House!

Blank Canvas, Behr’s 2023 color of the year, is a beautiful choice for a muted, light wall color. We decided to use this color for the walls in our Tiny Lake House renovation to provide a little contrast with the Ultra Pure White ceiling and trim. Blank Canvas is very similar to the Swiss Coffee below in that it is a warm white with hints of creamy yellow. It is only slightly colder than Swiss coffee, but depending on the lighting, the difference is not easy to feel.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

Swiss Coffee is a warm off-white with slightly yellow and beige undertones. It’s warm and cozy, so it’s perfect for rooms like basements, kitchens and bedrooms. You can see Swiss Coffee on the wall of my mother’s lake house with natural light here:

Choosing The Right White Paint

The Swiss Coffee also looks great with the Ultra Pure White finish and doors, as seen above at Mom’s. It has a lot of yellow so be careful if you don’t like yellow.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

I wouldn’t advise anyone to pick a white color just based on what they see online. You might like how it looks in the Pinterest photos on the Behr website, but it might look different in real life at home. Also, you shouldn’t choose a color based on a small sample you see at the paint store. It will be completely different when you hang it on the wall at home!

The best way to choose a color is to buy a few sample cups of white paint that you want to try. Currently, a pot of Behr sample paint costs about $5 at Home Depot Canada. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. Choosing a color that doesn’t suit your room and then painting it all over can be expensive.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

Diy Coffered Ceiling Build

Next, paint a large swatch of paint directly onto the wall, a large piece of cardboard, or a piece of drywall. Specimens should measure at least 1 x 1 foot, preferably up to 3 x 3 feet.

Then place the patterns in the room you want to paint and look at them throughout the day. See what it’s like in the morning, noon and night with natural light and at night with the interior lights on.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

So you need to know which white color suits your room best. It’s amazing how different the color you have at home can look on a larger swatch!

Using A Pure Ultra White Paint Color In Your Home’s Interior

As for the sheen of the color you choose, I prefer eggshell for the walls and satin for the doors and trim. Why? Eggshell paint is a little brighter than matte paint and therefore a little easier to clean. Satin is much easier to clean and I love the contrast of the two levels of sheen in a room. Some people like to paint their trim and doors with semi-gloss paint, but I’m not a fan.

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

So what is the best white color for your home? It depends on the nuance you are looking for. If you want a neutral look, choose Ultra Pure White. If you want something hotter, look for Swiss coffee. Whatever color you choose, check the LRV to make sure it reflects enough light into the room. There are so many beautiful Behr white wines to choose from that it can be hard to pick just one! However, I hope this blog post helps you narrow down your options and gives you some ideas to illustrate your next project.

Behr paints are my favorite paint brand for value, but I also like Benjamin Moore paints. It’s more expensive, but it’s a nice, high-quality paint color. Some of my favorite white colors from BM:

Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

Top 10 Best Paint For Walls

Which of these white paint colors do you like best? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Behr Ultra Pure White High Gloss

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