Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint – Aura is Benjamin Moore’s flagship paint. Made with Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Color Lock® technology, Aura offers exceptional durability, extreme brightness, and rich, opaque colors. This thick latex paint with zero volatile organic compounds* coats walls and dries in several coats, but once cured, no color will fade after repeated washing.

👍 Aura Interior is recommended for living spaces such as large bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and kitchen walls.

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

A paint’s sheen is the degree of gloss or gloss. In general, flat finishes tend to hide imperfections better, while glossy finishes last longer.

Designer’s Guide To Color

Flat (0-5% gloss) – suitable for imperfect surfaces, low traffic areas, and areas that do not require gloss, such as ceilings.

Eggshell (Gloss 15-25%) – The most common wall finish, the limited gloss hides some imperfections but is easy to keep clean.

1 gallon of paint covers ~ 400 square feet. But 1 liter of paint covers ~ 100 square feet. To get a rough estimate of how much paint you’ll need, follow these steps:

5. Multiply the area of ​​the final room by 2 to get the total area for 2 coats of paint.

Csp 20 Wall Street A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

6. Divide the number by 400 (gallons = 400 square feet) to determine the number of gallons you need for 2 coats of paint. Benjamin Moore Aura is unbeatable if you need a unique interior paint that delivers exceptional performance in almost every aspect. . If you read anything else in this article, consider when we say, “There is no other interior paint like Aura.”

Yes, that is a bold statement. Our BM Aura rating does not guarantee that this is the interior paint you should buy. However, there are several reasons why these premium paints work so well. But there are some minor pitfalls to consider, which we’ll discuss later.

But for the most part, many agree that Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint line is the best premium interior paint because of its unmatched performance and innovation.

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

The benefits of our paint reviews are not just technical. The real advantage is that we have years of experience using the products and provide honest, real-world feedback that ensures we eliminate ego and the sales pitch.

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We outline why you might want to buy this interior paint and why this paint might not be a good fit for your project.

Aura’s interior uses Benjamin Moore’s revolutionary “Color Lock Technology” to provide long-lasting color with limited color fading or abrasion.

Benjamin Moore developed GENEX® ink technology in 2006 as an industry leading innovator. In BM diploid GENEX® technology, they were among the first to introduce a water-based dyeing system with versatile organic compounds that exceed even the strictest environmental standards.

By removing some volatile organic compounds from their solvents, resins and dyeing systems, this eco-friendly development results in reduced carbon footprint and reduced indoor air pollution. Benjamin Moore set the standard for other paint manufacturers.

Benjamin Moore Perfects The Next Generation

As we examine the details of the use of Benjamin Moore’s Aura spirits, we must first note some of the basic factors that influence the performance of Benjamin Moore’s Aura.

First, Benjamin Moore uses high-quality resin that they mine themselves. Controlling ingredients is probably why Benjamin Moore is so generous with sensitive paint ingredients like titanium dioxide, also known as white pigment.

In addition, Aura has a large number of strong objects. Among other things, it contains 40% of high quality, which explains why Aura Interior offers solid paint.

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

It is important to understand that Aura is a high performance residential paint designed for full and rich applications without any lack of performance. Aura is one of the best interior paints, as our review will explain.

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The presence of a high solid content makes Aura’s adhesion unique and increases the thickness of the paint. Thicker paint reduces unwanted paint spatter. Spattering is the accidental spilling of paint in undesirable areas during installation. Using Aura, interior painting applications can be handled with precision, resulting in less overhead. The paint application is as accurate as expected, even when using a roller on the ceiling.

Although Aura offers a strong adhesion, it spreads well and glides on without being too cakey. The Aura holds up well when wet, meaning it doesn’t drip or sag during heavy use. This performance improvement enables a variety of paint applications without the need to test the paint run.

Aura’s look makes this product perfect and simple years ahead of the best brands. There are no halos or halos associated with dark or bright colors when using Aura. There are also no visible traces of rollers or brush strokes. This keeps the cut consistent with the folded areas and provides a uniform shine.

When painting interiors, drywall repairs almost always occur from protruding nails and broken drywall seams. Benjamin Aura is non-flammable, which means that drywall stains will not show unusual traces of shine. It doesn’t matter if the stains on the walls are covered with matte paint or a dedicated drywall primer; The gloss will be uniform.

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Review

Some painters complain about the lack of open time, which means that the paint dries quickly. In our experience, a quick drying period has no adverse effects. In fact, we believe that quick drying is beneficial as it increases productivity and quickly restores order to the space.

Simple cleaning requires only soap and water. When it comes to use and cleaning, Aura offers an ease of use that we haven’t seen in any other product, and that’s not an exaggeration.

When Benjamin Moore introduced Aura, Popular Science magazine named it “Best New Product”. Among its finishes, matte and eggshell are top sellers, but there is no wrong choice with this amazing product.

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

As Benjamin Moore’s “top of the line” premium ink, it continues to be very popular, even at the higher end of the price range.

Benjamin Moore Perfects The Next Generation Of Aura® Interior

One gallon covers 350 to 400 square feet. Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint line is available in four finishes.

Both matte and eggshell are excellent choices for interior walls, while satin and semi-gloss are perfect for doors and decorations.

Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint line is a premium product at a premium price. At around $70 a litre, the Aura is not a cheap buy.

Aura is not for commercial use or projects that do not require the best! And for some do-it-yourself projects or more budget projects, Aura can be expensive. But if you look at the big picture, we need small things, coats and work.

Benjamin Moore Regal Vs. Aura Interior Paints Ring’s End

When you have your home properly painted, the work always outweighs the cost of the materials. So, if you want or need the best, Aura might not be as expensive as you think.

Cheaper paint has less particle content, resulting in less durability and performance. So Aura has a higher cost per gallon, but it will look great in the long run, saving you money in the long run. We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Consider authorizing our site in your settings or disable ad blocking while you’re at it.

Benjamin Moore’s innovative painting methods are the secret to enriching interiors with character, boldness, and bold colors.

Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

Most people realize that the mood of the room reflects the color of its walls – but the designer knows that the real atmosphere also depends on the quality of the paint used.

Aura® Interior Paint

Paint cans from two different manufacturers may produce almost the same color, but may look different over time due to paint chemicals and technology. As an ultra-premium product, AURA® Interior Paint by Benjamin Moore relies on advanced paint manufacturing processes to create unique spaces with the ultimate sense of ambience.

A favorite of designers, contractors and homeowners, AURA® offers a smooth application while cultivating the rich color depth and long-lasting finish often associated with a labor of love. How can paint produce such complex effects with so little effort? science By investing heavily in research and development, Benjamin Moore has pioneered unique innovations that contribute to the creation of paints that are highly regarded for their high performance.

Colors shown: White Heron OC-57 (walls, trim and doors, cabinets and shelves, and ceiling); Sunflower 2019-30 (accent wall).

In particular, the manufacturer’s color locking technology, new acrylic resins and Genex color technology make AURA® paint ready for travel. Color Lock uses binding molecules to build color into the paint film, while Gennex Color Technology removes unwanted paint-weakening ingredients, resulting in better concealment of lighter tones and whites. Another achievement of chemical engineering is the proprietary acrylic resin composition of AURA®Interior paint, which contains specially developed copolymers that increase the durability of the adhesive.

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Perhaps the most important advantage of premiumAURA® is that it is self-adhesive in many areas, allowing rooms to be painted quickly. Additionally, the product’s high gloss and transparency means fewer coats are needed per area, resulting in less product use and less coating time – as an added bonus, AURA® dries quickly in quick and easy times. To touch.

Once applied, AURA® offers excellent performance characteristics thanks to surfaces that retain their color and shine even after washing and a smooth coating with a low content of volatile organic compounds. allAURA®Interior

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