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Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint – A recent change to Benjamin Moore’s product line gave us a closer look at the real differences between these VOC paint options.

If you’ve never painted before, you know the rules: keep windows open and ventilated; Put on a mask or vapor barrier and let it cure on its own for 24-48 hours. . Most paints have this process which contains VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint

It’s not just found in paint; Volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs) are chemicals that evaporate at room temperature and become pollutants.

Benjamin Moore Drywall Primer

When it’s particularly hot, VOCs react with nitrogen oxides to form smog. These chemical gases are car exhaust, gas appliances; This can come from building materials and paints.

When people are exposed to “many” VOCs; Symptoms are itchy eyes, nose and throat; Dizziness headaches can cause memory problems and visual disturbances. It’s good to know that long-term exposure can cause cancer, but it’s pretty scary.

As an honest company, Benjamin Moore strives to produce VOC-free paints to protect its customers from unwanted damage.

For those who want to paint with as little toxins as possible. Benjamin Moore’s zero VOC paint lines are a blessing (and readily available at your Kahlui Paint Supply location at Da Kain Paints). However, when you review their current paint lines; From March 1 to 2021; Benjamin Moore decided to discontinue Natura because it was the best and recommended Eco Spec as the main “green” paint in the catalog. Let’s narrow down the differences between them.

Leed V4 Compliant Paints: Benjamin Moore Edition

Availability: Benjamin Moore Naturaha March 1; As of 2021, it has been discontinued, making it difficult to find. If you are working on a small project; You can get away with some Natura paint, but I highly recommend Eco Spec because you know you’ll have it available if you need more in the future. You can find these high quality paints at your local Maui paint store – Da Kaine Paints in Kahului.

Cost: Fortunately, the lower cost of the two paints – Eco Spec. For affordable paint without fumes or harmful chemicals. A gallon (or more) of this paint will cover your wall, but won’t break the bank.

Green Seal certification Only Eco Spec has earned this title; This means that its VOC output will not exceed 50 grams per liter for flat paints and 100 grams per liter for non-flat paints. This high quality paint means reduced toxicity while meeting strict sustainability standards. Learn about other eco-friendly paints on the Green Seal website.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint

Both paint options earn this title and are worth explaining. These Maui drug options must pass strict criteria to be awarded this certification. Here’s a little about their process. Benjamin Moore Pintura Plana Interior Zerovoc Eco Spec 5gal

Both painting options are suitable for indoor spaces as there is no smoke during or after painting. Natura is the best choice for bathrooms with stain-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces.

We all know that one of the main reasons for making business decisions is the bottom line. Benjamin Moore with Eco Spec and Natura; The company has two almost identical products (as shown in the chart above).

Given Eco Spec’s popularity with consumers (and because it must be produced in a separate plant from Natura), it only made sense for Natura to scale Eco Spec to mainstream “green paint”.

The Natura line will continue to be sold where additional stock is available. But Eco Spec Benjamin Moore leads the future of VOC paints.

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Nature is the oil in this battle; But Eco Spec has a fantastic zero VOC primer that will make the perfect base for your new project. A second coat is highly recommended for both paints for full coverage.

There is some misinformation about these differences, so let’s clear them up. There are always many laws surrounding these terms, so make sure you do your research first.

Low VOC: This means that high VOC paints generally contain much less than “high VOC” paints. If you’re painting the exterior, this isn’t a big deal, but if you have the option, any interior paint should be really low VOC.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint

Zero VOC: While these options are VOC-free, be aware that some brands and some paints may have added colors that contain VOCs, making the paint low VOC instead of zero VOC. Benjamin Moore uses patented Gennex pigments that contain no VOCs, creating thousands of colors that are safe to use in your home.

Discover The Magic Of Benjamin Moore’s Small Color Samples: A Smart Ap

Da Kine Paints is the go-to place for VOC free paint on Maui. Benjamin Moore Eco Spec; It has “green paint” lines like Natura and Aura. All of these paints use Genex colorants, which produce bright, beautiful colors without VOCs, but don’t smell like you’re applying them. When your project needs a Kahului paint shop, Da Kaine Paints has you covered.

A fun Maui paint story we heard was a teacher at UHMC painting with VOC-free paint. No smell. He said he didn’t care at all. This is one of the great things that no VOC paint can do – it gives you the freedom of when and where you can paint.

With patented Genex Colorant (Zero VOC) you can choose from thousands of colors without sacrificing your “green paint” level.

Any other questions contact your local Da Kaine Paints Kahului paint supplier and we will do our best to get you the right paint for your next project. Benjamin Moore remains steadfast in our long-term commitment to our stakeholders. A more sustainable future. Continuous assessment of employee needs and benefits; Prioritizing products with high demand; including philanthropic partners and programming support; These efforts are at the forefront of our company culture. Premium quality clothing has been the foundation of the brand for 138 years. through third-party certifications such as Green Seal and ongoing efforts to develop low-VOC coatings; We can meet the needs of our customers and our responsibility to the environment.

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Tell us about Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec paint line. What makes the brand’s greenest premium interior paint?

Benjamin Moore School, Corporate Buildings; Hospitals, nursing homes; It was introduced in 2008 as one of the zero VOC paints, especially suitable for commercial buildings such as clinics and assisted living facilities. As part of our efforts to simplify our portfolio to better serve our customers in 2021, we deduplicated and rebranded our green product offering to Eco Spec in 2021, which exceeds the most stringent environmental standards for commercial and residential customers.

The new Eco Spec interior is 100% acrylic paint with zero VOC. It is emission free and has low odor. It’s a good camouflage; Offers excellent touch and quick drying properties. Additionally, our patented Genex Zero VOC pigments ensure that Eco Spec remains zero VOC even after bleaching.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint

Eco Spec is our green color because it is Green Seal certified and certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. These independent certifications attest that Eco Spec meets or exceeds the most stringent environmental requirements. In addition to providing such third party certifications; The eco spec label has been relaunched to appeal to a wider audience that insists on green credentials.

Eco Spec Wb The Economic 0 Voc Paint By Benjamin Moore

VOCs are volatile organic compounds that can be released into the air from drying paints, which have significant effects on the immediate environment and, in some cases, significant effects on human health. In nurseries, buildings that require good air quality, such as schools and hospitals, it is important to use the most environmentally responsible products, as exposure to VOCs increases the risk of respiratory problems.

Therefore, we are that country, zero VOC for the benefit of its inhabitants and the environment in general. We recommend products like Eco Spec, which have zero emissions and low odor.

Green Seal is a prestigious global environmental certification body and an Eco Spec certified Green Seal confirms that it meets the highest environmental standards in the industry.

In the years before the federal government required it, we eliminated lead from our medicines. Removes formaldehyde and mercury and meets VOC standards.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint: The Real Deal?

The Federal Trade Commission has determined that emissions-free (or VOC-free) paint can be claimed six hours or less after application (and later); And it does not contain substances that are harmful to the health of the average adult under normal expected consumption. Eco Spec Paint meets this standard.

Finally, we take these proprietary components and customize them to optimize their performance in each of our products. You can call this process a key part of our competitive advantage and success.

We are proud of our professional painters and green certifications. Premium features will remain available for fixed customers.

Benjamin Moore Eco Spec Paint

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