Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137 60

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Gray Owl is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular gray colors. A beautiful light brown color with a light green-blue tint.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137 60

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137 60

BM Gray Owl is a light gray that looks neutral to cool gray on the wall. This is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular shades of gray and gives any room a fresh and modern look. It can be slightly green or slightly blue depending on the lighting in the room and the surrounding objects.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl (2137 60) Paint Color Codes, Similar Paints And Colors

The ever-elusive perfect gray paint. I’m sure you’ve been looking for it for a long time. I’m sorry to say there isn’t. Sure, you can find a gray that’s perfect for you, but it will require some difference in lightness. You might like how it looks on your walls, but it might not look exactly the same on someone else’s.

Has been a very popular gray color for the past half decade, along with Benjamin Moore’s other popular gray, Stonington Gray. If you’re looking for a gray color that has some sheen but is definitely still gray, this might be the paint color you’re looking for.

In recent years, the popularity of cool-toned grays has shifted in favor of warm grays, as well as the very popular gray. Of course, many of you still prefer cool gray colors. When done right, they have a distinctly clean, modern look.

The gray owl is light blue-green in color. Although the green color makes it warmer than some other “cool” grays, it will still look cool gray on your wall.

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The gray owl’s LRV is about 66. LRV, or light reflectance value, is a number that indicates how light or dark a color is on a scale of 0-100. The closer the number is to 100, the lighter the color (white is the lightest). The closer the number is to 0, the darker (black) it will be.

At about 66, it has enough saturation to be distinctly gray, but also light enough to not look heavy. If your room is really dark and you’re hoping it will make him feel better, it might not have enough light. Try Benjamin Moore Paper White.

A gray owl works well with a bright, beachy setting, so cool shades of white, green and blue work very well. If you want to paint an accent wall or an adjoining room with a complementary color, Benjamin Moore Beach Glass creates a beautiful seaside setting or BM Phillipsburg Blue adds a striking contrast, working with the underlying shades of Gray Owl.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137 60

If you want to achieve a really modern look, combining owl gray walls with black accents looks really attractive when done right.

Gray Owl A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

The colors you choose with a gray owl will also affect its appearance. Looking at the three images below, you can see that the gray owl on the left looks grayer or greener depending on the color it’s paired with.

Gray Owl is a great choice for many spaces: kitchen, dining room, family room, hallway, bedroom and bathroom. It looks beautiful on walls and cabinets. You can also use it as a decorative color with white walls.

If you’re looking for a light gray color for your home’s exterior, Gray Owl is a great choice. It goes well with a coastal color scheme of navy blue or green and even black.

Just remember, because the outside gets a lot of natural light, the color will appear lighter than the inside.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

Stonington Gray is another no less famous Benjamin Moore gray. If you’re trying to decide between the two, there are some clear differences that can help you decide.

Owl gray is several shades lighter than Stonington gray, with a stronger green tint. Gray Owl has a lighter, relaxed, almost beachy look, while Stonington Gray is a bit darker and turns quite blue in cool light.

Gray Owl and Classic Gray are very different colors. A gray owl is a light colored owl with an LRV of 66. However, classic gray is quite a light color. It is off-white with an LRV of 73.6.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137 60

The gray owl is a cool gray color with a greenish-blue tint. On the other hand, classic gray is a warm gray color with light beige undertones that can sometimes be slightly purple or pink. Classic gray is a great choice for rooms with cool northern light where you don’t want blue.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Review

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl and Revere Pewter are both popular neutral paint colors, but each has different characteristics that set them apart. Revere Pewter is a warm, light to medium gray-beige color, often referred to as “greige”. Its LRV is 55.4, making it a darker brown than a gray owl.

Its warm color leans more towards beige, which makes it more casual, and can sometimes take on a light brown or earthy green under certain lighting conditions.

While both colors are versatile, Gray Owl may be better suited to spaces where a fresh and airy feel is desired, and Revere Pewter shines in spaces where a comfortable, welcoming environment is the goal.

Collingwood is a slightly darker light brown with a pink undertone and has an LRV of 62, giving it a warm aura. While the gray owl can sometimes be distracted by blue or green light, the Collingwood can reveal a subtle pink hue.

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Owl is a soft, light brown color that contains subtle blue and green tones, offering an LRV of 65. This gives it a fresh, airy essence that is ideal for spaces that require sparkle.

Wickham grey, on the other hand, leans more distinctly towards a soft blue, giving it a relaxing and spa quality.

Although both colors are adaptable and light, owl gray has a wider neutral range, while the blue color of Wickham gray can be more prominent in some lighting.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137 60

When choosing between the two, it’s important to consider your desired ambiance. Gray Owl offers a neutral freshness, while Wickham Gray offers a cool, slightly cool feel.

Ultimate Paint Color Review: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Oc 52

Benjamin Moore Gray Oak and Sherwin Williams Ash Gray are two popular neutral colors, each with their own unique characteristics.

Gray Owl is a soft, light brown color with light blue and green undertones, rated at LRV 65. It offers a fresh, airy feel that is versatile for a variety of spaces.

In contrast, Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray leans toward a true warm gray, presenting a more neutral background without leaning too heavily on specific hues, although it can sometimes cast a subtle purplish, greenish hue in certain lighting conditions. It can receive the signal.

Comparing the two, Gray Owl can be a bit cooler due to its blue-green undertones, while Repose Gray offers a balanced warmth. Both colors are customizable, but choosing between them often depends on the color and vibe you want for the space.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Paint Color

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is a warm taupe (grey + beige) that leans towards light beige with a hint of brown, making it warmer than Gray Owl.

The balanced warmth of Agreeable Gray is often considered one of the most neutral paint colors available, versatile for almost any space. Comparing the two, Gray Owl has a slightly cooler feel due to its blue-green color, while Agreeable Gray has a more comfortable and warm color.

Lighting is one of the main factors that contribute to the appearance of a paint color and can completely change the appearance of a color as it can make tones more apparent.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137 60

So before choosing a paint color, determine the exposure of your room and then determine how that might affect the color you choose.

Gray Owl Oc 52/2137 60

In northern light or cool morning light (west facing) or cool afternoon light (east facing) the blue color may be more prominent in a gray owl.

Obviously, the gray owl is famous for a reason. If you’re looking to get a fresh, clean gray color on your walls, I think you’ll like this one. As with any gray color, don’t let the undertones scare you. are what make this color so exciting.

You will notice that this gray goes well with wood as well as the more commonly used white. Indeed, as far as I can tell, it works beautifully on all tones and in all different lighting conditions. This is not always the case for light and medium brown colors like this, so this is something that makes the gray owl special.

Don’t forget that regardless of what you’ve read or seen pictures of online, it’s very important to check your home’s paint colors before you commit.

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Have I convinced you to pick up Owl Gray for the upcoming paint job? Or have you already used gray?

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137 60

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