Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

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Looking for the perfect shade of gray? Well, let me be the first to pop your gray bubble and say if there is no way

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

Can i ask Well, it’s all about perception, and exposure…and tone…and LRV…and so on. And we will cover everything soon.

Shades Of Gray Paint Colors — Ama Designs & Interiors

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Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

The funny thing is that Gray Owl is technically a warm gray, but it always looks good, especially with its blue accents. If you are looking for more specific gray hair, you can read this.

The gray owl has an LRV of almost 66, so it has a little softness to it, so it’s a little less clean, but it’s nowhere near the middle of the fire – it sits well n’ middle. Don’t know what an LRV is? You really need to read this.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Vs Stonington Gray

From LRV 66, Gray Owl provides a nice contrast to the white trim, without adding too much to the wall. And when it was

Wash on the light wall, unless you are dark, all colors will do the same thing. However, if you have a dark room, it can feel overwhelming if you don’t have enough room lighting.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

, which can be a little tricky depending on how it is displayed on the wall! That means it’s not gray, it’s soft without heat.

Best Gray Paint Colours By Benjamin Moore

On a low note, many grays that are popular today can easily be classified into three gray tones – and gray owls are no exception!

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

A hawk owl wants to put a hand on his lively neck, as you can see in the next picture. However, like many other shades of gray, it can be easily altered by trim color (Shervin Williams Alabaster in this photo), exposure, reflections, other interior decorations, and more.

This means that the gray owl moves and is not faithfully married to a green one – not by a long shot, but you can expect to be replaced by a green plum on the back of the blue-green or almost flat blue. Shown in the next photo…

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

The Best Grey Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors Revealed!

It can vary from wall to wall as shown in the next picture – a little green on the left and a little blue on the right!

In short, when it comes to Gray Owl (or any color), it is important to carefully test it in your own space before you put it in a full gallon on the wall.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

I get this question all the time – so many that it could be its own blog post. Or, Here!

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

However, to satisfy your curiosity quickly, look at how the gray owl is slightly green compared to the blue eyes of the noisy Stonington Gray.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

No doubt you’ll be out getting some color swatches in the future – hang in there! I want you to check out the SAMPLE. Samplize offers skin and stick samples that are cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly than traditional paint cans. These are just a few reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

Owl gray is actually one of the most versatile shades of gray in white and can accommodate everything from white, white to white, warm, and bright! And even though it’s shown in some of the photos above in Sherwin Williams Alabaster, personally, I like Benjamin Moore White Dove, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, and Sherwin Williams Pure White.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

Top 20 Expert Recommended Gray Paint Colors, Plus How To Pick One

Maybe… but there are many things to consider when choosing exterior colors. When it comes to DEEPTH / LRV of a gray owl, you must consider whether it will be strong enough to withstand strong southern light, which can wash it well. You will also want to make sure the accent matches your roof, stone or brick.

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Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

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Neutral Kitchen Paint Colors

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Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

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Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

Of Our Favorite Light Gray Paint Colors For Every Style

What is perfect color if not perfect? We love Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl for many reasons, but really because it’s perfect, a warm little light that adds just the right depth to any space and makes things brighter.

While we’d love to recommend you pull out all the stops and use Gray Owl for every room, we’ve put together some of our favorite examples of where this perfect neutral shade works best. (Looking for more ideas for neutral shades? We’ve got you covered on your wall.)

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl is a shade that can make white trim, cabinets, and accents (think: fancy crown molding) pop. Adding this soft neutral kitchen to a light and bright kitchen with white cabinets – or perhaps a sharp home backsplash – would be a match made in heaven. Showcase custom woodwork, increase the lightness of stainless steel appliances, or bring a variety of neutral gray countertops, as suggested by our designers.

Best Benjamin Moore Warm Gray Paint Colors That Will Never Be Outdated

For those looking for something softer and better than the standard colors for children’s rooms, Gray Owl adds a calm charm to spaces designed for quiet and relaxing moments. That said, it’s also a great shade for an office or study – perfect for a meditation space or for concentration.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

What room is better for relaxation and meditation than the bedroom? The Washington Post’s Elizabeth Maihew has used Benjamin Moore Gray Owl for every room she sleeps in (dedication to the soft grays we love), and we understand why – the combination of soft materials makes it a perfect neutral shade.

To create a different way to design, we also recommend Owl Gray for those who want to define the look of their home completely based on sub-styles. This shade is suitable for those with a Scandinavian, revolutionary design or a ‘California aesthetic’, offering a soft and airy look with artisan furniture, simple lines and solid patterns. Still know what your sub-style will be? Let our experts help you decide.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

Which Benjamin Moore Paint Is Best For Kitchen Walls?

Whatever room you are painting, Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl is the right choice. Keep your home fresh and warm with shades that transcend time and space (s) – and that you can use again and again.

Set on Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl but don’t know where to go? Take our form quiz and let us help you figure out your next step. Happy Monday! Yesterday was grey, rainy and windy, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to take good pictures of our new gray kitchen. Guess what? I did it! EW!

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

I don’t know why it took me almost three years to paint the walls yellow. Yes I know. At some point we want to finish the kitchen. But we may want to step it up a little and pick it up. That’s what I thought.

A Few Neutral Paint Colors We Are Trying And Loving

Then two years passed. I turned on the light, added an hour. You may remember these photos from our 2 year home tour (click here for post):

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Kitchen

Then some time passed

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