Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp Bathroom

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Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp Bathroom – The most common question I get is about paint colors. I totally get it. Choosing paint colors can be a difficult task, whether it’s for an item, a room, or your entire home. I love painting – no surprise, every room in my house has been painted and painted (and repainted). As my taste and style have changed over the years, so has the color palette in my home. I paint the rooms in my home using warm soft pastels and soft blues.

Since I got a lot of questions about the paint colors I used, I collected them all and will share them today. All paint colors are Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp Bathroom

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp Bathroom

The main floor of our house is very open and has many interconnected spaces. To make the open spaces flow and feel good, I painted the entry, living room, dining room, den, and hallway “Balboa Mist.” It is gray and soft. I would describe it as “greige” with undertones. All the trim and wainscoting in the house is painted an antique color, but it’s very close to Benjamin Moore’s “Cloud White” which is a soft white sand without too much yellow.

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I painted our little powder room “cloudy”. Similar to “Balboa Mist” but a shade or two darker.

There is very little wall space in the kitchen. Just above the cabinet, above the window and next to the refrigerator. I painted it with a very soft and warm gray color called “Silver Satin”.

The master bedroom has six windows so there is plenty of natural light. I painted it with “Classic Grey” which is a very nice gray.

I recently gave my daughter’s bedroom a makeover. You can see his full room tour here. He wanted to paint the walls a calm and soothing blue. We chose “crystal glass”. A beautiful blue with gray tones.

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In the guest/kids bathroom, I added some “Newburyport Blue” color. The full room tour can be found here.

The office is on the first floor, but the French doors separate it from the rest of the house, making it a good candidate for another color. I painted it with “wasp gray” which is blue/green/grey. I love these end tables that I painted in General Finishes Tavern Green.

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Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp Bathroom

I like this color. I’m looking forward to repainting our breakfast room with Benjamin Moore’s Wharf Grey. It looks good with wood colors, white and neutral. And it’s a great background for different sweet colors.

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This is a great example of how well it blends with white, dark, and even brown and gray wood floors. Don’t you just love the wooden beams in this room? i do

Soft blues and grays are the best colors for bedrooms. Again in this space, the gray granite blends well with the dark wood floors and neutral area rugs.

In this kitchen area, the cabinets were first painted with gray varnish and then painted with brown beeswax. I love the way this looks and I’m happy with it everywhere in our home.

A fun bath in this photo. Clean and comfortable. And it’s another example of how well gray blues go with neutral colors.

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In this space, the gray granite walls provide a nice and simple backdrop for the furniture and accent rug. The white beadboard is a nice contrast and looks beautiful against the oak floors. I love the look of this room.

Finally, here’s a look at an item I painted with Gray Wisp. I did some layout techniques and it looked very old. Stay tuned for the full episode of this episode later this week.

Ready to try a model? I recommend getting a paint sample and painting a table or part of your wall. Or consider using a skin and paste model from the model.

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp Bathroom

So what do you think of Gray Wasp? Do I love? i hate Do you not care? I want to hear what you think. Last year, when we were building our house, I went big on paint colors. Looking ahead, I have a theory, the more colors you add, the happier you will be in the end. I don’t know why this is, but mark my words – the color chosen is simply not correct.

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I knew that getting the paint colors right was very important in our new home. I’ve been showing quick photos here and there on Instagram, and I’ve asked many of you to comment on the paint color we’re using. So I put this post together to go deeper into why we chose each color, and what other options we looked at. This is my personal house paint palette!

Let’s start from the outside. Years ago, we had a red brick house that we loved. When we got tired of the red brick, I carefully chose a gray color to paint the brick. I love painted brick houses. There is something southern about them. The requirements for this color were very strict: I wanted the white to be close to sunlight. But it’s still hot. No yellow pants – I don’t want a cream house. Don’t be so gray – I don’t want a blue house. We ended up with Sheeran Williams Agreeable Gray and I have used that color in four houses. It still works. People ran to the house and knocked on the door to see what color it was. If you’re looking for brick paint, you can’t go wrong with gray paint.

We wanted a white trim color to finish, and my painter recommended Sherwin Williams Snowbound. Although it was a quick decision, it was one of the quickest color decisions in my life that paid off. The combination of Snow and Acceptable Gray will knock your socks off. For accent colors, in that house, we used Sheeran Williams Gauntlet Gray on the shutters.

In our current house, I wanted to pop it a little more and echo the cool sounds in the house, so I went with Benjamin Moore Greyhound. I saw the Greyhound being used by the team at Studio McGee and have been wanting to try it ever since. It’s very English, you know? Not grey, not green with a hint of blue. The paint chips looked sad, but not believing in paint chips, we went. Outside our house, the color is really blue, I don’t think so, it’s really blue-green.

Bm Gray Wisp

If you are looking for something blue, but not too blue for the outside of the house, I recommend that you consider Pratt & Lambert. It took me a long time on the walls to be warm and calm at the same time, the mirror is the most beautiful color of French blue, rich but not bright outside the house. Consider the blue shutters on the floor in France.

Later, when I moved into our home, I wanted to keep things current. It’s gray and white, right? It’s everywhere! I have a pet peeve, though: everything is very stable. It means that everything is very white, and if you combine it with dark gray, which seems to go to the level of the designer at the moment, you will be very different and very cold.

Here’s something I love about gray: It has long been used as a trim color in interior spaces. When I started my writing company years ago, an elderly woman in Oklahoma City befriended me. He told me about visiting their beautiful 1940s home in Nichols Hills and walking around. The house has been demolished and the downstairs bedrooms are lovely, but one thing he pointed out to me was the gray theme. It’s old school, he explained. My eyes weren’t old enough to understand what the gray trim meant to last, but his words stuck with me.

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp Bathroom

I know white trim is popular, but as a mom of toddlers who still can’t wash their hands and run syrup down the stairs, I can tell you it’s great white trim.

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