Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray – Edgecomb Gray HC-173 is one of the best sellers of this brand, and year after year remains among the most sought after neutral shades. And in fact, the color of this painting can be called a perfectly balanced mixture of beige and gray, which means that we can attribute it to the gray family. By the way, there are tons of other Benjamin Moore paint colors you can order from the brand, and you can find every color and shade on their website, from bright, vibrant colors to warm, stylish pastels and neutrals . Everything is easy to navigate and check out, shades are grouped by color family or popularity level of a certain shade.

But now let’s take a closer look at this crowd favorite called Edgecomb Gray and try to find out what makes it so prominent and desirable among customers.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

At first glance, this color may seem like the perfect neutral, but don’t be fooled! Like any neutral (and grays also belong to this group of colors), it has different nuances that may not be noticeable at first, but will definitely appear later, for example, in certain types of lighting.

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If you need more detailed and accurate data on the color range of this shade, according to Encycolorpedia, this shade is composed of red (80%), yellow (85%), and blue (77%). The color saturation is 10 and the brightness level is 85.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

In terms of Light Reflectance Value, also known as LRV, this paint color has a 63.88, meaning that the shade is a pretty good reflector of light when applied to a surface and probably it won’t look dark on the walls.

What about the Edgecomb Gray color? as it is Well, it looks like a soft and slightly airy shade of gray with a slight vein of beige in the depths. But don’t worry, having beige undertones doesn’t mean the paint will look yellow or brown after you put it on something! In this particular case, this beige shade just adds a more delicate warmth to the overall color.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

Of course, like any gray color, EG can be more gray or beige depending on the lighting conditions. This is important to consider when buying paint, because you need to check how light the room will be, in which you will use it. Otherwise, the result may be quite unexpected for you: some customers report that EG sometimes looks almost like a putty shade with a rather noticeable hint of creaminess!

This is the hardest part of working with neutrals because they all tend to have different undertones that are usually hidden until certain lighting is used. And suddenly you realize that your gray walls are starting to look beige or even yellow!

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

And what about the EU? Okay, this shade has green and gray undertones, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean the wall paint stays green. However, the color of the room’s upholstery plays an important role, as well as the lighting and colors of the room’s fixtures. All of these will affect the shades of color that will be detected.

Edgecomb Gray Hc 173

The best advice for anyone looking to buy this paint is to sample it at the store and take it home to see how it will behave in the environment. The color we see on the computer screen is usually far from what it actually is in real life.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

People who are not familiar enough with paints and colors often face the same question: where can this shade be applied? And nothing changes when it comes to neutrals, and grays in particular.

These colors are known as universals, just like EC. It can be successfully used anywhere, just remember the lighting, because in poorly lit places the color can become quite dark, making the space even dimmer. Now we will see how it will work in the different living areas of the house.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

Wall Color Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

When used in the living room, this color pairs well with the beige upholstery thanks to the perfect balance of gray and beige in the paint. If there is a white border, the effect will be even better.

The area must also be well lit and have plenty of natural light, otherwise the effect of this shadow will be impressive. Therefore, choose this paint color if your living room is spacious and bright, preferably with large windows facing south.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

This color is a great choice for sleeping areas as it looks calm and neutral, which is what a space like this needs! In addition, EG will allow you to easily add other color accents and will look particularly elegant with wooden objects such as beds, tables, chairs or decorative elements. If you combine it with darker browns or beige, you will also get a stunning result.

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An ideal place to apply this paint is the kitchen. This will be a true neutral backdrop to bring more color into other parts of this space.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

The shade will go well with black and white, and will definitely win in combination with earthy beige tones, so allow yourself to be creative and experiment.

Painting EG kitchen cabinets is another way to use color. This paint will give them a fresher look and also make the space look newer.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

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This shade is incredibly suitable for any outdoor work, but be aware that it will look a bit lighter than indoors, especially if your home is in a very sunny location. But even if it’s not, don’t be afraid to choose this color.

Light tends to play with all neutral tones, including gray. As for the EG shade, it looks grayer and therefore cooler in naturally lit areas and becomes a warm beige in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural sunlight.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

Also, in darker rooms and hallways that tend to have little or no light, this color will look quite dark and dull. Therefore, in order not to make a mistake, we suggest that everyone make a sample of this color and take it home to see how it will look in different places under different lighting conditions.

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If your task is to find the right colors to use with EG, we have good news for you! This neutral shade pairs well with many other colors:

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

The best way to see and compare how this shade performs against another is to combine the two. However, you can quickly feel the taste.

Revere Pewter is a shade darker than EG with paint LRVs of 55.5 and 66.8 respectively. The common characteristics of both colors are that each has green-grey undertones, and both paints have a natural, roofed matte finish. So basically these two complement each other perfectly.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

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Pale Oak is a warm light gray paint and people often confuse it with EG. However, this pair has some differences. Pale Oak is a bit cooler and this shade has more blue notes compared to its much warmer counterpart.

The two are quite hard to tell apart as the tones are very similar. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that Balboa Mist is cooler, with more gray notes and blue undertones than its warmer beige cousin. Balboa Mist is pretty fair compared to EG respectively.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

As a whole, these two shades are almost the same. However, Agreeable Gray is a little darker and looks a little colder because of the purple and gray tones.

Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

So, as you can see, Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore is a versatile paint suitable for any paint job, from renovating kitchen cabinets to reviving a facade. It is quite easy to combine with other shades, and the color offers many opportunities to include brighter accents in the space where it is used. So, if you are in doubt about which paint to choose, stop choosing this one and you won’t go wrong!

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

FAQs ⭐ Is Edgecomb Gray a cool or warm paint color? It is a warm gray color. ⭐ What colors go well with BM Edgecomb Grey? You can try Nickel, White Dove, Chelsea Grey, Ashley Grey, Hale Navy, White Chocolate, Revere Pewter and Simply White. ⭐ Does Edgecombe Gray look purple? In some types of lighting, it can actually bring out crimson tones. ⭐ What color is slightly darker than Edgecomb Grey? Revere Pewter is. ⭐ Will Edgecomb Gray work well in wardrobes? It sure will be!

Author: Melinda Sherwin Melinda has worked as an art consultant and home designer for a total of eight years. As an art consultant, she first worked at a local art gallery in San Francisco, where she was responsible for selecting the most appropriate artwork for her clients based on their goals.

Benjamin Moore Hc 173 Edgecomb Gray

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