Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020 – Home → Best Paint Colors → Neutral, Gray, Beige, and White → Best Beige, Gray, Taupe, and Gray Paint Colors: BENJAMIN MOORE AFFINITY

Looking for a great neutral paint color with body and personality? Benjamin Moore’s Affinity line makes it easy to find colors that brighten up your life and your walls! With some of today’s TOP neutral paint colors, they have given designers and homeowners several subtle colors to choose from, a step up from the safer, standard neutrals.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

I love showing REAL & REAL homes, so ONLY use photos from my Online Color Consultation clients. This means I don’t always have the quality or variety of images I need, but I DEFINITELY have VERY useful information to help you!

Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year 2021: Aegean Teal

Metropolitan is a light-medium dark gray with a stormy softness. Since Metropolitan is a LIGHT color, you’ll notice undertones, especially the blue, leaning slightly towards blue-green at times.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Cool grey, Metropolitan may seem a bit cold, but its DEPTH and refined appearance make it fresh yet intimate.

Pashmina is gray, but looks more cream than gray. Although it prefers warmth, in the right environment (ie: a north or east facing room), its color can be balanced between gray and cream.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Benjamin Moore 2020 Color Trends

Pashmina is a rich, earthy gray that provides a neutral backdrop to the room. it has a slightly larger body than the currently popular gray and gray paint colors.

Thunderstorms are sultry gray in color and storm at medium depth. And not only was it stormy, but it was also quite hot.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Not that Thunder would be considered a grey, but it is definitely a warm grey. And like many warm-toned gray and gray paint colors, it can have a slight purple undertone and sometimes even a hint of green. If you are looking for

The Most Popular 2023 Paint Color Trends

A sharper, fresher gray, you might prefer the Metropolitana. But if you like soft, earthy greys, thunder might be the color for you!

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Kangaroo is a warm beige color, but it doesn’t have the GOLD warmth of some of the traditional beige colors that were popular in the early 2000s. A kangaroo can also choose LESS green (like winking).

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Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Benjamin Moore Archives

As the name suggests, Storm is a dark gray shade with a beautiful, rich and stormy look. Since ALL have a gray undertone, you can see a cool purple undertone in the Storm.

While a bit heavy for a dark room (unless you want that look), it can be beautiful as long as your room gets “moderate” natural light. Storms are hidden by their underlying hue as at first glance they appear to be a relatively flat grey, but after the wind you can see the purple (blue-violet) hue of a kind of storm cloud.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Weimaraner is a perfect example of a taupe color with a beautiful, rich undertone. Weimaraner, which is taupe, is a HOT paint color known for its subtle WARM purple undertone (meaning it’s purple-pink, not purple-blue).

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Taupe is mostly gray and creamy brown with purplish (often purple) undertones. And the Weimaraner is not shy about his tone!

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

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Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

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Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

01. ColorOnline Color Course School Do you want to learn more about color for your own home or your clients’ homes? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the world of color, this fun online course will take your color education to the NEXT LEVEL! View Course 02. Affordable and Fun Downloadable EBooks Are you an avid reader? Want to learn more about the FUN side of decorating and painting colors? This eBook covers a wide range of topics and will freshen up your space and make you rethink how you live at home! View eBooks. Make room for creativity with Benjamin Moore’s 2022 October Mist 1495. This soft spicy sage covers a room discreetly while encouraging individual expression through color.

The Colors Of Our Home

Reminiscent of silvery green flower stems, October Mist 1495 creates a canvas for other colors to bloom in your imagination.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

WALL: Color of the year 2022 October Mist 1495, ben, eggshell; Ceiling: AF-45, waterborne ceiling; TRIM: AF-45 Collector’s Item, ben, Semi-Gloss

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Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

The Best Classic Paint Colors: 8 Timeless Colors In Our Colonial Home

ACCENT WALL: Pale Moon OC-108, Regal Select, Eggshell; LEFT WALL AND CEILING: AF-45 Collection, Regal Select, Matte; TRIM: Morning Dew OC-140, Regal Select, Semi-Gloss.

WALL INSET: October Mist 1495, Regal® Select, Eggshell; Cabinets and island: October Mist 1495, ADVANCE®, satin; WALLS: Steam AF-15, Regal Select, Eggshell.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

LEFT NICHE: Violet Mark 2114-60, AURA®, Eggshell; RIGHT NICHE: Quiet Moments 1563, AURA, Eggshell; WALLS: Steam AF-15, AURA, Eggshell.

Designer Curated Benjamin Moore Paint Ideas

WALL: Quiet moments 1563, AURA, eggshell; TRIM: Steam AF-15, ADVANCE, Semi-Gloss; Ceiling: Pale Moon OC-108, water-based ceiling covering.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

WALLS: Gloucester Sage HC-100, AURA, eggshell; TRIM: Steam AF-15, ADVANCE, Semi-Gloss; Stills: (left ONLY) Quiet Moments 1563, Pale Moon OC-108, Fernwood Green 2145-40, Hints of Violet 2114-60, ADVANCE, Semi-Gloss.

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Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Benjamin Moore 2020 Color Of The Year

“Aegean is a wonderfully balanced color. It has a really nice mix of blue and green with touches of gray and has a soft, casual elegance that is very appealing.

– Andrea Magno, Director of Marketing and Color Development, Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Take time to reflect and reset. Nourish the soul with a relaxed and bright atmosphere. Attractive, balanced and deeply calming, Aegean Teal creates natural harmony. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is one of the most popular colors – and for good reason! I’m sharing some of my favorite rooms with this paint color, including our updated workspace!

Benjamin Moore’s Color Of The Year 2023 Is Here—and It’s A Showstopper

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, number HC-154, is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular paint colors for good reason! This is a rich, true navy blue paint color that can be used as a neutral color in your home as it pairs well with many other paint colors. Benjamin Moore describes it as a wear-anywhere navy with a classic nautical feel. This is truly one of those colors that goes with almost anything as it is a good balance of warm and cool tones! It also matches many different decorating styles.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

The first time Benjamin Moore used Hale Navy in our home was when I painted our home office about six years ago. It was originally Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze for a few years (which I also love!), but I wanted a change and painted it a navy blue. I use eggshells every time we paint chalkboards and walls and I do it in our office too.

Our office receives natural light from the south and north, so the blue color here is not too strong. This is especially true because the other three walls are all painted Benjamin Moore Simply White.

Benjamin Moore Living Room Colors 2020

Read This Before You Pick A Paint Color

I also decided to paint our thermofoil cabinets in semi-gloss Hale Navy powder flooring. I wasn’t sure if the paint would hold up on plastic cabinets, but they held up very well and still look that way!

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