Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

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Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms – What color is best for bedroom? Like the room itself, the answer is always: it’s personal. Check out these beautiful bedrooms and get inspired by the transforming power of color.

Transform your living room into the perfect place for calm and relaxation with Aura® Interior, Benjamin Moore’s finest paint. After all, when it comes to personal sanctity, you deserve bright, rich, timeless colors.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

The best bedroom color is one that works for you, but it always helps to know what other homeowners like.

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Are you ready to paint your bedroom with Benjamin Moore’s unique paints? Get inspired by these bedroom color ideas and learn about the power of color to create your own getaway.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Transforming your room by looking at color is guaranteed. Discover the powerful impact a room can have on a few of Benjamin Moore’s carefully chosen paint colors. Highlight colors in the film include: Instinct AF-575: a light and refreshing light blue Anjou pear AF-425: an earthy and rejuvenating mid-toned green Chantilly Lace OC-65: a bright white and best-selling Silver Fox 2108-50: Elegant, bright pink Fabric Gray 2094-70: Crisp, soft, mysterious pink AF-565: Sweet, intimate navy Inspired by the bedroom color ideas in this video? Check them out at home!

How Room Color Affects Mood Need a wake-up call to motivate you? Or do you prefer to drink cocoa for a complete break? Keep these color ideas in mind: Soft, warm colors are often used in cozy and intimate spaces. Neutral, black and white and soft gray paint colors. Consider this when decorating your living room: balanced, relaxing tones are perfect for welcoming guests into your home, no matter how late they are. Explore your color journey more deeply with tips for building a personal palette.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

Beautiful living room colors to relax. Do you want to choose a cozy bedroom color scheme that makes you feel like you are part of the landscape? Check out our favorite calming colors and use them as your guide. Explore holiday colors

Beautiful Pink On walls painted in White Heron OC-57, the soft pink of First Light 2102-70 – the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2020 – really stands out. A circle of light pink pictures adds drama to this room, while gold accents add a luxurious feel.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Exploring the Fifth Wall in the Bedroom The bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to bedroom decorating ideas. While classic white is a timeless favorite, pops of color can add personality to a room. Here, Concord Ivory HC-12 is an interesting ceiling color choice, paired with Metropolitan AF-690 on the lower panel insert and Barren Plain 2111-60 on the upper panel. A lighter ceiling color can make a room appear larger and taller, especially in a small room or a room with low ceilings. We like Summer Shower 2135-60, Beacon Gray 2128-60, and Hollingsworth Green HC-141. Look for a lighter ceiling color or one that contrasts slightly with the wall color. Here, the Smoke 2122-40 Painted Ceiling will bring heavenly energy to an otherwise non-white room. Is it yourself? Get tips from our How to Draw a Dog video to get started!

Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Small Rooms

Add fresh, modern color to your bedroom Add a modern touch to your bedroom. Here, the simple, clean lines of modern design combine beautifully with layered grays painted in bright Color Stories® colors, as seen in this room: Arctic Seal CSP-15 and Perspective ® CSP-5. Other popular bedroom colors that create a clean, modern look include whites, such as Object White OC-117 and Soft Chamois OC-13, and soft grays, such as Classic Gray OC-23, Owl Grey, OC-52, and Paper White OC-55). For a sleek, modern look, try the following: Use the same color on your walls and accent it with different shades to create subtle contrast and a more elegant backdrop. A few years ago I shared the most popular Benjamin Moore paint colors. According to Benjamin Moore. It’s time to update our best selling color list and I’m so excited to finally do it today!

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Last year, Benjamin Moore stopped updating the best-selling paint section on their website, which was really annoying. However, last week, they finally updated (probably for the new year) and I always love to see what the best selling and most popular colors from Benjamin Moore are.

While I don’t choose a color because it’s popular or trendy, I always choose the color that sells the best because the color has to be beautiful and reliable to outsell the hundreds of colors out there. Colors by Benjamin Moore. This is also one of the tools I use when looking for new colors for clients and blogs.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

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Benjamin Moore truly has the best blue shades of any paint company. Smoke and Hale Navy are two star colors that have been on the best color lists for years because these colors are simply stunning and look great in different lighting conditions.

Benjamin Moore smoke is light blue with a lot of air in it. We used Smoke in the boys’ room on a recent client project and it looked great.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Van Courtland Blue has also been a popular blue for years and I especially love using it on cabinets! In fact, Stephanie Gamble Interiors recently painted these laundry cabinets Van Courtland Blue, which is a beautiful color in this space.

Grey Paint Colours By Benjamin Moore

I would hazard a guess that Benjamin Moore’s most popular blue is Hale Navy. Hale Navy is the perfect deep navy blue that is a favorite among designers, builders, and homeowners because it always looks great! In my opinion, nothing compares to the Hale Navy.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

I’m not surprised by the grays on the list of best Benjamin Moore grays as they are all the best and most reliable shades of Benjamin Moore gray. Collingwood is a new color to me, but I fell in love with it a few months ago when I toured this modern French home during the Salt Lake City Home Parade.

Collingwood is slightly warmer than the traditional warm gray. No yellow, just a little hot. I personally love it, but remember, this house is filled with tons of natural light!

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Stonington has become somewhat popular over the past few years, but this is the first time I’ve seen it on a best of list. The Stonington’s gray is darker (darker) than the Gray Owl’s. However, it is a subtle gray that works very well in certain lighting conditions.

It’s no surprise that Owl Gray and Edgecomb Gray appear on this list. These are two star warm grays that have been bestsellers for years because they are beautiful and reliable.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Edgecomb Gray is a very warm gray that I love and use often. In fact, last year I featured Edgecomb Gray on Color Spotlight and shared several spaces painted in this versatile color.

The Best Neutral Paint Colors

Owl Gray is Benjamin Moore’s most popular warm gray right now. If not #1, I’m sure it’s close to #2.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

It’s no surprise to me that many of Benjamin Moore’s most popular greens are green/blue/grey. Along with white and gray, these beautiful greens/blues/grays are the biggest color trend right now. I would hazard a guess that Woodlawn Blue (actually classified as a green by Benjamin Moore) is Benjamin Moore’s most popular green because I see designers, builders, and homeowners using it so often. One of my favorite colors too!

Benjamin Moore Wise Blue is another green/blue/grey that has been popular since I started blogging! Another great color.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

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Coincidentally, I noticed in Color Maker’s 2018 Color Forecast that green is the big color trend predicted for 2018. I think we’ll be moving towards a softer green, like a very soft sage, but there will also be a blue/gray track for the sound.

By the way, I was surprised to see that Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray was not included on the list as it has been on the list for many years. It’s also one of the most popular and beautiful green vegetables!

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

If you want to see more places featuring this versatile and gorgeous color, I profiled Wedgwood Gray in Color Spotlight a few months ago.

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

There are a lot of surprises on this list as far as the most popular whites go, but I have to tell you, I’m surprised Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White didn’t make the list! This has to be wrong because Decor White is probably one of the most popular paint colors on the planet. I

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors For Bedrooms

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