Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Matte

Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Matte – Aura® Matte can be used on most interior surfaces and is a great choice for painting walls. It is incredibly durable and ideal for areas that suffer a lot of wear and tear such as halls, stairs and landings.

This paint takes advantage of Benjamin Moore’s® exclusive Color Lock® technology, which gives you better, truer color. This is especially noticeable with deep colors.

Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Matte

Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Matte

It is thicker than other paints and offers great coverage. If you’re going from light to dark, or vice versa, you’ll find Aura® a cost-effective option.

Oc 45 Swiss Coffee A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

Aura® Matte has a gloss level of 3-5% and is available in 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors. Just enter your color name in the box above or click here to see the colors on the color chart.

Looking for a great white? Benjamin Moore has two sparkling blondes to choose from. Chantilly lace is the whitest of whites with the slightest hint of cream to add warmth. Super White is a cool bright white with a slight gray undertone. They both offer a great alternative to the traditional bright white that has a blue tint.

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Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Matte

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Need fast delivery? We use our own carriers and vans for local deliveries and most orders received before 9am are dispatched the same day. Call us on 01202 026663 to request express delivery. Choosing the right paint color can be stressful and it’s always a relief when you make that decision. But you still have some decisions to make! Once you’ve picked your color, it’s time to choose a Sheen paint. Here’s an in-depth gloss paint guide to help you make the right choice.

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The Complete Guide To Paint Sheen

Paint gloss varies from flat, which reflects little or no gloss, to high gloss, which has the appearance of wet paint. Each finish has advantages and disadvantages and we will talk about them, as well as the best finish for different surfaces.

Gloss level and gloss level are actually two different measures, but for simplicity we will call it Sheen. No need to be super scientific and technical with it. But if you are interested in the exact science of how it is measured, read this article: How gloss is measured.

Now let’s start with all the interior decorations and glosses and decide which one is best for your painting project.

Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Matte

Different paint manufacturers often give different brand names such as suede, velvet, or pearl, and you will not find the same name from different brands, even if they have the same name. One brand of satin may not be the same as another, so be sure to check the brand name and the options you are using.

The Best Paint Sheen By Interior Project

Flat paint is usually the standard finish for builders and painters. It is the cheapest and also the most forgiving. It’s also the least washable, so I rarely recommend or use it unless it’s in a room that doesn’t get much use.

In general, flat paint will show less imperfections on your walls, but will not give you washability. This is the easiest paint to achieve because it won’t show brush or roller marks.

Matte finish (Benjamin Moore) has a flat look, but is more durable and wipeable than a regular flat. Depending on the brand, it can be more or less washable, but still shine-free.

If you use​​​​​​washable matte paint, it can basically go anywhere. How can it be washed? Here’s a good example: My parents painted a matte finish in the kitchen after my dad accidentally spilled greasy salad dressing on the wall. (The lid isn’t that good.) We wipe it off right away and there are no greasy spots! true story!

Benjamin Moore Advance Matte Base 2 Paint Interior 1 Qt

So if you don’t want a shine, but you need to be able to wipe your walls, scrubble mat is a good choice for you.

Eggshell Sheen Paint contains a small amount of sheen and can be used on walls or ceilings in any room. It is very versatile and is my personal favorite. All the painted walls in our house are eggshell, even the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room and that’s what I recommend the most.

Pro Tip: Although darker colors look more luxurious with a flat finish, it is recommended to use an eggshell finish to avoid “burnishing”. This happens when someone brushes against the wall and makes a light mark or streak.

Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Matte

This is our eggshell painted half bathroom in Benjamin Moore’s Serenity Color. I have wiped down the walls several times since they were painted 6 years ago and it still looks great! You can see more of this room here: Half Bathroom Renovation Details

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Scuff X

Satin Sheen is the next glossy paint. It is somewhere between eggshell and semi-gloss and is ideal for bathrooms, stairs, and any room that gets a lot of traffic and the walls may need washing. All the trim in our house is painted with a satin finish because I like a smooth look.

Semi-gloss paint has a nice sheen without the wet paint you get with high gloss. It’s durable, washable, and a great choice for trim and cabinets.

For a wet paint look, use a high gloss paint for your project. Warning: Your surface must be very smooth and free of bumps, cracks or imperfections. A high gloss gloss will reflect all the light and all the spots on the wall will be very noticeable.

High gloss paint can be used on cabinets, trim, doors and furniture. It also makes the front door look great.

Benjamin Moore Aura Bath And Spa

The brand of paint you use will have gloss options and you should choose what they offer. Here is a general guide to different rooms and recommended finishes. There are different recommendations for each room and the one you choose depends on how much brightness you want.

And since we are talking about wall washing, touch-up and fine paint finish, this is a little more detailed on its subject.

We talked about wall washing and how some glosses are more washable than others. If you have flat paint that won’t wash off, you can always touch up the paint where it’s dirty. But washing the walls is much easier than repainting.

Benjamin Moore Paint Finishes Matte

There is a proper way to wash your walls so the paint doesn’t scratch or come off. For best results, wash your wall with warm soapy water and then wipe with clean water. You can also use TSP or Borax mixed with water.

Benjamin Moore Advance Matte 940mls

Quality is important in everything, including paint and applicators. Better quality paint will look better and cover better, meaning you won’t have to buy more or apply as many coats. You actually save money by buying better paint.

If you are paying someone to paint, your labor costs shouldn’t be as high with better paint because you won’t have to apply as many coats. And if you’re painting yourself, you definitely don’t want to apply more layers of paint than necessary.

If you use the right tools, your paint job will look like you hired a professional. And if you take care of them, they will last for years. Here are my favorites for professional looking results:

Sometimes even the best efforts will need a touch-up. But there are some tricks of the trade that help.

Benjamin Moore’s Cw 405 Damask Gold

To help you remember where to use different glosses, I’ve created a paint gloss guide and you can grab the free paint color tracker below! Get them and free paint labels when you subscribe to my newsletter.

I hope this has helped you decide which paint finish to use in your project. Leave me a comment below if you

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