Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

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Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint – At the risk of being dramatic, I was slightly heartbroken when I realized that I was not allowed to repaint the walls of my new apartment.

You see, I spent five years in an Upper West Side studio apartment with anxiety-inducing white walls. So when I packed up and moved to my new home in San Francisco, I was ready to find a new shade. (And who knows? Maybe there’s even a temporary wallpaper to boot.)

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

I know a lot of people think the act of watching paint dry is boring and tiring, but for me it was a low part of decorating that I really looked forward to. I wanted to see the wall secretly. I wanted to be flexible with my design skills and make the spaces more personal.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray (2131 60) Vs Sherwin Williams Krypton (sw 6247) Side By Side Comparison

To me, it was just another empty nest. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my landlord had chosen Benjamin Moore’s Silver Lake for my new living and dining rooms.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

If you still can’t remember all the paint swatches at the hardware store (I don’t blame you), let me break it down for you. Silver Lake is part of Benjamin Moore’s classic collection, featuring 1,680 inspired shades that have stood the test of time. Silver Lake is a light gray with warm blue undertones that strike a healthy balance between subtle and expressive.

And after living with the walls of Silver Lake for a few weeks, I was convinced that it was a very neutral place. In fact, when I got pictures of the new paint job before the move, I squealed with excitement.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

Benjamin Moore Silver Lake Paint Color Review

One of the biggest problems I had with the bright white walls of my previous apartment was that they left behind any scuffs or handprints. (Trust me, I spent more time cleaning the walls than I’d like to admit.) I’ve only been in the apartment for a few weeks, but Silver Lake is great at covering cracks and imperfections in walls. It is useful I feel like I can sit back, relax and enjoy the view instead of spending an unreasonable amount of time cleaning the walls.

But what I love most about Silver Lake is how great it looks in my apartment. It is more important than a plain white wall, so it adds warmth to the space and stands out against the white developments and fixtures.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

But unlike some colors that dominate the space, silver letters don’t take over my design. In fact, I find that light gray pairs well with cool colors, warm colors, and even other neutrals. And no matter what time of day, Silver Lake makes your space look bright, airy and dreamy.

Designers Love Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray Paint—here’s Why

At first I was disappointed that I couldn’t paint the walls, but that disappointment quickly turned into excitement. If it were up to me, I would probably choose the same shade. Finally, I got the wall I dreamed of. I didn’t have to change anything or watch the paint dry. Interior designer, style lover, wife and mother Crystal Mountain blogs about amazing interiors, inspiring design, the places and things she loves, and the people she loves.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

There are many things to consider when preparing your home for the real estate market. In addition to downsizing and reducing clutter, making sure that your home is maintained is a top priority. Repainting your home is an easy and affordable way to update your home. Light gray, off white and -grege (grey + gray) are very attractive to potential buyers. You must have heard that “there are colors that are good for living and colors that are good for selling”, and it sounds quite true. Bold colors can evoke an emotional response in people, so light and neutral colors are the best choice for a wide audience .

Last year I had a client who had yellow/dark brown walls in her house. I would have suggested painting it before listing, but time and budget constraints made that not an option. We went ahead with the listing, but unfortunately the house sat on the market for a few weeks with few showings. After further discussion with the realtor and the owner, we agreed to go ahead with painting. After going back on the market, the house sold within days of listing. I’m not saying that every house needs to be painted to sell. Because often the colors they choose are neutral and light. But if your house Dark or in need of a refresh, these silly neutral colors will show your home in the best possible light.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

Holiday 2022 Paint Colors

This is my favorite Benjamin Moore paint color and the one I recommend most often. This clean, dark gray is a warm color that fits almost anywhere. The perfect lighting fixture to suit almost any floor or interior finish. I think it tones down the red and accentuates the white, giving the house a sophisticated look.

This soft and airy gray white is a beautiful color and is my second favorite color. This color is part of the white color selection and can be described as “inherently complex and infinitely versatile”. Please note that this color is not suitable for color matching. A customer previously tried color matching, but the results were not what he wanted. In my experience, Silver Satin is a proprietary blend and should only be sold in Benjamin Moore stores.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

Owl Gray Chameleon Gray is a beautiful gray with subtle blue tones. Best combined with whites and light grays for a versatile shade. I like to use this color in my bedroom because it is a very calming and relaxing color.

Silver Gray 2131 60

This color is part of the Off White paint collection and I was debating whether to include it in my next post about my favorite white paint colors. It is the lightest of all the grays I recommend, but has enough depth to be classified as a light gray. I recently painted my house this color and I love it. Canadian designer Gillian Harris also used this color in her home. If it works for Gillian Harris, it works for me.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

I’m mostly drawn to Benjamin Moore’s color palettes, but Shireen Williams is a close second. Preferred Gray is the company’s best-selling color, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the perfect neutral gray, similar to the classic gray, but a little darker and deeper, and like the classic gray, fits almost any space. Light brown mixed with a touch of purple, it combines warmth and coolness, which characterizes its name “harmonious gray”.

2017 was a busy year full of excitement, adventure and growth. Now that my sons are a bit older and on my own, I’ve had more time to reflect on myself and focus on building an authentic and exciting career.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

Gorgeous Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Calm Interiors

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Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

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Best Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

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Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

When choosing the best color for you and your home, it’s important to do your homework before you start painting the walls.

That’s why today we’re taking an up close and personal look at Benjamin Moore’s beautiful light gray color…

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

Deep Silver A Paint Color By Benjamin Moore

Silver Satin is a warm gray color, not as warm as its cousin Classic Grey, but perfect if you’re looking for a more subtle approach (Silver Satin is slightly lighter than Classic Grey).

For rooms facing north, silver satin remains in gray tones. Expect it to look cool. For sunny southern afternoons or hot western afternoons, go for slightly warmer gear without looking too gray.

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

Silver Satin has an LRV of 74.9, which puts it near the top of the white range. If you have a very bright room or some walls with natural light, it will decrease a bit, but not too deep colors (such as LRV-55).

The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Just be careful

Benjamin Moore Silver Gray Paint

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