Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

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Some rooms have more natural light than others simply because they have windows. While you can’t add more to the dark areas of your home without a major renovation, there’s a simple solution: applying a few coats of the right color can help brighten up the brighter spaces.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

First, avoid using colors that can actually darken rooms, says Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Designs in Denver. Dark,” he says.

Of The Best Paint Colors For Painting Furniture

When it’s time to change the color of the walls, consider a ceiling fixture, which makes a dark room look bigger and brighter, says Gray Joyner of Gray Joyner Interiors, Wilson, N.C. “There is no accent wall, [which] breaks up the space,” she says.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

Are you ready to give your dark rooms a whole new light? Consider these colorful ideas from interior designers.

While white may seem light, it can actually brighten a room with little access to sunlight. “Plain white or Benjamin Moore white are great choices for a dark room because they need the contrast of the dark,” Joyner says.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

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Benjamin Moore White Alabaster is another option, but note that this iteration is available in pink. “When the light bounces off the walls, it creates a soft and interesting color,” says Watts. “It’s now the color of my living room wall, which is a darker room in my house.”

Borrowed Light from Farrow & Ball is a blue-gray color that can help transform a dark room thanks to its light tones. Since it is still a neutral color, it can cover your walls without clashing with other design elements.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

Benjamin Moore’s 2013-2020 Nectar Orange is both an attractive and bright color, adding brightness to your home, according to renowned interior designer Tanya Nayak. The paint brand describes this color as fresh and sweet – it’s an orange color that feels full and strong. Nayak notes that its shade can make a cold, dark room warm and comfortable.

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Cover your walls with Benjamin Moore’s versatile Pistachio palette, says Watts. “It has enough of a blue tint that I would describe it as a ‘sour color,'” he says. It is a good choice for a room or bathroom that does not receive much natural light.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

Try a lighter shade to soften the dark rooms of your home. “I also recommend a soft lavender like WC-76 from Fine Paints of Europe because it’s the perfect balance of warm and cool for a dark room,” Joyner says. Need another option? Try Valspar’s Cosmic Berry. It has undertones and is one of Nayak’s favourites.

If some of your rooms don’t get much natural light, consider a color that can help increase the light. “Since dark rooms are cool, try Benjamin Moore Cottontail, which has a soft yellow color that easily brightens your dark room,” says Watts. “There’s a real hot yellow!”

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

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Avoid colors that may appear too dark for a bright room. For example, take Sherwin-Williams Turkish Coffee SW 6076. This color actually has yellow undertones that lighten the brown color and as a result can brighten up your room. “This option has a vibrancy that helps bring room designs to life,” says Nayak.

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Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

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An inexpensive renovation project that you can do in just a week. Whether you want a cozy layered room, a rustic neutral room, or a spa-like stark white room, the first step is choosing the right color. We know the options are many and can be overwhelming – how about fun green or mood green, soothing sky blue or laid-back beach blue, and how many shades of white are there? ? We’ve made the process easier by sharing the tried and true colors of these 40+ inspiring beds.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

Once you’ve chosen your paint color, move on to painting the rest of the space. Here are 100 beautiful bedroom decorating ideas that will make you dream. Don’t forget all the bedroom essentials, such as a comfortable and cozy chair to read in the afternoon, the best bedding, a beautiful curtain idea, and even the best houseplants to clean your bedroom. It gives you better air and sleep.

You can never go wrong with blue in the bedroom, so why not go with blue for greater success. Choose two colors in one color card and make sure there are interesting colors. For a classic look, use a darker color on the design to give the look of a real frame. Some paint stores will even mix your chosen color with white to give you different saturations of the same color.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

The Best Dark Paint Colors

That soft pink—yes, pink—gives a warm glow to the walls, doors and decor of this cozy guest room. “It’s like a Delta sunset,” says singer-songwriter Holly Williams. A variety of colors – eggshell on the walls, semi-gloss on the trim – keep it from being too light.

In the Captain’s Room, homeowner Stephanie Watts painted the walls and ceiling the same dark color for a truly understated effect.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

In a room with exposed beams and natural wood, try a soft pale green for a relaxing look. This color compliments warm colors instead of creating a stark contrast that white walls create.

Gorgeous Dark Bedrooms

If you want to keep the color neutral but give it a bold look, try using chalkboard like this stunning bedroom in musician Chris Tomlin’s home in Tennessee.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

Don’t forget the roof! In this South Carolina home designed by Historical Concepts, designer Heather Chaddock Hilgas painted the bedroom ceiling (what she calls the “fifth wall”) a beautiful sky blue. “I was inspired by the Southern tradition of painting the porch ceiling blue [said to ward off evil spirits],” says Heather. Since the ceiling was wooden, I decided to treat it as an outdoor space. Tip: Choose a more saturated blue color than you want it to appear so it doesn’t look harsh in the sunlight.

Homeowner Amy White painted her loft room a deep cocoa brown, using warm wood beams and a brick wall, then applied several layers of browns and deep blues.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

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For a cocoon effect in the master bedroom, homeowners Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge of Beekman 1802 painted the interior frames and supports of a picture gallery the same green as the walls and woodwork. The original pine floors and white linens contribute to the strong color change.

A soft and neutral mattress provides a comfortable sleeping environment. Choose a warm white color for the walls of the room to show the color “there, but not there”. Its soft color looks great next to the darker trunk, as does the mix of natural materials, including striped rugs and plush moss green cushions.

Best Bedroom Paint Colors For Dark Furniture

“I wanted to keep my son’s space light, but for the sake of my health I couldn’t have all-white walls in the boy’s bedroom,” says homeowner Annie McRae. Solution: dark bottom (lots of traffic) and white weather on top. Annie left

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