Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations – Choosing a house paint color is a difficult task. If I had a dollar for every time I lost sleep over choosing paint colors… ok, I’d be zero dollars and be dramatic, but still scary!

Choosing a color for a room is very difficult. Choosing colors that work harmoniously throughout a home in every room is a bigger challenge.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

This is definitely one of the main questions I get asked when I share a room in our house. “What color is the paint?”

Paint Colors That Will Never Go Out Of Style

So I thought it would be helpful to collect the colors we used in our house in one place as a whole paint scheme so you can refer to them if needed.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

If you need help choosing colors for your home, here’s how to find the perfect color every time.

If you need an idea of ​​my favorite colors, here are the ones we used in our house.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Neutral Farmhouse Country Paint Palettes: Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams

This shade is slightly off white. Just enough warmth to help a room feel clean, not dull and “hospital-like.” And cutting is also good, but use Sherwin Williams Simply White for a truer white.

We painted all our doors this charcoal black shade and we love it! It makes any room feel beautiful for just the price of paint (and hides the little ones’ fingerprints).

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

This is the purest white you can get. Bright, shiny and clean. It’s on the walls of our offices, hallways, stairs, hallways and elementary school bathrooms.

The Best Benjamin Moore Color Palette Now For Sale

We used this color on our bathroom cabinets in our Lowe’s Spring Makeover years ago, and I loved the color so much that I had to find a place for it in our home. A very deep blue with just enough gray to make it a muted, dusty shade.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

I love the richness of this color which is very classic navy blue. It’s still the perfect pop of color that has the ability to work as a neutral.

I probably tried 12 shades of green before I chose the winning color for my kitchen cabinets. The name is true, like the feeling of green you will find on the dining table, a rich and elegant shade.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Benjamin Moore’s 10 Best Dark Gray (charcoal) Paint Colors

I love this soft and sweet blue on our shelves and throw in our playroom. Very desaturated but not scary color. Also great for front door exterior accents.

This dark green we used for our bedroom beadboard has a sweet vintage vibe. A colorful whiskey that dares to make a statement. It can also be amazing in the wardrobe.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

The pink is intense, and I can’t count how many samples I tried that reminded me of Pepto Bismol. But this one we used in Olivia’s room is the perfect ballet pink with a slight slant.

Benjamin Moore’s Colour Of The Year 2022 & Three Paint Colour Schemes

It’s my favorite gray with a blue tint, so it’s perfect for making the bathroom look clean and cool. It also looks great on a white wall.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

This is one of the deepest and most accurate blacks you can get and creates a very impressive and complex feeling field.

As the name suggests, Magnolia True White is bright and true white. (Honestly: I didn’t like the amount of coverage, so I didn’t use it again.) But we’re obsessed with the Romabio ceiling paint in peachy blue without the shoes!

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors: Top 10 Designer Favorites

If you like the “Rites of Gold” between white and ivory, Benjamin Moore White Dove hits all the right notes. All it takes is the smallest kiss on earth.

We really like the winter doors for the finish and the cabinets (pictured below at the end)! It has enough yellow undertones to make it a warm gray and goes well with cream and ivory.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

I called this one the “manga haint” of the south because it reminds me of the porch roofs you see in Charleston. But the walls will also be beautiful, if they are not afraid of water.

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Do you have a favorite color scheme? We’ll always have plenty of room, so any suggestions are welcome!

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

It is best to change colors when creating a sense of continuity. In an open plan, it is perfectly acceptable to paint the rooms that connect all the rooms in the same color when there is no defined break between the spaces.

It all depends on your personal preference. Sometimes it can be fun to make a statement on top or cut one with a pop of color. But if you use white for both, it is better to use the white color.

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year And Trends

The answer to painting may vary depending on who you ask, but I like to use flat on the ceiling, shell on the walls, satin on the cabinets and semi-gloss on the trim and doors. . I rarely use gloss, unless I’m looking at shiny, modern furniture. I’ve been wanting to do a post on the great resources that Benjamin Moore offers on their website for a while. I’ve mentioned it briefly before, but today I want to show you how this resource can be a good place to start in finding the perfect color scheme.

With thousands of colors to choose from, it can be frustrating scrolling through and not landing on the perfect color. So you probably know you like gray or brown, but what shade of gray or brown should you consider? Well, Benjamin Moore has this great section on their website that lists their best-selling paint colors and breaks them down by color (ie blue, gray, neutral, etc.). This information is gold because if a certain color is the most expensive out of thousands of colors, there must be something good about it, right? At the very least, it’s certainly a good start:

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

So before we highlight some of the best-selling colors, let’s take a look at this week’s print color palette. I’ve pulled a palette of some of my favorites:

Best Benjamin Moore Beige Paint Colors In 2023

(As a reminder, each Monday’s color palette is a printed palette.  It makes a big difference to look at printed color palettes on paper, as opposed to your computer monitor. It helps even more if you print the palettes on plain white Palettes should not be used in place of color charts, so if you see a color you like, take a color photo).

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Gray Owl is one of Benjamin Moore’s best selling colors. Gray Owl is famous in large part for HGTV host and designer Emily Henderson, who shared last year that the Gray Owl in her hands turned gray, which she loves:

“It’s a very warm silver, meaning it’s still a cool shade because it’s gray, but it has more yellow than blue, so it’s not a crazy blue.”

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Color Palette Benjamin Moore Flash Sales

I can see why Emily loves this great color and why it is one of Benjamin Moore’s best selling pearls. Again, this information is great and saves us from 100 shades of gray!

My favorite from Benjamin Moore’s bestseller list is Dragon’s Breath. Thanks to another Emily from Well Dressed Home, who changed her doors to this bright color two years ago, this rich dark brown/black color became a Pinterest star overnight:

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Thanks to Emily’s painted door project, doors all over the world are painted with Dragon’s Breath and I’m sure it helped put this color on the best seller list. Emily’s! To see Emily’s post on how she changed her door, you can find her post here.

Balboa Mist Benjamin Moore Paint Palette, Neutral Interior Paint Color

I wasn’t at all surprised to see Grant Beige listed as one of the top selling neutrals. It is one of the most popular base colors used by designers and builders and, along with Revere Pewter, may be one of the most uploaded paint colors on Houzz:

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Grant Beige is a great neutral that works well in different settings and lighting. This information is good to know because this particular color/color chart is a good place to start and helps us navigate in and out of the neutral colors out there. -A color that we know has a great history.

I’m always excited to get a closer look at the best selling colors I’ve ever seen, which is a rarity for me in my little painting. One of my favorites I found on the list is Santorini Blue:

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

Best Farmhouse Colors From Benjamin Moore And Sherwin Williams

I also came across another great blue called Phillipsburg Blue when I saw it on the bestseller list:

It was colorful

Best Benjamin Moore Color Combinations

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