Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint – With so many colors to choose from, finding the perfect exterior paint color palette can be difficult. We’ve got you covered.

In this guide, you’ll find a selection of color combinations that will add depth and beauty to your home’s exterior. From enhancing the appeal of your curves to simplifying color and finish choices, Benjamin Moore can help. Product selection is equally important. You want exterior paint that beautifies and protects your home. Benjamin Moore’s line of premium exterior paints, including Aura® Exterior, Regal® Select Exterior and Element Guard®, solves this problem.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

The natural environment, surrounding color scheme, exterior color trends, and personal preferences all play a role in choosing an exterior color for your home. From the ever-popular grays and neutrals to dark hues, your home’s exterior color palette is an expression of your style.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colours: Why Your Home’s Exposure Matters

Homeowners typically use three to four colors when creating an exterior color scheme. When planning an exterior paint color palette, consider siding, windows, garage doors, shutters, and other exterior features. Shades of existing brick, stone and roof colors also complement the exterior palette.

Start creating a color palette using the color direction of fixed exterior elements such as roofs, stones, tiles and landscaping. If your outdoor pursuits are warm, consider colors like Swiss Coffee OC-45, Yarmouth Blue HC-150, or Collector’s Item AF-45. If your outdoor accents are cool tones, try colors like Gray Owl OC-52, November Skies 2128-50, and Silver Lake 1598.

If your home has a large yard or lots of greenery, cool gray siding can add an eye-catching addition to the environment. Try these combinations to get the look:

Colors appear different depending on lighting conditions. For example, colors under shade trees appear slightly darker than tones outdoors in direct sunlight. The orientation of your home will also affect how the color looks.

My Top 5 Green Exterior Paint Colors By Benjamin Moore… And What I Chose.

Using color swatches to see color options in different lighting conditions can help you decide which color to use.

Your home should reflect who you are. If it means expressive color, why not rely on color?

White acts as a blank canvas. As seen here, the cream exterior highlights the lush front yard and columned entry.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

Dark exterior tones are extremely versatile. Dragon’s Breath 1547 is a deep, dark brown that adds drama to any room, especially when paired with light cabinets. Other shades of brown we love for working outdoors include:

The Best 8 Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors In 2021

The black color gives this house a unique look, especially when it is surrounded by a lush green landscape. Create an eye-catching look:

Create an attractive exterior with calm blue-gray tones. Gray and blue tones make a statement while staying cool. We love:

This awning features Meditation AF-395 in a mix of grey, brown and green colors that add an attractive depth to your outdoor space. Consider these deep neutral paint colors that you want to highlight architectural details.

The secret to painting your home’s exterior isn’t just finding one exterior color. Finding the right color combination for exterior, trim and home accents like the garage door, shutters and front door is important.

Grey Paint Colours By Benjamin Moore

Our color and design experts have compiled a mini palette of 14 of the most popular exterior colors. You can use them to enhance your home’s curb appeal and give it a fresh, new look.

Paired with deep green moss, this cool, calming color brings the colors of nature into your home.

This color combination in the historical collection forms a timeless trio based on the colors of American history.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

Every home is different. Read on to understand the most common questions homeowners face when painting the exterior of their home.

Home Exterior Paint Color Palette Benjamin Moore Warm

Each exterior paint product is available in different gloss levels. Contact your local Benjamin Moore store for help deciding which finish to choose based on the style and finish of your home.

Many homeowners with vinyl siding believe they need new siding to give their exterior a new look. Not true!

A fresh coat of paint using a premium exterior paint such as Element Guard® or Regal® Select Exterior High Build (see here) offers an easier and less expensive way to beautify vinyl siding.

Painted in Creamy White Chocolate OC-127, the exterior of this stucco home is beautifully accented with dark green shutters and trim. Other colors we like for our home exterior include:

My Home’s Paint Colors (room By Room!)

Painting exterior accents like your garage door can update your home’s exterior with little effort and expense.

This Seashell OC-120 stands out among garage doors, trim, and posts. Use the free Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio® app to find the perfect color for your garage door. Apply paint colors “virtually” in previews using photo and video visualization tools.

Question? Visit or call your local Benjamin Moore store to discuss which exterior product is best for your project.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

“Element Guard® is designed to provide residential exteriors with not only beautiful, long-lasting color, but also protection from a variety of weather conditions.”

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

It’s important to test colors before you buy to be sure of your final color choice. Apply with an 8-ounce brush. Paint the color swatch as follows:

Please note: Our brush samples are for indoor use only. We do not recommend applying the paint samples directly to the exterior.

If you want to take your exterior painting project to the next level, check out How to Paint a Garage Door, How to Paint a Front Door, and other DIY exterior projects.

A. The best inspiration for choosing an exterior paint color often comes from walking outside. Consider your home’s architectural style and natural surroundings, as well as colors that complement your neighbors. Homeowners typically use about three to four colors in their exterior, including trim and railings, shutters, front doors, front doors and patios, patios, and more. Check out Benjamin Moore’s historic collection for exterior colors inspired by classic American design and architecture. Here you’ll find tried and true favorites like Stonington Gray HC-170, Edgecomb Gray HC-173, and Narragansett Green HC-157.

The 17 Best Exterior House Colors Of 2022

A. Start your exterior paint color journey with your living space in mind. For example, in the Northeast, popular exterior home colors tend to be black, gray, neutral, and white. Browse our local color palettes to find exterior color ideas for your location. You can also take inspiration from style-based color palettes like coastal and tropical colors. Dark, dramatic exterior colors are an ongoing trend that Benjamin Moore color experts consider to be mainstream right now. For a dark exterior, homeowners like colors like Black Satin 2131-10, Black HC-190, Kendall Charcoal HC-166, and Dragon’s Breath 1547. For a bright color palette, White Dove OC-17 is one of the most popular exterior whites. It’s also important to use a long-lasting exterior paint that can withstand the elements, such as Element Guard®. Learn more about Benjamin Moore exterior paints for sale online or contact your local Benjamin Moore paint store for a consultation.

A. Bright, cheerful colors can make your home look bigger than it is from the outside. One of Benjamin Moore’s most popular colors, White Dove OC-17 is a popular white paint for outdoor use. Other products we like include Cloud Cover OC-25, Swiss Coffee OC-45, and Distant Gray OC-68. Discover more white paint colors in the Benjamin Moore Off-White collection. When choosing a vinyl siding color, take a look at our vinyl color palette. From the tried and true Revere Pewter HC-172 to rich New Hope Gray 2130-50 and classic Simply White OC-117, we have designer paint colors you’ll love.

A. Many homeowners use the same color for their shutters as their front door. Others choose shutters that are lighter or darker than the front door, providing a subtle contrast and individual style. When looking for door color ideas and inspiration, consider the color nuances of your home: B. Color design of the entryway. While black is the most popular paint color for front doors, green, gray and blue doors are popular alternatives, especially when compared to the undertones of the home’s exterior. Green is a classic and beautiful choice for your home’s exterior color. But which color to choose? I tried at least a dozen shades of Benjamin Moore Green to find the perfect exterior paint color for my home. Below are my top five colors, including my picks.

Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

Benjamin Moore Rolling Hills is a designer favorite for a reason. It works just as well in old craftsman homes as it does in new buildings, like the one above. It has gray and brown tones that allow it to change like a chameleon in different lighting conditions. Therefore, it is also popular in indoor spaces. However, with a light reflectance value (LRV) of 23.41, this color was too dark for my taste. I live in a very hot, sunny summer climate and wanted brighter colors to help alleviate the heat. Unfortunately, Rolling Hills just wasn’t for me.

Updated: Exterior Grays — Kelly Bernier Designs

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage is a gorgeous, true sage gray-green color. In the Victorian era above

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