Best Blue Paint Colors For Living Rooms

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Best Blue Paint Colors For Living Rooms – Blue paint colors are among the most popular colors to incorporate into your home because of their versatile and mood-changing properties. The best shades of blue can work wonders: you can use sky blue to create a calm scene in your bedroom, pale lime blue colors to add a layer of drama in the kitchen and ocean blue in the bathroom to add a splash . morning routine optimistic rise. You can’t put blue in a box! This timeless color combines well with most other colors, materials and textures and suits any interior style; it’s in a class of its own.

We caught up with the designers to give us all the details about their favorite blues and how they use them in their projects. Some of these shades of blue are so popular that more than one designer has recommended them, such as Farrow & Ball Pitch Blue and Haag Blue and Benjamin Moore Santa Monica Blue. They cover every corner of your home, so you’ll find plenty of inspiration to add to your moodboard. There are so many blues to consider, from icy to dark and moody, that you’ll feel a little bluesy when it comes to choosing the right one. Don’t worry, do what the pros do: buy a few cans and try a few different colors on the wall to see which one you like best. The designer approved list below shows that there is a blue color with your name on it.

Best Blue Paint Colors For Living Rooms

Best Blue Paint Colors For Living Rooms

Instead of redoing the panels on her family’s historic vacation home on Anderson Island, Washington, designer Heidi Caillier painted them this slate blue. It modernized the space and had another advantage: “If we paint the walls dark, the view will pop,” says Keillier.

Paint Colors That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Carson Kressley chose this stunning blue for the kitchen ceiling of his farmhouse in eastern Pennsylvania. Highlight the blues and greens on the Virginia hunting scene fountain wall below.

Designer Cathy Rosenfeld chose this medium dark blue to warm up the laundry room of this New England farmhouse in suburban Boston.

Countertops and cabinets painted in the same bold color create a sense of continuity in this antique-filled Alabama home designed by Fran Keenan.

Designer Melissa Colgan chose this stunning blue to highlight the Quadrille wallpaper, a favorite pattern of her client, a writer and book collector. This is one of the many bold color options in this renovated 1930s Colonial outside of Washington, DC.

Ideas For Blue Paint Colors For Perfectly Hued Walls

Two-story built-in beds and royal blue painted bedspreads complement the landscape of this family home in Bethesda, Maryland, designed by Marika Meyer. The coordinating window fabric is by Kravet.

Combined with three other Benjamin Moore paint colors (rattan on the upholstery, natural texture on the ceiling, and universal black on the cabinets), this strong blue contributes to the grandeur of Paris Garrow Kedijan’s design.

Kedijian covered the ceiling of the “grand salon” of his Paris apartment in this light blue with a gray accent. The lacquered and reflective effect makes the space feel larger.

Best Blue Paint Colors For Living Rooms

Designer Alison Newman took this cool blue from William Morris wallpaper. Create a relaxing atmosphere in the master bath of this English-inspired mansion in upstate New York.

The Best Paint Color To Inspire Creativity

Farrow & Ball calls this color a “cozy, nostalgic blue-grey” and notes that it’s especially popular on kitchen islands. Designer Courtney Bishop chose it for the laundry room in this Charleston waterfront family home, paired with soapstone countertops and Lauren Liss tile.

Ice cream-inspired greens and blues are the theme of this beach house in Quogue, New York, designed by Lauren Wills. He used the same cool mint blue for the cabana’s pool bar cabinets (seen here), counters, and powder room.

“Cool steel gray anchored with blue undertones” is how Benjamin Moore describes this neutral blue color. In the living room of this Houston home, designer Marie Flanigan painted floor-to-ceiling built-ins in a glossy version to complement Gracie Studio’s custom feature wall.

Traditional blue Farrow & Ball lighting looks perfect in the formal dining room of this Atlanta home designed by Melanie Turner.

Wall Colour Combinations For A Living Room Makeover

This 1930s bungalow in Georgia is home to a “creative family that loves music and color.” Designer Laura Jenkins mixed this warm blue with Teresa’s green (also from Farrow & Ball) and Fireclay Tile’s peach backsplash to give them a kitchen that fits their dynamic, playful lifestyle.

“There’s no way a Nantucket house should be all beige, blue and white,” says designer Kevin Isbell. For this beach house bedroom, she first chose Tulu for the curtains and headboards, then a pale aqua color to complement it.

Designer Cory Damen Jenkins chose this deep blue to brighten the doorway that leads from the great room of this Michigan home to the adjacent living room.

Best Blue Paint Colors For Living Rooms

The main cabinets in the bright kitchen of this Ashley Montgomery-designed Ontario farmhouse are finished in this “neutral yet attractive” color, as Farrow & Ball describes it. A soft gray-green, here it takes on a touch of blue.

Coastal Living: The Best Blue Paint Colors For Your Beach House — Kevin Isbell Interiors

Athena Calderone wanted a formal library for her family room that maximized comfort and relaxation. Although she’s a fan of neutral colors, Portola Paints’ navy hue made her want to break with her original design and give this room its own personality. “We covered the walls and ceiling with Portola Paints’ saturated blue plaster, which offered a suede-like quality. The color completely transformed the room and brought the space together,” says Calderone.

Christa Nye Nicholas of CLOTH & KIND used Teal Aegean by Benjamin Moore on the threshold of this bathroom for a stunning finish. “It’s the most beautiful cross between blue and green we’ve ever come across. Aegean teal looks great as a border with patterned wallpaper,” she says.

Designed by Regan Baker, this stunning room is designed to accommodate grandparents in comfort. The blue river paint color is versatile and perfect for anyone who needs to relax during the party! The beds are longer than typical single beds and have more vertical space for sitting and playing board games.

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How Designers Bring Pink Into Their Homes 27 Thanksgiving Colors That Will Brighten Up Your Home 16 Color Ideas For Small Kitchens 41 Coolest Colors To Paint Your Front Door When It Comes To Colors Trendy yet timeless paint, look no further than blue! These are the best blues out there (and believe me, I’ve been through a lot!). Whether you’re looking for light or dark shades, you’ll love these shades of blue.

If you want to decorate your home, these are the best blue colors to use. From blue-grey to light blue, they are all beautiful!

Best Blue Paint Colors For Living Rooms

Have you ever had a hard time choosing the color blue? There are so many subtle changes and nuances that can only change because of the colors around them!

Farrow & Ball’s 10 Best Blue Paint Colors

Don’t let that stop you. There’s a reason blue is still the color of modern paint! It can light up or dominate a room.

NOTE: If you are painting the room yourself, these tools will help you significantly. And this post gives you my best tips for painting a room in 5 easy steps.

Blue is called a “cool” color because it is very calming and refreshing. Project images of foaming ocean waves or the evening sky. Some shades boldly draw attention, while others fade into the background.

When choosing a blue color for your home, always bring home about 2-3 sample colors. Things like sunlight and furniture can affect the color appearance of your room.

Paint Color Trends Designers Can’t Stop Talking About

Best blue color? I have a few (dozen) favorites and I’m happy to share what I consider the best of the best with you. From a dull blue-grey to a deep navy blue, these are colors you can count on.

Blue-grey colors are the perfect neutral shade. They disappear into the background and ensure that you can be generous with the decoration of walls and furniture. It is a versatile color and takes on different shades of things in the room. It’s a smart choice because, like these gray paint colors, it suits any room.

This living room from Green With Decor shows how the shades of Agreeable Gray are blue-gray under certain lighting. If you want a neutral tone that’s almost guaranteed to be a hit, try this.

Best Blue Paint Colors For Living Rooms

Don’t let the name fool you! This color comes in a beautiful light blue shade. I have a discontinued color in our master bedroom called Palmetto

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