Best Colors For Houses Exterior

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Selling your home can be a stressful process. It can be difficult to know how much money to put into repairs or other improvements before you sell. However, one thing experts agree on is that exterior paint is one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to transform your home before you sell it.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

If you’re considering painting the exterior of your home before you sell, choosing the right color can add thousands of dollars to your final sale price.

Painting The Exterior Of Our House With The Projectcolor App

Our company has years of experience helping homeowners update the exterior paint colors of their homes for sale. While color trends definitely come and go, there are some tried and true colors that will delight current and future homeowners. Here are exterior paint colors that continue to increase home value for sellers.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

There’s a reason why this color has gone from trendy to classic over the past few years. Not only does this gray-brown exterior paint color sit firmly in “neutral” territory, but it’s just enough to pack a visual punch without being overwhelming. In short: greige may be brown’s cousin, but it’s not boring.

This exterior paint color serves as a great background to highlight beautiful landscaping or attractive trim work. It can take your exterior from drab to sophisticated and make it look “of-the-moment” without being too modern. So if you’re hoping to impress buyers, greige is the way to go.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

How To Choose Exterior Colour

Not all blue is created equal. In fact, blue can be a difficult color to get right. Since it’s so bright, the exterior of your home will have a prime “nursery” vibe. Too much light and your home will look clean or dirty.

Regardless of this blue exterior paint problem (don’t worry, a professional exterior painting company can help you avoid this mistake!), the right shade of blue will make your home stand out in your neighborhood.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Paint your door navy blue for a touch of blue. Make sure the navy paint is gray enough so your door color doesn’t look too nautical or childish. For a full blue background, again choose a navy or blue with a hint of gray. This combination will help your home look stylish without making too much of a statement.

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Yes, white is still a great exterior paint color when you choose the right one. Some may think white is boring. However, paint colors have come a long way from “white” or “white” decades ago. Today, using the right white exterior paint color can help offset beautiful trim work, highlight architectural details, or give your front porch the attention it deserves.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Try painting the exterior white with gray or brick. These colors can make white look off against trim or shutters. Undertones can help warm or cool your white exterior paint to give your home the look you need. Cream colors are perfect for trimming, especially if you want to emphasize details without creating a harsh contrast.

Zillow conducted a survey of over 32,000 homes to determine how paint color affects home prices and how they sell. According to research, there are some colors to avoid when painting the exterior of your home before selling it.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

Red should be avoided on the exterior of your home. Red is so bright (in almost all its colors) that it’s hard for a buyer to imagine another color instead or want to see the house in the first place.

Yellow can be a tricky exterior paint color for buyers unless you work with a painting professional to choose the right color. If you choose yellow, err on the side of soft buttery yellow with shades of gray.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Brown, like yellow, is a difficult color to fix. If you really like brown or think it matches the mood of your surroundings, it’s best to look for a darker greige with some depth.

Most Popular Colors For A Home’s Exterior

If you’re still not sure which exterior paint color to choose to maximize your home’s resale value, talk to a reputable professional exterior painting company. Not only will they tackle your project so it looks perfect to the buyer, they’ll give you a color consultation before you paint. They will ensure that the color you choose matches the neighborhood and the style of your home, helping to give buyers the right impression.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Our professional exterior painting experts are here to help you make your home’s exterior buyer-ready. We repair, prepare, refine and paint. Contact us today for a free exterior paint quote.

“This is my third time using Sharper Impressions Painting Company. They paint and stain our exterior doors and garage. They do an excellent job every time. Their exterior wood repairs and replacements are meticulously done and match the existing wood. Clean paint , brushless. , no smudges or drips. I highly recommend it for your next project.” Blue and gray have been popular exterior paint colors for the past decade. Now designers combine the two for a blue-gray tone, resulting in a welcome color choice for the exterior of the home. Faux stonework and wood paneling are nice additions.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Our Top Exterior House Color 2022

A growing trend is to paint the house in two colors that usually do not appear in the same exterior color scheme. For example, try gray paint with turquoise accents or warm green with cool green shutters.

Mix and match red, blue and yellow for your home’s exterior color. Try bright yellow with dark blue. Plus, you save time and effort with this colorimeter instead of trying to match paint colors with a physical fan.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Warm up any home exterior color with wood, which works best when paired with medium to dark colors. Try wooden shake sides, wooden shutters or wooden garage doors.

Exterior Color Schemes For Every Architectural Style

Prepare your home for an exterior color refresh. Light yellow colors are available, but a deep mustard yellow color is popular. And mustard tones match both brown and white as an accent color. Try Classic Gold (PPU6-17) from Behr.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Instead of using bold exterior colors on the exterior of your home. Also try exterior stains, which work well with a variety of home styles. Then use a bold color on your front door.

Greens, especially sage and olive exterior colors, work well with Craftsman-style homes. And although the color is rich, the green lets the design of the house shine. Then try Sherwin-Williams’ Renwick Olive (SW 2815).

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

White as an exterior color never goes out of style. And a classic look can be updated with a bold front door and colorful landscaping.

Navy blue, green and aqua are a welcome update to the pale blue of the past. Prepare the exterior of your home for paint and try pairing beachy aqua with ivory for a refreshing look.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

It’s not too pink, not too orange. Stylish peaches and apricots evoke warm feelings and work well in all parts of the country. Pair peach with black and white for a classic look, or try green for an unexpected twist.

The Top 5 Exterior House Colors For 2022

With the explosion of minimalist modern style, black panels are popular as an attractive exterior color for homes. Black goes well with brick and wood and serves as the main color of the home’s exterior and gray for accents.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

Classic exterior home colors like tan and beige are being updated. Whether your home is a traditional Victorian, Colonial or Craftsman bungalow, dark brown or warm brown colors will suit. Try Sherwin-Williams Colonial Revival stone (SW 2827). And it goes well with classic white and black with doors painted in deep burgundy or classic wood stain.

Bright and simple warm greens, yellows and blues can make your home look bigger. Using a warm tone color theme with simple white trim brings the house closer visually to make your home stand out from its surroundings. Once you’ve chosen a basic color, it’s easy to create different, warmer versions within the same family. All you have to do is pair that color with a neutral and make it warmer or cooler, lighter or darker. These are called shade and shade. Tint is to lighten the color by adding white. Shadow darkens the color by adding black. Check out this resource on how to choose paint colors.

Best Colors For Houses Exterior

How To Choose An Exterior Paint Color

Monochromatic colors on the wheel are basic colors (hue) but have different values ​​- light (hues) or dark (hues). A dramatic and bold way to use monochrome

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