Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

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Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors – Is it just us, or has blue-grey been pretty much everywhere lately? The versatile and whimsical shade is nothing new, but it seems to be making a resurgence. And that’s why. The muted color matches almost any style of decoration, from the relaxed bohemian style of the Californian space to Scandinavian minimalism.

For many designers, like LeeAnn Baker and Ally Marks, the aforementioned versatility makes this color choice a no-brainer. Shades of gray look different in different lights, giving the room a fresh feeling (and a bit magical) that sets as the sun goes down and the switches are on. Depending on the time of day and the type of light above, it can appear in shades of gray, blue, green, and even purple.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

While the competition for the industry’s all-time favorite blue-gray is fierce, as this list proves, there are more than enough worthy shades to go around.

Best Blue Paint Colors In 2023: Shop Designer Approved Picks

Read on to find the perfect shade of gray blue to transform your home like a pro.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

Many designers, like Mary Patton of Mary Patton Design, recommend choosing a shade that also incorporates green to add some contrast to your space. “Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue is beautiful – there’s a bit of green in it, which works well if the floor color is warmer in tone,” she explains.

Anyone who says gray is boring has clearly never seen this adorable (and evil!) kid’s room. The aptly named “Sharkskin” painting by Portola provides the perfect juvenile set for souvenirs, signs and wall art of all kinds.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

Best Navy Blue Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets need some love, too—especially when they’re front and center, like the high-impact wet bar set by Devon Grace. Whether you’re creating a modern serving (or cocktail) space in a dining room or finally revamping your kitchen cabinets, a deep blue-gray shade is the perfect way to add a little drama. Hale Navy was among several of our favorite designers, including LeeAnn Baker of LeeAnn Baker Interiors, who noted that it “seems to work perfectly on any surface, in any light.”

Check two trends in your list in one go. We have been obsessed about the unique “mesh” of these walls for a while now, and painting them a rich shade of dark blue-gray makes them even more precious.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

As interior photographer Amy Barlam documents, this ultra-calming shade is perfect for a nursery—especially a gender-neutral shade, as designer Ally Marks discovered—because it’s muted but cozy. In addition, it is easy to grow, so you can postpone painting for several years.

The 7 Best Bedroom Paint Colors According To Designers

Is there anything more striking than a perfect mid-range blue-gray shade on a crisp white background? We did not think so. Even the most basic built-ins become the crown jewel of the kitchen with a color like this.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

If you’re working with a textured wall (like beadboard or paneling), painting it a dark shade of blue-gray is a surefire way to make it “pop,” as Emily of Emily Everyday found out. Look closely: this near-black shade is actually described as a “dark turquoise,” so while the blue tones are subtle, they show up in certain lights. Emily’s decision to keep the remaining walls white adds much-appreciated brightness to this sweet sunroom, while wicker furniture gives the home a beach-inspired vibe.

Some grays that lean more blue can feel too youthful for some spaces, so it’s important to find the right balance. “My favorite blue-grey color is Farrow & Ball Parma Grey,” says Mary Patton. “It’s really like light blue when it’s on the wall, but it’s the most flattering color, not too youthful or too feminine.”

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

Farrow & Ball’s 10 Best Blue Paint Colors

A little blue-gray goes a long way, as this modern floral reimagining shows. The shoe storage area looks very stylish in this shade.

This charming shade of gray only gets better the more you look at it, and hints of red and purple flowers bring the gray base to life. Painting even a few lower cabinets—like those in the island, as Kathy Hackworth did—is enough to add a dash of boldness to this rustic modern kitchen. Hackworth used a custom stain to bring out the grain of his wood and add depth to the City Shade color.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

If you need more proof that teal doesn’t have to be “traditional,” take this as your cue: Emily Henderson’s powder room with Sherwin-Williams’ “Waterloo” paint and fun, energetic wallpaper by Rebecca Atwood And the effect is quite enjoyable.

Benjamin Moore’s 10 Best Dark Gray (charcoal) Paint Colors

Don’t believe those ads that small spaces need brighter colors to make them feel spacious. This small bathroom in all its glory in a smoky gray-blue shade. “Smoky blue is the perfect blue-gray for when you’re afraid to go too dark but want to add that moody vibe,” explains interior designer and photographer Anita Yokota.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

When it comes to this color trend, do not neglect the doors and trim. Just a small dose of a dreamy blue-gray shade can transform an entire space from a blank slate into something special. Bonus points if you nail two trends at once with a sliding barn door like this one.

We’re obsessed with how this ocean blue gray shade makes the slate and unique brassware stand out even more. This color is a versatile choice because it changes color subtly in different lighting.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

Top 20 Expert Recommended Gray Paint Colors, Plus How To Pick One

Blue never goes out of style. This smart pseudo-neutral makes us dream of cloudy Northeast beach days … especially when paired with lots of bright white for a cozy feeling. When you don’t want to go neutral like white, but you need a subtle touch of depth and drama, add gray! Introducing Megan Hackett Cassidy and Erin Hackett of Hackett Interiors.s! These shades are the perfect way to keep a neutral color palette while still adding some color and personality to your space!

It’s no secret that I love decorating with blue. Almost everything in our house is blue or blue green.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

According to color psychology, the color blue is calming and relaxing. I mean, you probably want your house to look like this, right?!

Blue Exterior House Colors We Love

Light blue and neon colors can be overwhelming for walls. Even pastel blues can read like “Nursery Boy 1995” if you’re not careful.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

It is clear that blue-gray is somewhere between blue and gray. However, I think it is important that the color is more blue than gray.

Gray is used to reduce the brightness of the blue and calm it down.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

The Best Dark Kitchen Cabinet Colors For A Moody Space

A shade that is more gray than blue is considered more of a cool gray color.

The easiest way to make any light color work better on one wall (or all the walls in a room) is to choose a lighter shade.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

For example, you can find a color you like on a color fan and instead choose a shade on the same bar but 2 shades lighter.

Light Gray Paint Colors For The Perfect Neutral

Another way to tone the color is to choose a color with shades of gray. This makes the color more “fat” and less dark and bright.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

Undertones can come in light or dark colors, but that just means they are more neutral colors.

A light blue without any gray in it can look light and bright – even pastel – baby blue. This shade is much less trendy and more timeless than more muted blue-grey.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

The 41 Best Blue Gray Paint Colors For 2023

Today I collected my favorite blue-gray color for you. The blue color gives them a bright and cheerful shade, which is very fashionable at the moment. However, the gray tone prevents them from being too bright.

There are a lot of colors here – but I hope seeing them side by side helps draw attention to the subtle differences between them.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

The great thing about blue-gray colors is that they are neutral enough to be used almost anywhere in your home, but they add a pop of color and appeal that nothing more neutral can do.

The Best Paint Colors For Dark Rooms

In general, having a bathroom that has a spa-like feel is appealing. Go for light blue gray. Look for a shade that is more blue than gray! Even something with a little bit of green can be good.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Misty is a very easy to decorate light blue gray color. It’s always good to start with one color – although I always suggest choosing 3-5 colors before committing to one! The colors look different in every room.

Hale Navy is a deep saturated blue. Using this color will bring a big impact to your room!

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

Best Cool Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

It may not color all the walls of your home, but it can be very beautiful when chosen. The gray tones make the blue look less like a military uniform.

Stained glass is actually a dark blue color, but muted with a gray tone. Although the thought of blue on the walls can be really overwhelming, mud stained glass makes it really cozy and comfortable.

Best Dark Grey Blue Paint Colors

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