Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes – Black may be bold, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the perfect balance you’ve been looking for when updating your home’s exterior. Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary home, Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain can add just the right amount of statement. Here at Brick & Batten, we’re seeing more and more people choosing black or dark gray for their homes, so we decided to give you another option.

Updating your home’s exterior doesn’t have to be boring. Choose some bold colors and features from the update with the help of our amazing brick and mortar designers. Create a custom home exterior design and showcase your image with realistic designs. Our design package also includes clickable resources to help you get started on your home improvement. Learn more about how it works.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

We’ve been seeing a lot of dark and bold color options lately, and we’re here for it. Black may not be for everyone, but it definitely makes a statement and helps bring some texture and character to your home.

Exterior Paint Palettes To Suit Every Style Of Home

Iron Mountain’s LRV is 9.13, which is very high compared to the blacks used by our other designers. When using this color, you should consider how much light your house receives. Iron Mountain Blue tones show a slight blue-gray tone in direct sunlight, but appear a muted black in the shade. LRV (Light Reflectance Value – learn more here) is especially important when using black as it is in the lowest range, so choosing the right shade makes a big difference.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

There’s a reason Iron Mountain is one of the most popular black colors. First, it is very versatile and interesting for many types of houses in all kinds of different applications. A stunning brick home, remodeled farmhouse, cozy bungalow, or modern rustic home in the woods showcases the depth and drama of Iron Mountain in a unique way.

This color definitely has a blue color, even a little purple, but sometimes in the west-facing room or in the afternoon sun it will be a little warm and brown. Therefore, Iron Mountain works well with greens and beiges, even though it is technically a cool shade.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

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Because darker colored homes with lower LRV absorb more light and heat, it’s important to consider your climate and how much direct sunlight your home receives. In hot and humid climates, we recommend painting large areas of your home’s exterior with a high LRV to reflect light and direct heat into the home. Iron Mountain makes a great ornament, door, shutter or accent color in this case.

We always recommend inspecting and testing samples before painting. Things like your property’s natural light, tone, and furniture will have a big impact on how your color will look on your exterior. Our friends at Samples offer extra large peel and stick styles in our favorite colors for outdoor spaces. Order your “True Color, No Mess” samples from Sampleize here.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

If you live in a very cold climate, painting the entire house with a low LRV paint like Iron Mountain will help keep your house warm by absorbing the sun’s heat. It creates a pleasant feeling inside and outside.

House Exterior Colors Compared (what’s Best? You Decide)

It might be tempting to think that all dark shades are relatively equal and you’ll be fine, but trust us on this one. There are many shades of black and dark gray that give your home a different feel. Our team of brick and batten designers can help you decide which shade is right for your home. Here’s how Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain compares to some popular dark shades.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal, shown in the house panel above, definitely has more gray, brown and green tones. It goes well with natural elements such as wood or stone and has a deep warmth.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is very similar in color to Iron Mountain with its ultra low LRV that brings the drama. This color has no tone, so it works well with both warm and cool tones.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

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Benjamin Moore soot is a deep, dark gray that looks like true black on a white border. The slightly blue tones soften it a bit and help it blend well with cool tones.

If you’ve never thought about jumping to the dark side, we recommend giving those noir colors a new look. Their good looks may inspire you to refresh your look with a bright black shade that is modern and fresh. Need more options or ideas? We’ve rounded up our top 10 dark colors that work well with all types of homes, settings, accents and styles you’re designing.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Better yet, you can fill out our simple survey and start designing your dream outdoor home today! All we need is a photo of your home and a few details, and our team of designers will immediately start bringing your vision to life. “What color should I paint my house?” It’s one of the most common yet difficult questions for homeowners. However, choosing a home exterior color doesn’t have to be a difficult task. ACM Design shares some of its most popular custom home designs and highlights exterior color choices for each. Choosing the right color will quickly increase not only your home’s curb appeal, but also its resale value. Check out some of ACM Design’s most popular home designs.

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A variety of factors can come into play when choosing the right color palette for your home’s exterior. First, check your HOA rules and regulations to see if there are any requirements or approvals for your home’s color palette before making your selection. The HOA architecture/design committee may have specific color schemes or parameters that you can choose from. Without HOA approval, you can go ahead with different exterior colors. Consider the architectural style of your home and choose a color that matches that style. Location is also a factor. The color palette of beach houses can be very different from that of mountain houses. Also consider your roof, siding, stonework, etc. to match the body and trim colors. Consider your surroundings, such as woods or open spaces, and be aware of neighboring houses. Your exterior color palette can blend in with the landscape and surroundings, but you can also add color on board, like the red windows on our Craftsman Mountain home.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Finally, don’t rely on color chips to make a decision. Choose from several options and paint exact patterns on your home in units as large as 2′ x 2′. Before making a final decision, take the time to look at the colors throughout the day to see how the colors change as the light changes.

ACM Design is a small design collaboration firm specializing in custom residential design. We focus on integrating the fields of architecture, interior design and exterior design to create a holistic home vision that reflects our clients’ individual personalities and priorities.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

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We have had the honor of working with clients from all over the country who have chosen to make their home here in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Over the years our client base has expanded to serve families in North Carolina, Northern South Carolina and East Tennessee, all from our South Asheville studio.

Collaboration is key to any successful project. Our studio is comprised of a small group of talented individuals, each of whom brings specific knowledge and expertise to each home project. Simply put, our goal is to create well-designed, comfortable and beautiful living spaces—homes that balance quality, durability, and environmental sensitivity.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Architecture has always been an inspiration for Amy, but it makes more sense to focus on work that is naturally more personal. After years of thinking about designing homes that create the sense of space and belonging that Amy desires, she decided to do just that.

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Drawing on his experience at prominent corporate and commercial architecture firms in Charlotte, NC and Dallas, TX, he started this small architecture studio as a first challenging project for his growing family on a budget. In addition to designing, he supervised construction on the construction site every day, occasionally wielding the hammer.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

Since the early days, Amy has assembled a team of like-minded professionals dedicated to excellence in design, quality, integrity, service and the best-in-home work.

When not designing homes, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, Steve.

Best Exterior Paint Colors For Mountain Homes

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