Best Flooring For Living Room

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When looking for flooring ideas for your living room, there are probably a lot of requirements on your mind. It has to stand up to daily use by the whole family, including many homes, children and pets, so durability is important. It should also be easy to clean and maintain, as this piece will see a lot of walkthroughs and possible spills. Of course, you also have to like the look of the floor.

Best Flooring For Living Room

Best Flooring For Living Room

The best living room ideas always come with a great floor design that delivers both form and function. There are so many types of living room flooring—carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, and tile are the most popular choices—you’re sure to find a style and material to suit all your needs.

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There are so many types of flooring you can use in your living room, and the sheer range of options can seem exciting or overwhelming. Either way, it’s just a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each in terms of looks, durability, ease of maintenance, etc.

If you value a warm, soft surface underfoot above all else, you might decide that rugs are the perfect living room floor for your home.

Living room rugs should be durable. The 80% wool and 20% synthetic version withstands everyday traffic and looks great. Are there any children at home? You can choose polypropylene for increased stain resistance.

Plain rugs come in a variety of colors, but consider pattern options that can add charm: Area rugs have a more traditional look, while larger patterns have a modern aesthetic. Think stripes, geometric patterns, even florals—now in 21st-century style.

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Another living room flooring idea that we really respect is using natural floors. It may not be one of the types of living room flooring you have considered before, but there are many types of natural flooring that are suitable for living rooms.

Consider hardwearing sisal, which can add subtle details like hoops and herringbone with interesting fabrics. Or try country seaweed (protection may be needed in high traffic areas: check with your supplier). There is also durable coir, but it is not suitable for bare feet, so it is not suitable for every home.

Wood floors are a great choice for a living room and will never go out of style. Both solid and engineered wood can be used.

Best Flooring For Living Room

Hardwood floors bring an organic element into the living room, and the choice of different species, shades and plank lengths and widths, as well as geometric floor patterns, means it can be as subtle or as bold as you want. .Wooden floors last for many, many years and can be sanded and refinished if damaged.

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It’s a favorite of Colony Property Investments owner Rick Abbiati (opens in a new tab). “The best floor for your home is hardwood,” he says. “Hardwood floors have a warm, cozy feel. Plus, if the hardwood is darker, scratches and blemishes can be easily hidden. Just use one of the many hardwood markers to cover them.

You can also look at engineered wood, which has equal natural beauty and structure and resists changes in humidity. Look for engineered wood with a top ply that can be refinished if dented – lower quality versions won’t offer this. As with solid wood, there are many shades and finishes to choose from.

If wood is your favorite of all living room flooring ideas, but your budget doesn’t allow it, a quality laminate is a great alternative to solid or solid wood.

It pays to choose the highest quality laminate for durability. Also, make sure the version you choose is suitable for high traffic areas.

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“Laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years in terms of quality and resemblance to real hardwood,” says Los Angeles-based real estate investor Julia Aragon of the Lending Team (opens in a new tab) Julia Aragon said. 19 years in real estate and mortgages.

Plus, it’s easy to install – no hammer, nails, or glue required. Installation is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle on the floor and people will believe you have chosen real hardwood.

One living room flooring idea that you may not have considered before is the use of vinyl. But we think you should, as it’s a cost-effective way to get the look of more expensive wood, parquet or stone.

Best Flooring For Living Room

Vinyl flooring also has the advantage of being more durable and warmer than some other materials, so it’s ideal if you have young children. Are there other reasons why this might be the best living room floor for you? It is easy to clean and saves your time.

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“Luxury vinyl flooring is a modern marvel, with a variety of options and often very affordable installation prices,” says Andrew Owen, founder of Maxsin Investment Group (opens in a new tab). “If you’re a handyman, you can do it yourself. The best thing about LVP flooring is that it’s waterproof, scratch-resistant and absolutely stunning to look at! Plus, it’s virtually maintenance-free, making it perfect for pets and kids.”

This is definitely the type of living room floor you should check out, even if you’ve only used it so far in areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Yes, we are talking about the best types of floor tiles.

Porcelain and ceramic are especially well suited for this high-traffic space and offer the ability to have the look of wood with the durability of tile. Plus, tile is very easy to maintain.

Looking for living room flooring ideas to up the luxury factor? Like wood, natural stone offers truly individual floors, as each piece is unique.

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However, always check with the supplier whether a particular tile is suitable for this high traffic area, and be aware that a good seal is required. Please Note: Some stones are more slip-resistant than others, so choose according to the occupants of your home.

If you like modern style, you might as well choose a concrete floor for your living room. Along with resin, concrete floors are growing in popularity in modern homes and are ideal for accentuating the dimensions of open-plan layouts.

There are no cheap options either, although concrete floor tiles are an economical alternative to concrete floors. Resin or concrete floors are available in a variety of finishes and colors and are easy to clean and maintain.

Best Flooring For Living Room

If you like the modern look but want something a little softer underfoot, rubber flooring is a more affordable option that can be laid like tile and is durable.

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The best type of flooring for your living room depends on the surface area you want to use underfoot, whether you need a low-maintenance floor, and your budget.

If softness and warmth are on your list of desired flooring qualities, then carpet or natural flooring should be suitable. Want maximum durability? Opt for ceramic tile, especially porcelain, but if your budget is too high, consider natural stone.

Parquet floors are a great investment that will never go out of style. It also ages beautifully. It might get corrupted, but in case it can be restored. Natural stone is also a luxury option, but be aware that it may require occasional resealing for maintenance.

Volodymyr Barabakh, co-founder and project manager at Fortress Home (opens in a new tab), recommends laminate. “Laminate floors offer the best balance of aesthetics, affordability and durability,” he explains.

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If durability is your number one criteria when choosing a living room floor, porcelain will be at the top of the list along with ceramic. The highest quality natural stone is also durable, but check with the supplier about the characteristics of each stone. Wood is also hardwearing and has the advantage of being able to recover after damage.

However, all living room floors must be durable, and because this area of ​​the home is heavily trafficked, it must be able to handle the daily traffic of people and the coming and going of family members and guests.

If you’re considering installing heated floors in your living room, it’s definitely worth knowing which living room flooring option is best for you. Keep the following points in mind:

Best Flooring For Living Room

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