Best Gel Nail Polish Colors For Summer

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Best Gel Nail Polish Colors For Summer

Best Gel Nail Polish Colors For Summer

Pedicure season is here and with so many polishes to choose from, we decided it’s time to set your complexion accordingly. While we love pink in the summer (Smith & Cult’s Pillow Pie​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​) ​​​​​​​​​​​$18 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​$18 ​$18 ($18, we can’t help but notice the powder blues and fresh golds. Since it’s hard to narrow down the best new polishes (there are so many), we Reach out to the nail experts for summer nail color tips.

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For a glamorous mani-pedi, might we recommend Deborah Lipman’s metallic shade? Is short your style? Add a little color to your nails with Glitter Nail Polish from Ginson. Or perhaps you want a sun shade that matches the season – if so, Cote’s sky-blue gloss set does just that. No matter your style, there’s a perfect tropical shade for you.

Cote’s colleagues Mary Lennon and Leah Yari predict that blue soap will be a trend this summer. But what color should we paint our fingers and toes blue? According to Lennon and Yari, we should choose a polish that’s “reminiscent of clear weather and clear ocean,” like a blue shade like Coates Blue Nail Polish #71 ($18).

Having been taken out of the tropics, emerald nails cause much envy and jealousy. For such a bold look, try Minilux’s Match Point Dark Grass Green Nail Polish in Match Point.

Get rid of your heavy hair and wear a shirt. Bright orange gold with confetti playing in the sunlight. For a glossy finish, try OPI’s Mexico City Nail Polish in Slinging Mezcal Gold ($11).

The Best End Of Summer Nail Colors, According To Manicurists

“I don’t like to wear makeup in the summer, and one thing goes on nails. My sheer gloss collection is all about lip gloss and lip looks. Editorial manicurist and founder of Jinsun Nail Lacquer, we love Choi’s nail lacquers and although We see Dew (a soft, milky shade of rose), if you want a hint of color, Choi also gives it pink and purple glitter for $18.

For the perfect mani-pedi for a summer night, manicurist Francis Liang recommends applying a glitter polish over a neutral base. Deborah Lipman Happy Birthday Glitter Nail Polish ($20) is a party in a bottle.

“I think poorly spaced and abstract art looks really artistic on nails. Black, white and yellow are my favorite color combinations,” says professional nail technician Nia Ho. Taking a small chance can have a big impact on your efforts. A neutral base like Essie Bare With Me ($10) will make your nails stand out.

Best Gel Nail Polish Colors For Summer

Give peachy nude nails a summer message. Essie’s Low Tide High Slit ($13) is a muted peach that speaks volumes. Even color blocking prevents you from adding multiple layers. Beetles Gel Polish 16 Pcs 15ml Neon Gel Polish Set With Base Gel Glossy & Matte Top Coat, Bright Pink Green Yellow Blue Spring Summer Rainbow Gel Polish Easter Nail Polish

Nails covered in cool green shades of apricot, coral and cream reflect your Mediterranean travel dreams and are ready to go. Pacifica’s Plant Magic Golden Hour is a treat made in heaven for your hair.

“Orange has a playful and collegiate personality, which goes well with a sporty look,” says nail artist Madeline Poole. And since sport has never gone out of fashion, Poole says we’ll see more orange soaps in the future and Sunkissed uses Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Extreme Wear nail color. If you want to mix it up, mix neon shades with blue shades for an unexpected contrast, says Choi.

The spike covering the fruit is a funny and interesting thing in this season. The watermelon shade is a fun break from the popular citrus nail polishes. Gel Bottle August ($19) is a delicious red for warm weather.

One of the biggest trends of the summer for nail artist Tyra Lopez is neon nails. Lopez explains, “They’re so bright I want to talk to my hands. It brings confidence! Neon colors shine without the need for color to help the design.” As hot as Hot Nail Polish ($8) gets, China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Tropical stops traffic and serves as a fun conversation piece.

The 12 Best Classic Nail Polish Colors Of 2024

“French tips are available in different colors and styles that go not only on the tips of the nails, but also on every part of the nails, allowing the colors to better differentiate,” says Ho. Create this look with gorgeous pastels like Olive & June’s CS, BP, and KMC (all $9).

“When I create a mix-and-match mani, I like some sophistication and simplicity to bring the look together,” says Lopez. “I make plans in a practical way, leaving the floor as empty space.”

“My favorite shade for summer is a fun key lime pie/70s green,” says nail artist Hang Nguyen. OPI is one of Nguyen’s favorite brands, and her nail polishes from How to Grow a Zen Garden will be in rotation all summer long.

Best Gel Nail Polish Colors For Summer

Soft, cool pink – versatile, classic and simple. Dior’s Diorelis Abricot ($30) is a must-have for an effortless everyday look. This Dioralyse promises to strengthen and light your nails as well as lighten minor imperfections.

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Creamy Grape Nail Polish is exactly what you need for your manicure. Set your nails on a quest for art with Essie Hand Made with Love Nail Polish ($10). Electric purple makes a strong statement both on its own and when paired with new graphics.

“To make this design stand out, I used flowers. I used tropical shades and different colors of Orosa Beauty,” says nail expert Ada Yoon. Orosa’s Desert Rose shade ($12) has a soothing undertone and a brush formula that guides your hands for precision.

Warm, golden hues look good on all skin tones, and honey-like hues complement the warmth of summer well. Try China Glaze Gold Mustard and Bold Mustard ($8).

“I like to create small designs (water forms and lines, like the silhouette of the human body) in terracotta and pastel colors,” says Jung. “My favorite brand of nail polish is Zoya for their healing, non-toxic formula and great selection of colors.” Zoya’s Nail Polish in Flowy ($12) is a muted earth tone that has an earthy finish with a glossy finish.

Beetles Gel Nail Polish, Unicorn … Curated On Ltk

“Millennial pink is very popular these days, so I’m loving pink this summer,” says Rebecca Isa, creative director of Zoe. To bring a fresh twist to the millennial pink hue, Jesus suggests painting your nails in a fuchsia shade. Try Zoya’s color palette, hey.

This grey-blue show of green gives it complete drama and impact. Essie’s Depressing Seafoam in Air Dry ($10) is like a cloudy day at the beach.

Yung is a fan of glitter polish. “I like one or two coats of Dermalect’s Makeover Ridge Filler Base Coat ($18),” she says. “It’s a light pink with a glossy finish, and I use a quick-drying top coat like Seche Vitae ($9).” You can create an iridescent color that creates an opal shine for your nails.

Best Gel Nail Polish Colors For Summer

Tortoise colored nails cannot be avoided. For a traditional look, the first coat is usually a turmeric-like color. Then you can use brown and orange colors. J. Hanna’s smoky purple, “Fauna” ($22) is the perfect tortoiseshell shade.

Perfect Summer Gel Nail Polish Kit

“Nails is another brand that stands out. They have a great line of cream polishes, but they’re cruelty-free and almost the entire collection is animal-friendly,” says Lopez. Revlon’s Nail Enamel in Elegant ($6) is a nail polish that can be used in a fun way.

White nails are a staple in every summer nail collection. White color is suitable for all skin types regardless of complexion. Dress in white and circus favorite colors at Lafayette ($13).

Black nails may look a little strange in the summer, but the beautiful brown color always holds its place as a trendy shade. Olive and June named the Chocolate Silky CN ($9) after Sprinkles Cupcakes founder Candice Nelson. We love their shadow, Stockers, ($9). A pleasant feeling will satisfy any desire for a new look.

“Summer styles tend to have nice colors that go well with each other,” says Nguyen. “I think the practice of mixing random art with each other will be a trend that will continue.”

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A successful manicure does not have to be the same on every nail. Nguyen suggests using polishes to create a color story with the patterns you want to mix. make an effort

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