Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish

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Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish – You’re never too old to make a statement with a glittery gel manicure. We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite glitter gel polishes to add sparkle and shine to your next at-home gel manicure. Whether you’re looking for a subtle shimmer or an all-over shine, the perfect glitter gel nail polish awaits.

Razzle Dazzle is the classic tried and tested glitter gel nail polish from the collection. It was one of the first glitter gel polishes we added to our collection and continues to amaze our customers. Razzle Dazzle has large, fine glitters for a relatively full coverage look. If you want pretty nails, a soft pink reflective gloss goes well with pink gel polish, for example “Bubblegum” or “Pink Lady”. We also love Razzle Dazzle to make a statement. Razzle Dazzle is the perfect start to your glitter collection!

Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish

Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish

Wanderlust is a beautiful muted shimmer with holographic highlights. It has a semi-opaque finish, meaning you can apply one coat for just a hint of glitter on your nails, or 2-3 coats for a fuller look. Just use Wanderlust for a subtle look or a muted gel polish for more impact. Muted sparkles and holographic shades are the perfect addition to any manicure, and the shine they give in sunlight is incredible. You’ll fall in love with this glittery gel nail polish just like us.

Kiara Sky 459 Polka Dots

Girly sparkles aren’t for everyone, so we wanted to add a more glamorous, rocker-like glitter gel nail polish to make sure we cater to all our beautiful customers! Starry Night is a black base gel polish with silver glitter throughout to mimic the night sky. The subtlety of this gel polish is perfect when you’re looking for something that’s not too in-your-face. We have no doubt it will fit into our collection!

Ice Queen is a great addition to your glitter collection thanks to its versatility. The slime and white holographic glitter suspended over a clear base means it can be as low-key or pop as you like. The holographic glitter matches perfectly with every gel nail polish color and looks great even on top of a simple base. Adding Ice Queen to your gel nail polish collection is a no-brainer!

The Ablaze glitter shade is amazing! It might look a little scary, but earthy orange colors don’t look bold. The soft glow infused in this warm gel polish will have you dreaming of sunny days. Ablaze looks great on its own or paired with orange gel polishes like Wildfire or Life on Mars. Don’t be shy to try this color – you won’t regret trying it!

Ready to take your gel manicure to the next level? Be sure to add our glitter gel polish to our DIY gel manicure collection for shine, sparkle and shine. Get gel polish and nail polish packs today with free shipping on orders over $150 to the Americas, Europe and Asia, including the US, UK, Canada and Hong Kong.

Sheer Silver Summer Glitter Gel Nail Polish

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Clean your nails like jewelry. Layer it over your favorite shade or leave it alone, Elite Tiffany exudes glamorous and retro vibes and is guaranteed to turn heads!

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Best Glitter Gel Nail Polish

Elite Tiffany is amazing. The two-in-one concept is great because it can be used alone and as a top coat over other colors. Gives a very nice shine. Excellent quality.

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All available shades are simply charming. Elite Tiffany stole the show. The clarity is incredible. The best quality.

When I first saw this polish, I never expected it to give me so much coverage in one coat. Honestly, this is the only polish I’ve tried that gives good coverage. This varnish covers 75% to 80% of the nail in 2 coats. It also glides very smoothly on the nails without streaking after application and evens itself out. The texture is just everything 🤌🏻I can’t wait to get my favorite nail polish! Everyone needs this topper in their collection

Exclusive, beautiful color. Elite Tiffany is amazing. Use alone or on top of other colors for a beautiful effect. In terms of quality, it is very good.

Elite Tiffany is a very exclusive color. It has a bright look that makes it perfect for events. Nothing can be said about the quality. It was perfect.

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