Best Gray Exterior House Colors

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Best Gray Exterior House Colors – If you have a vision – but you can’t execute it – it can be very frustrating.

When I saw that I had purchased a 38 pint can sample from Sheeran Williams, I didn’t think I was exaggerating. Not to mention all the time spent traveling back and forth to their store.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

There is no doubt that I want a light gray house. The problem was finding a color I liked.

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Here is our previous post from a few weeks ago. We cut down the trees and removed many of the gardens and shrubs in front of the house. Remember, nothing but grass has been touched for 4 years. So that was a task in itself.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

Photographing a house is difficult. Because this is a long multiplication, not an architectural detail. What we don’t see is the master bedroom to the left and the detached garage. You can also see the paint swatch I did on the front door. But in fact, everything is brick. We also wanted an exterior color that would work with the brick and be as durable as possible. We chose the cycle formula from Sherry Williams.

I had already chosen the perfect shade of gray and thought it would be good to go as soon as our painters were ready. It felt really good to me. I was really glad I understood this part.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

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It was like a victory, and when I saw it at home, it immediately turned into a pain of defeat. I thought it was the right color for me.

Not only did I drive my husband crazy, let alone the cost of the first paint job, I drove my friends crazy. When it comes to the “approval process”, you want to get other people’s opinions, but remember that you are deciding on the color of the paint. Only you – because you will live with him. Fortunately, I had two close friends who knew me very well and I trusted their judgment, so they helped me narrow down my options.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

You can see the cool blue gray under all the color schemes. I’m sure it’s hard to tell in the picture, but trust me, it turned out to be a cool gray blue on me. I think Sherwin William’s gray hair is on the side of our house. This time I wanted to make sure. People have said that I lean more towards gray-grey or green-grey. But I didn’t want those details. I wanted pure silver/grey.

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Here is a list of house paint colors (all Sherwin Williams colors):

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

I will explain the percentages you see. You see, it all started in my daughter’s room when I was trying to choose a shade of pink (hard color to choose!). As I was trying to choose between two colors, my artist (God love him) said, “Why don’t you choose one?” Aren’t you just asking for more intensity and more intense color? This is what I did in her room with the pink color we chose. Its color is also 125%.

That’s what I’m doing here with the gray. I wanted them to look a little darker or richer, to accentuate the colors I really like. I really hope this all makes sense to you. Because sometimes the color of the paint needs a little extra power to make it pop. Another thing to keep in mind is that once you find a color you really like, your home will be exposed to a lot of outdoor elements, so increasing your color will help fight weathering. I mean…let’s be honest. It will lose color anyway.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

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I once selected 13 color options above. I painted a large sample so I could see them at home. On the right is the original color (green) that the house had when purchased. On the right you can see where they started to cut. But here I stopped them – because the color was too cold blue.

And stayed there for a few days. So I’ll be absolutely sure… and I’ll drive my friends crazy. 😉

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

The moment you find the right paint color for your home, you should embrace it!

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We have some work to do and all the molds need another coat. I may not have mentioned that my husband and I love dark gutters and downspouts against light colored homes. Yes, I know few people feel the same way as we do. Because many people told me recently. Or even asked why he decided to do it. But we love it, and I tell those people, “This is our home.” Our funds will be all black and the front door will be black.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

Finally we will put a new roof on this house. This house already has 3 roofs. Sap, however, is not included in the budget. So we have to wait a bit. It will also be black. I’m sure the black metal roof will be done when the time is right.

I also thought I would include some inspirational photos that have helped me in the outdoor planning process.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

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If you look at it, I think it’s worth noting that our house is really simple.

The fact is that painted brick brings a new textual element to the usual solid slate for most homes.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

And I love this texture! But trying to figure out how to bring out the traditional “farmhouse” details is a challenge.

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There is not much there. all right??? Well, I was inspired by the image below. If I hadn’t seen this house below on Pinterest, I honestly believe I would have seen the brick ledge (?) below the window.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

This allows you to see the whole house in more detail. This is the cheapest way and really shows what the power of paint can do when painting a brick panel under a window.

Below is an example of how I tried to compare the colors and styles of my home. I use my iPhone and make collages from images inspired by Pinterest. It really helped me visualize the colors and paint styles I was trying to achieve. I did this with a few inspiration photos and see if I was outside or at home to compare.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

Best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint Colors

(The picture of our house is from when I first saw it in April.) Look at the plants outside those windows. It’s really crazy.

Below is the house I used in my collage. It’s 2 stories! But I cut that part for comparison.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

So I thought I’d include some other things I’ve used for inspiration. Especially for brick painted houses.

Best Sherwin Williams Dark Gray Paint Colors (trend 2023)

As mentioned above, we are almost done painting. The following has become a big project for us. While it’s not a “pretty” look or a fun “after” photo, it certainly took a lot of sweat and muscle to get to this point.

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

All the brown/gray siding you see is new siding (unpainted of course.) It was all damaged so we had to replace it all. As shared on my IG, we are taking down the pergola pictured above. We decided to make it bigger and better. We will publish it all over the place you see above. The only wall with a window on the right – we go to this wall and we will see a channel near a garbage can. To have an enclosed space, we put it on the roof.

But we put all the seals on all these wooden windows. All wooden windows are beautiful, but if one does not take care of the wood, it will go cold in the blink of an eye! And because the house was empty for almost 4 years…

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

Picking The Perfect Exterior Paint Colors

I think things will really take off in the next few weeks with our home renovations. I hope to go there in a month. Fingers crossed! One of the most important details for a homeowner to consider is the exterior of the home. Curb appeal plays a major role in a home’s value, identity, and community cohesion, and it is an important factor in maintaining the “welcome home” comfort that allows a person to feel at home.

However, maintaining a beautiful and meaningful exterior is about more than painting your home your favorite color. to change,

Best Gray Exterior House Colors

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