Best Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

Best Gray Paint Colors For Living Room – When you think of a soft color that will give your space that iconic light and airy feel, gray isn’t usually the color that comes to mind. However, there’s something to be said for some misty colors that can set the mood, no matter the room. Some might even say that gray may be the new beige. In fact, we asked 40 interior designers what they thought of gray and were quite surprised by their responses.

Some use a gray that creates an ethereal look, while others prefer a darker shade for a more melancholic feel. Gray is definitely in now because it’s more versatile than we thought. Whether you’re looking for a bright and crisp color or warm and inviting, there’s a gray that will work.

Best Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

Best Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

Find out how these design experts use gray in their spaces below You might be inspired to push your furniture into the middle of the room, lay down a tarp, and pick up a paintbrush like a pro. Our advice? Think about the type of look you’re going for—pale and soft or bold and dramatic—and ask for a few samples. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to get to work. Let these 40 favorite shades from Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, and more get you started. Who knows? Perhaps gray paint trumps blue and white! The jury is still out, but we think 2023 will be the year of the gray, and we’re here for it.

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“I love using this color because it’s subtle. Just like its name, Stormy Sky can be dramatic but also transparent. I’ve used it everywhere from outdoors to the kitchen, where it looks great with white accents and metallic finishes. This paint works well. With other colors. It also works well as a base, I’ve also done a 50-50 mix with it!” -Windsor Smith

“If you want a lighter color, not white.” -Bailey Austin

“It’s not really blue and it’s not really gray. It’s like a creamy dream, like a beautiful cloud. I think of the office as a place where you want to be comfortable and creative, and it’s very calm, and a lot of navy with a pop. Or lavender. Vertical. It’s a blank canvas for what you’re doing now.” – David Phoenix

“Appropriately named, Alaska Skies offsets the dramatic changes in our state’s lighting conditions throughout the year to serve as a neutral backdrop against interior finishes, maintaining an uplifting atmosphere.” – Bauer/Clifton Interiors

Best Blue Gray Paint Colors To Choose From

“Combining texture with calm serenity was my recipe for a modern, glam home in the Utah mountains. Conscious gray provides a breather that embraces all the harsh textures.” – Ann Marie Burton

“I’ve been having a good time with this deep gray color lately. It changes a lot in different situations. When the room is dark or in shadow, it looks almost black. But in direct sunlight, it’s the color of a Baltic afternoon. So “it’s not boring. It’s caramel. It also pairs well with leather chairs, which I can imagine in almost any office.” David Neto

“There’s something about this color that you can’t quite put your finger on. It reminds me of smoke and fog, a little dusty and cozy. Pale gray manages to be versatile without being boring: it works in a variety of situations, a light full of A spacious one from the bathroom.” living room On the wall, it’s subtle but strong enough to create dimension.” -Michelle Dopp

Best Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

“Benjamin Moore Titanium is a soft, glossy off-white, with a hint of green that’s bright enough to brighten up our often rainy Oregon weather.” -Jessica Helgerson

Calming Colors For A Serene Home

“A beautiful combination of blue and gray that looks a bit like robin’s egg, but is more elegant. It’s calm and deep, and will continue to be relevant as the baby grows. For a child’s room, include tones of latte and hints of deep olive. Green For a girl, the room is earthy with hints of dove gray and lavender.—Amanda Nisbett

“This bright neutral is ideal for both modern and classic interiors. A perfect balance of cool and warm, it’s strikingly similar to our native Chicago limestone.” -Tom Stringer

“It’s the perfect grease. Look no further. And it’s wonderful with a contrasting bright edge. I love it so much I’ve used it in all three of my homes. It’s cool and crisp in a light-flooded room. Dark, cozy it’s very comfortable in a room.” – Sean Henderson

“For a warm grey-brown, granite is one of my favourites, bringing comfort and sophistication to any room. This color invites you to curl up by the fire.” -Alice Williams

The Hottest Gray Green Paint Colors On The Market

“I call it a bluish-gray ‘shadow color.’ It changes with the light, making it interesting to walk into a room during the day. This particular color evokes the sea and the sky, ideal for a quiet home in Southampton Beach, where I have kitchen cabinets. Used this.. It provided a pop of color without being too over the top.” -Sandra Nunnery

“This blue-gray, eggshell, feels like an iced drink on a hot day. It visually refreshes a room that gets a lot of light. And then you can add some warmth with layers of color and texture on the furniture. I like chocolate brown. , Rust and mustard shade the earth like gold. -Scott Lasley

“It can be difficult to have both southern and western sun exposure in one room, but this unusual color changes during the day from a cool lavender in the morning to a warm color at night.” -Kevin Walsh

Best Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

“This neutral is so versatile and offers a calm and peaceful retreat from the heat. Art hangs beautifully in it and lets the room be the showpiece, not the paint color. Our design studio is painted in this color and we love the ambiance. Creation!” – Nancy Price

The 13 Best Behr Gray Paint Colors

“I put this color, a pale gray that matches the dusty sky, with a lacquer finish on a small hallway ceiling with black and white stripes. A shimmering effect is easier to achieve on the ceiling than on the walls, while a mirror-like reflective surface gives the room some much-needed depth. The shadows are also a bit harsher, which helped balance out the striking walls.” -Rinat Lavi

“Grey skies and steaming rain can be so beautiful and relaxing. Benjamin Moore’s City Shade captures this cozy feeling perfectly. Brighten it up a bit and pair it with calacatta marble and stainless brass fixtures and fittings. You can’t go wrong!” -Katie Hackworth

“I used this cool-toned black steel curtain in the stairwell in my own home. The color really pops against the neutral palette of the surrounding space. My advice for working with a glossy finish: make sure the raw surface is free of blemishes, because once you apply the paint, the gloss makes them bigger! – Christine Stocker

“I’m known for gray stripes in every shade from steel to warm French gray. No matter the gray, it makes a calming background for flowers, books, art, clothing or people.” “I like gray with white trim, white clothes and white furniture. I like dashes. Sometimes I put a little red here and there. But you have to be careful when you pick brown, something too sad, cold or dusty. No.” -Matthew Patrick Smith

Living Room Paint Colors

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Best Gray Paint Colors For Living Room

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Looking for the perfect neutral paint color for your home? Light gray is the best option! These are some of the most popular shades.

If you’re looking for a neutral color for your home, gray is a great choice—it’s not as strong as white, but it’s still very neutral and can go with many colors and decorating styles.

In fact, gray is one of the most popular colors to paint your home to get it ready for sale. We painted almost our entire house online by Sherwin Williams.

Which Grey Is Best For A Living Room? The Top Shades To Pick From

Gray is a very popular paint color because it can be complementary

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