Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

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Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams – I have to admit, I’ve been using Benjamin Moore for years, but recently I’ve been helping clients choose colors from Sharon Williams, and these grays and grays are the best! They are also the most popular out there and there is a reason why they are so good!

Gray may be on the way out and browns may be hot, but I think this color will always be a classic. I love them for their warmth and how they are between beige and cool gray (hence the word ‘grey’).

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

2. Sharon Williams’ Gray Utility Paint is the perfect light gray color. It is very similar to Benjamin Moore’s Edgecombe Gray.

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4. Dorian Gray is the perfect name (hello Oscar Wilde!) Sherwin Williams painted this room in gorgeous colors. I love the warmth of this color.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

6. Gauntlet Gray is a beautiful dark shade of gray. Style Evolution painted my kitchen cabinets with it and I love its richness and depth.

8. Light French Gray is so light and dreamy! Amelia Lawrence Style painted her office this light gray, I love it!

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

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9. Universal Gray is a beautiful warm gray color. I love how @we3dwellingsokc used it in this bathroom cabinet.

10. Agreed Gray doesn’t provide basic gray graphs, but I had to add it! @lcinteriorsllc did an amazing job choosing this color for the walls with pepper for the media center.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

The only way to determine which paint color is right for your home is to choose the color of your walls. I always buy a small paint sample and paint it on the wall or you can use large format peel and stick sheets from Samples or Hello Paint (Canada).

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What do you think about these colors? Do you think they will last? I love them and I think they are here to stay, they are really classic colors.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

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Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

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Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

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Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

We use cookies to ensure we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we assume that you are satisfied with it. Well Read More It’s been a few years since I updated Sharon Williams’ most popular and best-selling colors, and today I’m bringing you an updated list of the best colors and how-tos for walls in spaces. Want to share this look? When I’m looking for a specific paint color, I always like to start by looking at the best selling colors because there’s a very good reason why certain colors are the best selling. If you’re looking for a good, reliable color, this list is a great place to start as you begin your paint color search.

While I’ve worked with most of the colors on the list, I wanted to break the list down for you and highlight twelve colors that are versatile and versatile from my years of experience with the color/design consulting business. Have confidence. For each color I highlight, I’ll share the “good” and “bad” of that color to help you get a better feel for the color. I hope this list helps you find the right color.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

Beige Vs. Gray Paint: Uses, Effects, Cost, & More

Before I get into my favorites from the list below, below is a list of Sharon Williams’ 50 most popular and best selling shades.

Of all the paint companies, the number one color on the planet right now is probably Sharon Williams Repose Grey. We’ll never know for sure because we don’t have that data, but I’d be surprised if Repos wasn’t number one by now. Repose is a wonderful warm light gray that I highly recommend to my clients because I think it’s perfect when it comes to full house colors and light neutrals.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

Process: I especially love Comfort because not only does it look great during the day, but it’s one of those rare colors that also looks great at night when the lights are on. No harsh tone and versatile.

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If you want to learn more about the best places to use Repose Gray with more room examples, you can check out my Color Spotlight on Repose Grey.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

On a side note, the Repose Gray Stripe (stripe 244) made the all-color bestseller list, and I’m not at all surprised because the stripe is gorgeous. All versatile and brilliant colors and some of them you see on me today.

In a close second, sea salt is also one of the most popular plant dyes. When I asked readers on the Creative Facebook page what their favorite hand paint was, they overwhelmingly voted for Sharon Williams Sea Salt. If you’re new to sea salt and want a soothing and relaxing spa color, you really need look no further than sea salt.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

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Process: In the right light, sea salt is the most beautiful shade of green/blue/grey and is very calming.

Cons: Sea salt has a chameleon color and can be subtle in certain lighting (usually places with lots of natural light). It is very important to sample the color first. This color looks best in spaces with less natural light (bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.).

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

If you want to see more examples of sea salt rooms, you can check out my post here.

The 13

Worldly Gray is another warm neutral gray that is very close to Repose Gray, but a little warmer and a little darker. I recommend this color to clients for recent home colors that have lots of natural light, as white can be relaxing in lots of natural light.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

Disadvantages: World Gray will be darker in areas with less natural light and may be a bit heavier/darker than traditional Warm Grey.

Interestingly, crushed ice is a new color for me, and surprisingly, I only used it in one of the guest rooms in my house because the comfort was a little lighter than I wanted in that space. I really loved it and highly recommend it. Ice Cream is a bit lighter, a bit cooler and a bit more pigmented than Repose Grey.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

All About Agreeable Gray

Process: Ice Crush is a beautiful warm gray that is between light and medium tones. They are hard to find in neutral colors.

Cons: Crushed snow looks best in areas with natural light. Not ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

Below is crushed ice on my guest room wall, and for reference, this space has a large window.

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My friend Julie used crushed ice in the great room of her new home and I love how it turned out. For reference, there is plenty of light in this space below.

Best Gray Paint For Basement Sherwin Williams

Dorian Gray is another wonderful warm neutral.

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