Best Light Grey Paint Color Sherwin Williams

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Best Light Grey Paint Color Sherwin Williams – I love greige walls as much as the next woman, but sometimes you just want true gray. Not brown, not green, not purple. Just nice, smooth

. It’s actually pretty hard to find a 100% pure gray paint color (even some of the ones below have hints of other colors that I’ll explain), but this is pretty close.

Best Light Grey Paint Color Sherwin Williams

Best Light Grey Paint Color Sherwin Williams

You might recognize that living room! It’s actually from our first house (Brooklyn House) right before our renter moved out. I’d like to point out that of all the paint colors I’m going to cover in this post, SW Lattice is the purest gray I’ve come across so far. In fact, after seeing this in our house, my brother used this color in his own house. Brian’s boss asked us for a gray paint color suggestion and he ended up choosing Lattice (and he loves it). I highly recommend this gray paint color in any space. It’s light enough to work well in dimly lit rooms (like a basement), but also looks beautiful in natural light (like our living room here). Lattice is a great neutral background and looks great with bright accents or more natural decorations. It is very versatile; you really can’t go wrong with this color.

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

Mindful Gray is another favorite of mine. It looks very dark compared to the other gray paint colors in the chart above, but I promise it’s not too heavy or dark. I’ve used this a few times: on my parent’s dresser in the powder room and also on our little sewing table turned coffee bar that now lives in our pantry. I also plan to paint our brick fireplace in the master bedroom this color soon. Mindful Gray first came into my life when I saw it used on an episode of Fixer Upper. It’s one of those colors where you have to do a double take to really define the color. You can have this beautiful chameleon effect under different lights. To me, it has a hint of green. But, I never saw it and thought “green”. I would still rate this as gray. I think SW Mindful Gray looks great in a room with lots of decor. Jamie of Mindfully Gray (I think her blog could be named after this color!) uses it beautifully in her dining room, kitchen and living room. Look how beautiful it looks with wood tones!

Love the tone of Mindful Gray but looking for something lighter? Well done my friend, make sure you check out SW Repose Grey. This is the next color on the color swatch strip (so a similar color, just a lighter paint color). You can see in this cute little girl’s room that it’s a great neutral gray and goes well with blues and pinks. I love recommending grays like this to friends, family and clients who have just moved into a new place and are painting the whole house, but aren’t sure what each room will serve. That way, if they end up having a baby in the near future, they can easily add pops of color to personalize the new baby’s room. We used this color in one of our flip houses (see photos of it in the living room and dining room) and it looks wonderful with dark wood trim.

I may or may not have chosen this paint color to include in this post, mostly because I really like the name. I’m kidding. the SW Front Porch type is Lattice’s lighter cousin (and Silverpointe’s darker cousin which I’ll talk about next) and is a great gray. There’s just a hint of blue/purple, but I’d still 100% call this a true gray paint. Again, the Front Porch also goes well with the white trim. I can’t find many photos of rooms with this paint (maybe it’s more recent for the Sherwin Williams paint line?) and even though the photo above is a little dark, you can still see how the paint color looks good with the dark floors and accents. I’ve never tried this before on any of my projects, but it’s definitely going into the paint swatch library.

I originally came across this paint color on an Instagram post from Newly Woodwards blog. He posted the photo above and I immediately took a screenshot so I could refer to the color. This gray paint color, to me, feels so calm and soothing. I can imagine waking up to this color in the morning light. In the swatches, it looks like there’s a hint of purple, but in the room photo you can’t see any, just pure, clean gray. I’m actually waiting for someone to request a gray paint color so I can pull this sample. Maybe the name influenced me (usually they do) but I think this would also look good in a beach house. It reminds me a little of the ocean during a gray winter.

Best Gray And Greige Paint Colors From Sherwin Williams

This silver gray paint color was featured as the Sherwin Williams “Color of the Month” for December 2016. As I mentioned, this is a lighter version of the Front Porch and Trellis, so you have similar tones with the two paint colors. From all the photos I’ve seen with this paint color, it seems to me that the wall color tends to look similar to what you match it with. For example, if the wall color is blue with the blanket, it tends to look more blue. If used with lavender fabric, it looks more purple. Another chameleon paint color for sure. SW Silverpointe is also the lightest pure gray paint listed here, so consider it for townhouses, apartments, and basements that don’t have a lot of natural light.

I hope you find this gray paint guide useful! I always recommend getting paint samples for your home before you make a firm decision. Look at the wall paint in different light (morning light, afternoon sunlight, night and with the lights on) to make sure you like it before you commit.


Best Light Grey Paint Color Sherwin Williams

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Elizabeth, a DIY remodeler and blogger in Raleigh, North Carolina. Click the photo above to learn more! Want to change the look of your farm? Here are my favorite grays, Repose Gray Sherwin Williams and other great gray paint colors to use in your home.

My Top 5 Sherwin Williams Gray Colors — Welcoming Home

Repose Gray is a beautiful shade of gray with a sophisticated and understated feel. Learn more about choosing gray paint colors here.

One day you’ll be standing in front of the paint chip section at the paint store looking for the best shade of gray paint, paralyzed with uncertainty when you come to the undeniable conclusion…

Because there is a truth that no one tells you. Sometimes gray looks perfect in the store. You pick up that chip and look at it and you know you know it’s going to make your room sing. You run to the counter and happily order a gallon and drive home to paint your dining room. Then? You realize it’s not perfect after all. It’s too pink.

) on the wall about what I wanted to think about and learned a few things along the way. This is my tried and true one. This is the paint color I use when I need superhero gray.

Light Grey Paint Colors: Pretty Much The Same?

Repose Gray SW 7015 is my paint of choice. It’s so 2023. There’s no such thing as too much gray or too much beige. really Repose Gray is actually more beige than grey, but I like it. When you paint the walls it takes on a perfect almond gray color that looks so fresh and up to date.

This is a great option if you’re not sure if gray is your thing and want a pop of color without being too overwhelming.

This is my gray. This is the gray that trumps all others when you don’t know where to go. It’s a not-green-not-too-pink gray…..right in the middle of the color spectrum.

Best Light Grey Paint Color Sherwin Williams

Tip:  when you paint it in a room with a white shape, it looks darker than the paint chips.

Best Gray Paint Colors For Interiors

It’s perfect as an accent color to create a weathered wood look and you can pair it with SW Rice Grain for the perfect grey/khaki combination.

Sedate Gray SW 6169 is my stripe paint. drugged

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