Best Oil Based Exterior Primer

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Best Paint Primer 2023 Tests and Reviews Paint Primer helps paint adhere better to smooth surfaces and is essential for changing paint color.

Best Oil Based Exterior Primer

Best Oil Based Exterior Primer

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Which Primer Is Better For Adhesion: Oil Or Water Based?

Whether you’re painting a living room or painting a patio table, applying a surface primer will improve the process, prevent chipping, and reduce the number of coats needed to get the job done. All primers contain more resin and less pigment than paint, but formulations vary by product. We’ve tested some of the most popular options to see which matches are best for different situations.

The right primer for your project will depend on the environment you are working in, the surface you will be painting, and your desire for the duration and final look of the job. Read on to learn what makes a quality paint brush and why the options below are among our top picks among the best paint brushes we’ve tested.

We tested each paint primer against established rubrics, including how easy it is to apply, how well it adheres to various surfaces, and its color and odor blocking capabilities. To determine the score, we scored each primer based on these sequences on a scale between 0 and 4. Finally, we tested the durability of the primer and how nice the finish was on each surface.

We use each primer on metal, stone, plasterboard and wooden surfaces. The plasterboard surfaces had water stains and smelled of mold and smoke. We applied two coats of primer to each surface, let it dry for an hour, then finished with white paint to check for bleeding and to assess the smoothness of the top coat.

How To Choose The Right Primer For Your Paint Project

We’ve spent hours trawling the paint primer market and testing high quality products. One or more of these suggestions for the best paint may meet your specific needs.

Rust-Oleum is known for its protective paints and coatings. Its debut Zinser Bull’s Eye 1-2-3 Water Base Primer is an all-purpose primer that works with a variety of nonstick and topcoats. The brand is one of the leading manufacturers of anti-rust paints.

The primer is low odor, low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) and provides excellent coverage on interior and exterior surfaces. It is made of water-based acrylic and is designed to resist fading, creasing, and the growth of mold and mildew. The primer is pigmented and comes in either white or grey. It is also available as a spray paint.

Best Oil Based Exterior Primer

We tested this primer on a variety of surfaces, including drywall, wood, metal, and plastic. It adheres easily to all of these surfaces and provides a textured surface that adheres easily to the top coat of paint. The primer didn’t prevent water stains on the drywall, but we expected most whitewashes to not. We think the paint is thin and all surfaces need two coats for a smooth and unique finish. Overall, we really liked the versatility of using this primer on multiple surfaces, making it our top pick.

Fossa Primeout Oil Based Primer Sealer And Stain Blocker

Kilz is a reliable paint brand, especially for primers. Kilz Original Interior Primer is the company’s flagship primer designed to prevent interior stains on wood, drywall, plastic, paneling, paper, stone, brick and painted metal. Also works on properly prepared glossy surfaces.

The primer is oil-based, but can be used as a base for latex and oil paints. Kilz is our go-to light for tough spots in our home. We used to only use the spray version, but it turns out that the tin version works too. We tested the primer on water spots on drywall and as a base on a variety of materials, including wood, brick, and metal. Water works well on porous surfaces, but we needed it before we cut the metal.

The white primer did a good job of preventing light colored stains. However, in our experience, when trying to cover stubborn stains on drywall, primer works best for covering grays.

Although it is available in a low VOC formulation, it is not low VOC and has a strong odor. We recommend working in a well-ventilated or well-ventilated area when using this primer. Overall, the Kilz Original is a solid performer, and we highly recommend it for any indoor air conditioning application.

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Kilz 2 All Purpose Interior/Exterior Primer is a general purpose primer for use on a variety of DIY projects. This water-based primer has a much lower VOC content than Original Kills Primer and works under or over water- or oil-based paint. It prevents light to medium stains and light odors and has a lightfast coating.

Kilz 2 All Purpose Primer works well for general purpose priming and sealing needs. In testing, it left a smooth base on drywall and bare wood. It did a mediocre job of preventing dark stains on walls, but it effectively stopped light stains like pencil marks, small scratches, and markers. We recommend using Kilz 2 as a primer for pre-painting old walls or as an exterior paint primer on any exterior surface. Primer is also easy to use for craft paint projects.

Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer is designed to cover lightly tarnished metal as well as bare and previously painted metal. It is weather and corrosion resistant and bonds firmly to exterior/interior surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete and stone.

Best Oil Based Exterior Primer

This primer is designed primarily for use on metal, but it works well on other surfaces. It did a good job of preventing rust spots on the metal surface we cleaned and provided a smooth surface for the top coat. The only real downside to this primer was that it required pre-work before applying to wet surfaces – applying the primer to soft, hard or shiny surfaces requires rinsing. However, when applied to coated metal, it created a durable finish and the top coat went on beautifully.

Behr Premium Plus Interior/exterior Oil Based Primer & Sealer 434, 946ml

Kilz Adhesion Interior/Exterior Primer is designed to bond to a variety of difficult paintable surfaces such as PVC, vinyl, glass, tile and polished brick. The water-based primer offers the same color and odor blocking properties as other Kilz primers. Unlike other primers in the Kills range, the glossy surface of the sticker does not need to be polished before applying the primer.

Since this primer is nearly identical to others in the Kills line in terms of stain and fragrance properties, we primarily tested its ability to adhere to smooth surfaces. We used primer for plastic, metal and glazed ceramic. We did not sand the surface before use. It adheres well to surfaces, but we’ve found that applying the primer in thin, multiple coats works best. Although at least two coats are required, we prefer to apply two coats rather than sanding the entire area first.

Water stains, mold and mildew are hard to hide, but odors are even harder to hide. Smoke, pet urine, and food odors often require the use of an oil-based primer or sealer to capture them before painting. However, Kilz Restoration Interior Primer offers the same performance as oil-based primers, but water-based paint is easier to clean.

Like the other primers offered by Kilz, this primer did a great job of covering even the lightest to medium blemishes. However, Kilz Restoration shines as an odor blocker. We tested this drywall primer in a smoker’s living room. The primer went on smoothly and stuck to the scent. There is no smell when the top coat is applied. It did a decent job of hiding old water stains, but that’s what we expected.

Zinsser Cover Stain Primer & Sealer 2.5 Litre Interior

Since this primer is primarily designed to prevent odor, we recommend using this primer for that purpose only. Kills Original Primer is the ultimate blocker.

Kilz 3 Premium Interior/Exterior Primer is designed to minimize problems caused by discoloration, minor imperfections, surface texture and porosity differences. This primer offers excellent adhesion, a non-slip coating and seals interior and exterior surfaces for a unique finish.

In testing, we found this helper did an excellent job of sealing the new woodwork on our covered deck. This left a super smooth finish and the top coat went on smoothly. The exposed and painted wood has survived several rain storms and high humidity over the past few weeks and the surface still looks amazing.

Best Oil Based Exterior Primer

As a color blocker, it did a good job of covering an old painted surface with some moisture and dirt. The only thing we found with this primer is that it’s not designed to stick to glossy surfaces without preparation. However, it is an excellent adhesive for outdoor use as it adheres to plastic, panels, bricks, brick and painted metal without any problems.

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Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint is a combination paint and primer available in interior and exterior formulations. The indoor version is designed for single layer coating on dry walls, structures and ceilings. Super Paint creates a consistent line and long-lasting finish.