Best Paint Colors For Living Room 2022

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A survey of more than 60 interior design experts reveals what will be the biggest color trends for living rooms this year.

Best Paint Colors For Living Room 2022

Best Paint Colors For Living Room 2022

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The living room is the nerve center of the house. Whether you use it as a place to relax, entertain, study or work, the design should be as soft as the room itself. An important element of any room is the color of the wall, which can greatly affect the overall impression. In addition, painting the living room is a great way to give the space a new look without spending a lot of money. Deciding what you want and doing it well can be difficult.

So, we found the most popular living room color trends for 2022 by asking industry experts for their opinions. We polled interior design professionals for our 2022 Color and Color Report to tell us what colors they thought were the most popular. Below are the 7 best colors for the living room and the percentage of experts who chose it as a major trend.

More than half of interior design professionals choose sage green as the most popular color of 2022

Sage green will be the most popular color for the living room this year according to 53% of the experts surveyed. Sage green is a soft shade of green that balances yellow and blue. This makes it a versatile shade that can work well in many living rooms. It is a warm and inviting color that can be energizing or relaxing depending on how you emphasize it. This will allow you to create wallpaper that will make your room very attractive in your home. It is also a good choice for those who have seen the many green colors that will dominate the color of 2022, but do not want to commit to something too dark or bold.

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Sage green can be the basic color for furniture and hardwood floors, as well as many different colors, including yellow, gold or blue. It also works well with white and cream trims, so you can use it with many different styles and furnishings.

Another popular color for the living room this year will be cool, not white, according to 48% of experts. Cool off-white is a great color for small or dark rooms. This color can instantly brighten up a dark room and help increase the amount of natural light you have in the space. At the same time, the cool tones and colors disappear when you look at them. This can help a small or narrow space look bigger than it is.

Cool white is a neutral tone that can work in many situations. Neutrals are often offered for resale because they are almost always attractive. Cool white can be a nice and sharp color to use as a background if your room already has a lot of color or pattern. It is a good choice for formal spaces as well as smaller, dark rooms and can help create a lively atmosphere in the room.

Best Paint Colors For Living Room 2022

46% of experts agree that cream will be the most popular color for living room colors in 2022. Cream, like cool white, is a neutral color that can work with the dark place. Cream is a warmer shade of white, although there are hints of yellow or gold in the tone. This is why cream is a better choice for larger spaces, as warm colors are reduced and can make the space cozier. The cream color is also neutral, so it will appeal when it comes to resale and works well in both formal living rooms and more family-oriented spaces.

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Cream goes well with other warm colors, including shades of green, brown, yellow and yellow, which means it also goes well with natural wood tones.

4. Taupe 44% of experts predict that this neutral color will be one of the most sought-after living room colors.

44% of experts believe that taupe will be the biggest living room color trend in 2022. Taupe is as neutral as cream and cool almost white, but closer the gray color without leaving the gray scale. Taupe is considered a cool neutral, but it has more color and depth. Taupe is also a bit dark and doesn’t brighten up spaces like whites and creams. This makes it a good choice for small rooms that have little natural light.

The color taupe pairs well with many blues, greens and grays. It also works well with bright white, which can stand out as a sharp color in the trim against a dark red wall. If you want to introduce a lot of color in the living room, but you want to release, fresh, neutral, taupe is a good choice.

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Khaki green will be fashionable in 2022, according to 13 percent of experts. Khaki green fits well with other green and natural color trends that will be used in the home in 2022. Khaki is a darker green than sage. It can be a good accent wall in a brightly colored living room, or it can be a good base if most of the furniture is neutral and warm and other colors. Like sage green, khaki pairs well with most natural wood tones, as well as yellow and gold.

It would go well with cream wall coverings or accents. Khaki can be dark, so be sure to use this color in a living room with a lot of light, both natural and artificial. It’s also a warmer shade of green, so it will work better in a larger space than a smaller space.

12% of experts believe that navy blue will be a popular color for living rooms in 2022. Navy blue is a rich and deep blue color. Different brands have different shades of dark blue, which can change the color of the paint. True navy blue has an almost gray tone and is a cool shade. However, it is possible to find shades of navy blue that have an almost purple tone.

Best Paint Colors For Living Room 2022

Depending on the shade of navy blue you choose, this color works well in small spaces with lots of natural light. It pairs well with bright white and cream trims and can work with many different accent colors. Choose green, gray or purple for a subtle look, or combine them with red and yellow to give your room a more dramatic look.

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7. Terracotta 10% of design professionals believe that terracotta will be one of the most desired paint colors in 2022.

Terracotta will be a popular color for living rooms in 2022, according to 10% of experts. Terracotta is a unique shade that combines red, orange and brown colors. It is named after the color of the clay used to make the clay tiles: a rich red-brown color. In fact, it is also one of the best bathroom trends of 2022.

Terracotta is a beautiful shade for larger living rooms that have a lot of natural light. It can go well with many shades of green, as well as many different wood tones. This allows you to combine it with different furniture to get a warm and natural look in your room. Terracotta looks best with cream trim and can be used to create Tuscan and Southwestern styles.

Giving your living room a fresh coat of paint can help bring it back to life and make the entire room look like new. If your living room is looking tired or outdated, a splash of color can help give the space a new look.

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If you’re wondering what color to paint your living room this year, don’t forget to check out what the experts have to say to help you get your home right. Choosing the right wall color for your room is a difficult task. The living room is a multi-functional room where you can relax, have fun, enjoy family time, and maybe even eat.

You need a warm and comfortable living room. But you also want it to feel fresh and show off your personality. If you don’t want to follow the trend, you can choose one of the many classic colors used in your room. Don’t think that white walls or neutral colors are boring. These traditional colors are often used