Best Red Nail Polish For Fair Skin

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Best Red Nail Polish For Fair Skin – You know we love earthy neutrals and soft pink nail polishes here. But we also love a good red polish. We are not alone. The ten best-selling nail polishes in the world are all red. What are the benefits of red, you ask? everything.

When things feel a little crazy in the world, having beautiful nails is always comforting. You can amplify this feeling tenfold with a red mani. The feeling you get when you wear beautiful red nail polish is unparalleled. After all, it’s a classic for a reason. Trust! free! Rock ‘n’ Roll! complicated! Who is in charge here? You!

Best Red Nail Polish For Fair Skin

Best Red Nail Polish For Fair Skin

Red suits every mood, every skin tone and every occasion. Let’s take a look at the most popular nail polish colors in the world.

How To Choose The Perfect Red Nail Polish For Your Skin Tone

Apple red nail polish is probably the first red color that comes to mind. Classic red is the original statement manicure, a bold, eye-catching red for a vibrant, impactful manicure. Kate Moss opted for a classic red when she got her nails done, and if that’s good enough for the legendary supermodel…

Vermilion nail polish is the coolest of all red nail polishes. Vermilion is a rich red with a hint of orange that’s loved by cool kids, the glam crowd, and pretty much anyone who likes a bold mani. This color says, “Yes, I’m confident.” What skin tone would it suit? all.

Red nail polish is a tribute to nature and has become the “red door” for many neutral manicure lovers. Earthy, organic reds and dusty rosebud reds add beautiful pops of color and cover the floor. This family of reds tend to be universally appealing and versatile colors that can be worn anywhere and work well year-round thanks to their darker undertones.

If you grew up in the ’90s, there was only one nail polish color worth owning, and that was purple. Does it ever become obsolete? no way. These burgundy nail polishes have always had a loyal following, but we’re excited to report that they’re currently making a comeback. A deep merlot cream color, similar to black and deep magenta plums, a bit mysterious and a bit chic. As with all colors, you can see crimson patterns on different skin tones on our website.

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Red nail polish. But do it smartly. If classic red nail polish gives you a “look at me” feeling, please turn to this nail polish range. Red polishes with pink undertones are slightly softer for a softer look and feel. We’re talking raspberry reds, plum reds (we realize this isn’t a fruity red wine!) and rich blue-based reds.

Glittery red will be a major nail art trend for spring 2020, and we’re here for it. That’s exactly why we’re still here. This is an invigorating, festive nail polish color that’s perfect for parties, special occasions, the grocery store, and anywhere else. Poor Little It Girl™ works with various affiliate programs, which means I may earn commissions from purchases/clicks from visitors to this site at no additional cost to you!

Although I’m known to always wear white nail polish, I’m trying to expand my horizons and try more colored nails. While nail polish can complement your makeup and outfit, it can also affect your overall appearance. While there are no rules for choosing nail polish colors, I’ve learned that some colors work best with different skin tones. After a lot of trial and error, I found the best nail polish colors for fair skin.

Best Red Nail Polish For Fair Skin

I’ve talked a lot about how what I wear flatters my fair skin. I spend a lot of time researching what looks good on pale skin, be it the best blonde shades, natural lipstick shades for fair skin, or my favorite light makeup products. So when it comes to nail polish, whether it’s a cool undertone, a neutral undertone, a yellow undertone or a warm undertone, you need to find the right color that will highlight your fair undertones and accentuate your beautiful fair skin.

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Before we dive into the 10 best nail polish colors for pale skin, it’s important to determine your own undertone as I mentioned above. I know I have fair skin with pink and cool undertones. This means that my pale pink skin works best with colors with blue undertones and cool tones. I found this article from Good Housekeeping very helpful as it explains how to tell if your skin has cool, neutral or warm undertones. Okay, now let’s get to my list…

If you have fair skin and are looking for cool nail polish colors, it’s easiest to start with shades of blue. I think the darker navy blue works best for pale skin tones like mine.

If you have fair skin, you can wear a classic red nail polish with more blue behind it, rather than an orange/coral shade that may clash with your skin. These red tones work best for people with olive skin tones. However, if you have fair skin, you should opt for a cherry red color or a darker red.

There’s a reason pale pink shades like Essie’s ‘Ballet Slipper’ are so popular; they look great on a variety of skin tones! I love this particular OPI shade because its pink-beige color looks natural but doesn’t match my skin.

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Gray shades of nail polish work best on fair and light neutral skin tones. This is a great option if you want a neutral shade but don’t like pink, white, or even black nail polish.

Just like the red nail polish we discussed above, if you want to wear a berry nail polish, choose one with blue undertones. This shade also works well for people with medium or dark skin tone.

I’ve been in love with lavender ever since I bought this purple knit sweater! This soft purple shade has the blue undertone I told you about, which suits my cool skin tone but also lighter, warm skin tones. I definitely want to wear this with my new spring outfit!

Best Red Nail Polish For Fair Skin

If nude isn’t enough, light nude and dark black nail polishes are actually incredibly chic and stylish. It’s a bold statement, but is also seen as neutral. I don’t know why it works, but it does. My favorite is black nail polish on my toes.

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You can’t post about nail polish that doesn’t contain white! When in doubt, I always reach for my favorite soft white nail polish for my fingers and toes. Ivory is always my first choice, especially because I have to choose nail polishes that match the different looks I photograph here for the blog.

I’ve actually never tried a green nail polish like this before, but after doing some research online they said that pastel green shades like this are great for cool skin tones like mine, so I wanted to add it to my “Medium” list because it’s very pretty and Spring is perfect for this.

It’s a slightly more saturated pale pink nail polish than the OPI colors I mentioned above. This velvety pale pink suits all skin tones, not just light skin tones.

Now that I’ve shared my top nail polish picks for fair skin, it’s time to start making your own nail polish. With these tips you will have perfect nails in no time! But even if you have olive skin or a dark complexion, these tips will be helpful for almost everyone when it comes to choosing the perfect nail polish!

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I mentioned this above, but it’s very important: if you have fair skin, you should determine your undertone so you know what color looks best on you. Read this article and try some tips (like looking for veins and doing the white t-shirt test) as a starting point.

When choosing the right nail color for your fair skin, take your makeup as a guide. I blogged about what shades of red and pink suit my pale skin tone best. This was a good starting point for choosing colors for my nails since I already knew the colors looked good on my skin.

Don’t take your nail polish search too seriously. The worst thing that can happen is that you end up picking a color or getting a fun manicure idea that you don’t like. Grab some nail polish remover and a powder puff and let’s get started! When it comes to fashion, makeup or nail polish, you really never know.

Best Red Nail Polish For Fair Skin

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