Best Trim Color For White Walls

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Best Trim Color For White Walls – Earlier this week Ryan and I were talking about work ideas and Ryan mentioned the idea of ​​paint options. Then we remembered a wonderful post Sarah wrote about her trip to Trim two years ago during renovations. Why rewrite something perfectly written (including a personal story)? If you’re wondering what to do with your theme, this post is for you. Or if you like update jokes, this is for you too. have a good time!

I have never made a decision in my life. At least not until Mac and I bought a house. Honestly, I never was.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

Best Trim Color For White Walls

It was decorated in the room before. I’ve painted apartment walls in the past, but I’ve always cut out the area. I thought that was *you tear emoji*. All that changed recently. Finally owning our own home allowed us to do what we wanted without being at the mercy of a landlord. Our ideas are only limited by our determination to make them happen (with money, but I think it’s boring).

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But when we renovated the front of the house (before we moved in) it went faster. love it, We have to make 1 million decisions every day. I’m 5 weeks away from moving house and I decided to clean the place. These days slide like hot jelly. Suddenly, I was ready to paint the first few rooms in the house (living room, dining room, and front room) and had to make a decision. So… let’s go with white.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

Many have said, “Paint it white, live it up, and see how you feel in a few months.” This is good advice. And then Dad asked what the decorations were going to be, and he said, “Well, it’s all the same… right?” white wall white rim, White cabinets. No regrets, Those rooms are so happy and bright. But when the first renovation was delayed, I took more time to think about how I wanted the rest of the house to look.

I started shooting in various darkrooms. black bathroom You can create copper fixtures and green cabinets. Monochrome gray kitchen for vintage oil paintings. White painted walls and art shelves. or a deep leather library; Old leather furniture and vintage scones with a warm glow (this version really does!) Mac was on board and even floated the idea of ​​a black accent wall in our master bedroom. I agreed and began to stir. I am very decisive. No need to use the “gun to your head” (hard hitting) metaphor. Ask a question and get an answer. If you don’t know the answer, I’ll write it down somewhere. My decision-making process moves quickly, and my fingers often move quickly to the “buy,” “order” or “ship” buttons before my emotions have a chance to enter the race.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

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But if I spend too much time thinking about something, I jump like a fish on the deck of a boat. In January I did this moody room with dark walls.

Even without a dryer. I thought about it for a long time, and the closer I got to painting, the more apprehensive I became about the plans to paint it black. Would this work in our home? I love the light and airy living room; The front of our house is very white. Needless to say, Our house is a bungalow. open floor plans; Home style based on large windows for ventilation and all that California sunshine. It’s no secret that Victoria wants bold wallpapers and heavy panels.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

Finally, In early January 2020, It’s time to make some real decisions about the TV room and master bedroom. I still wanted to try something crazy, but I was a saint. I’m not a designer, Therefore, a bold choice like a darkroom can be a mistake. I agreed to go with green with a hint of green to paint the TV room. But I had mixed feelings about the custom black accent wall in the master bedroom. In the end, I just couldn’t feel the time for the house, so I added a spice wall. Instead, we talked about doing a medium gray. secretly I don’t feel good about it either. If I’m being honest with myself, I don’t want to wake up in a dark room every day. I really wanted to agree, knowing that Mac doesn’t need a white room. But something about the master bedroom just didn’t sit right with me, so I scoured Pinterest to see what it was.

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Looking at the photos of the rooms, I realized what the layout of each room was.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

. I noticed that most of the rooms I painted were decorated in white. Colors and treatments are deliberately chosen for them. That was a turning point for me. Warm decor on white walls gives the room a traditional feel, while wooden beams give it a Scandi feel, creating a dark room with deliberate drama.

Then the TV room went from green to dark green. And the decoration is not left white. no This dark, twisting path is about to follow the walls.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

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At the same time, The idea of ​​having light gray walls with white trim strikes a traditional note in the bedroom and is very soothing.

Black almost green). I then chose Heron Plame (a warm gray) for the walls and Greek Villa (a creamy white) for the trim. We were very confident in our decisions and ready to paint.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

I spent some time in the office before painting. I cleaned all the paint chips off the office walls and suddenly doubted my decision to paint the walls gray. I don’t know what it is, but it disturbs the view of my quiet bedroom. I asked Julie to come into the office and look at the paint plates. “I don’t know if it’s wrong with the dark tone on the wall in the bedroom…I don’t know why, but it feels a little off.”

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Traditional perhaps? “So all of Julie’s geniuses said, ‘Why don’t you replace them?’ White on the wall, gray on the trunk. Suddenly I could breathe again. Then I remembered this photo from his bedroom.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

That sealed the deal for me. A white wall that catches the warm morning light; The gray trim and slim pocket doors give the room a bit more ‘life’ than the all white. The decision was made to paint.

White went up to the bedroom and liked it. Do it again. (Actually, I just painted the entire living room and dining room white, so I’m not too happy about it. The white color I chose last January looked too cold and barren in Greece, so I decided to paint the entire villa, living room, and dining room on the bedroom walls.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

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But then the first coat of Heron Plume Trim went up to the bedroom…doubts quickly returned. Subtle. I said

I want a soft contrast; It’s not dark or bright, but I’d like some contrast. It wasn’t enough for me. Heron Plame is a beautiful color; But that didn’t do much against a new romance with a Greek villa. I know changing the trim colors at this point will delay us and put the restoration on schedule, but I know it’s the only option to change the paint colors. I didn’t have time to go back to Sherwin Williams to get new samples, so I thought about the samples I already had (I brought a lot home when I wanted a gray wall). Fortunately, I had a sample of Modern Gray – dark.

Best Trim Color For White Walls

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