Best Wall Paint Colors For Small Living Room

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Best Wall Paint Colors For Small Living Room – Blythe Copeland is a contributing writer with over ten years of freelance writing experience.

Choosing the perfect color for your living room means choosing an adaptable and timeless shade that also reflects your style and personality. “Often the focal point of the home, living rooms tend to connect several rooms together,” says Arianna Cesa, associate director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore. “Choosing a versatile color is always a good option because it gives you more flexibility when choosing colors for adjoining rooms.” This practical approach is also a trend – in 2022 neutral will dominate this heartland, our experts remember. Next, how to play with these calm earth tones in your living room next year.

Best Wall Paint Colors For Small Living Room

Best Wall Paint Colors For Small Living Room

Neutral whites, ivory and beige are classic living room tones that blend seamlessly with the more dramatic hues of adjoining rooms, make for effortless furniture changes and showcase your favorite fabrics and textures when using the space for pre-dinner cocktails. or a semester in hybrid studies. “Living rooms are now the center of our homes: over the past few years, they’ve been offices, classrooms, craft rooms and gathering spaces,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. Their families. . “People have always been drawn to neutrals—they’re almost timeless by definition. Warm whites and beiges create a neutral backdrop while still feeling cozy.”

These Are The 7 Most Popular Living Room Colors Of 2022

She recommends Sherwin-Williams’ Accessible Beige and Shoji White, two “hot grids” that contrast the past decade’s obsession with cool grays and whites. “Although these colors had their place in Scandinavian minimalism and other dominant design movements, they were seen as cold and harsh. Today’s warm neutrals are softer and more forgiving, allowing people to add personality in other ways,” says Wadden . . “These warm neutral colors reflect our desire to create an inviting space that suits all aspects of our lives. Family photos, your favorite quilt, travel memories, plants you have – everything has a place in the room and is colored by it. Help bring them together.”

Cesa often deals with homeowners who are looking for rich colors that don’t overwhelm their space. “Greys, neutrals and whites are always an integral part of the color palette, but we see a desire for individuality and escape through the design choices in our home,” she said. “Grey or neutral colors, or stronger-toned neutrals and grays like blue or green, create the perfect balance to meet these needs without feeling overwhelming.” Her favorites: the brand’s Morning Dew, “a cool, calming gray with the sweetest hint of green,” and High Park, which “leans more green but has a calming gray undertone,” she says. “These colors are a good introduction to bringing more expressive or bold colors into your home without being too overwhelming.” Both shades work well with the rest of your space: Cesa likes Morning Dew, which is accented by white, blue and green fabrics and art with warm wood and gold accessories, and High Park, which features textiles, dark wood floors, cream ceramics. , with lots of floral accents,” said “These are great transitional colors as you start to experiment and find your own personal style and more creative and expressive design choices.”

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Living Room Inspiration And Paint Color Ideas

Choosing the right decor for a small living room can be difficult. In addition to the fact that you probably have limited storage space, figuring out what furniture you really need is often a difficult task. The key is to make sure each item is as functional as it is beautiful, and make sure the pieces you add fit the scale of the room.

This often means choosing furniture that not only supports your lifestyle and is visually pleasing, but can also do double duty. If you have multifunctional furniture in the mix, the next step is to choose decorations that offer little.

These are just a few living room ideas that will instantly transform your space. Here are more tricks and tips that interior designers swear by.

Best Wall Paint Colors For Small Living Room

A traditional TV console and tabletop TV take up a lot of space, but there are creative ways to incorporate a TV into your space. “There are now many ways to seamlessly integrate your TV into a gallery wall, above a fireplace, or even into a bookshelf with a telescoping arm to hide when not in use,” says the company’s vice -president Christine Kobervig Munger. goods from Fernish. “[Some] even mimic your favorite color when not in use.”

Wall Paint Color Ideas For Home Trending In 2024

For this small living room idea, choose a location that makes your main living area comfortable, and be sure to choose a TV that fits the size of the room without overwhelming it.

The ceiling is not often used as a focal point, but accentuating it with wallpaper, a pop of color or interesting lighting will lift the eye and create the illusion of more space. “Choose a wallpaper scale that emphasizes other design elements in the room,” says interior designer Allison Prior. “A voluminous floral looks chic on a ceiling supported by a geometric rug. Use a high-gloss color to make this ceiling pop, and choose a wide fixture to fill the space and maximize the ceiling.”

If your small living room has a low ceiling, you can create the illusion of more height by extending the window coverings. “Hanging shutters at ceiling height and hanging slightly above the floor helps create the illusion of vertical space,” says Munger. “Put the joists as close to the ceiling as possible and measure the distance between the ceiling and the floor and add about 6 inches to determine the correct panel length.”

You can even choose a rod that extends 12 to 18 inches beyond the window frame on either side of the window to give the appearance of wider windows as well.

The Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas For 2023

While ambient lighting is essential in a well-designed living room, large table lamps are often a waste of valuable space. “If space is tight, skip the table lamp and opt for wall lamps,” says Laura Hur, interior designer and founder of Lorla Studio. “It’s a chic way to free up desk space while keeping your room organized.” put on.”

If you’re not yet a folding furniture person, now is the time to get smart. Interior designer Crystal Sinclair says whether it’s a wall-mounted desk or a storage cabinet that opens to reveal a desk or bed, folding furniture is great for maximizing a small space.

A small mural can go a long way in opening up a narrow living room. “Paint the walls and ceiling of a small living room a light, light color,” says interior designer Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design. “If you have a crown or base, it should also be painted the same shade for consistency.” According to Magon, this small living room idea helps create a canvas for displaying bold art that creates a focal point and makes the room feel larger than it actually is.

Best Wall Paint Colors For Small Living Room

What’s more miserable than a cramped living room? Narrow living room with inappropriate furniture. “Always take measurements

Best Colors For Home Offices

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