Black Textured Paint For Walls

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It’s the season of change and the new wave of design trends is officially here. As Mandy Cheng of Mandy Cheng Design shared with us last month, textured walls are a style you’ll soon be seeing everywhere.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Black Textured Paint For Walls

“Textured walls (Roman clay or limewash) provide depth and a sense of warmth that you thought you could only experience on an old Parisian floor, and it’s magical at any time of day,” says Cheng.

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An increasingly popular trend is home invasions, from Parisian classics to contemporary desert. Now, if “texture” conjures up images of popcorn ceilings and stucco walls, think again. Lime and Roman clay are more reminiscent of plaster walls found in Mediterranean design, a style that evokes earthy textures and an antique atmosphere.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Getting the look is easier than you think. “Roman clay and lime washes create a sense of warmth and depth that traditional paint lacks,” says Jamie Davis, co-founder of Portola Paints & Glazes. His company has become known in the design world for its line of textured products that, unlike traditional plasters, do not require expert installation.

There are a few things that make text graphics like Portola stand out. For one, the application process is different. “Traditional paint is usually rolled or sprayed onto the surface and dried without moving or changing,” says Davis.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

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“Limewash and Roman clay have a slightly specialized application, but create depth and color. Limewash is a brush-on finish that instantly creates a suede look and ages your walls.

Davies adds that Roman clay is just as easy to work with. “Roman clay is the fastest and cheapest way to create walls that look like plaster or cement,” he says. The clay is applied with a razor blade, which means it takes a little more time than with a roller brush. Davis adds that both finishes are easy to learn to use, so both are ideal for artists and beginners.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Another feature that sets textured walls apart from traditional painted walls is their ability to create a visual impact without a bold color. A room covered in warm white is fine, but add a lime in the same warm white and the room is transformed.

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Are you nervous about adding permanent text to your walls? don’t Davies says that both Roman clay and limewash can easily be painted with traditional colours.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

“Roman clay will usually be very smooth, like a freshly painted wall, so it’s not a problem to paint,” says Davis. “Limewash usually has a slight texture from hand application. You can paint it directly over it, or you can paint over it (fused wall compound) if you want it to be 100% smooth again.

We love how a little texture can add a touch of old-world charm to even the most drab, builder-level space. Amp up the trend by pairing textured walls with decor such as antique brass, linen and wood tones. Great Color Ideas for Textured Walls (11 Options to Make Your Walls Pop) Discover the best colors for your textured walls to make a strong, bold statement. Author: Andre A & Editors | Last updated: December 9, 2023

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Rust Oleum Stops Rust 12 Oz. Textured Black Protective Spray Paint 7220830

Woven walls have received a lot of attention in recent years. This is very smart because textured walls can be a great alternative to add character and depth to your walls. The imperfections in these types of walls can provide artistic visual interest and can even be much more interesting than a typical boring wall.

In some cases, putting up a woven wall can be the best option, for example in a rustic industrial interior. However, it might also be a good idea to paint it. In this way, you will make the wall stand out more while maintaining its natural beauty and character.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

But unlike a typical wall, choosing a paint color for a textured wall can be much more difficult. Improper use of it does not distinguish the texture and shades and loses all its beauty.

White 3d Textured Painting White Minimalist Painting Large Black Abstract Painting Black Texture Wall Art Black White Wall Art Abstract Art

Based on our designer experience, some of the best paint colors for textured walls are beige, black, burnt orange, dark red, emerald, light gray or mint green. These colors had the power to complement the unique textures and depths of the surface, providing new visual interest without overwhelming the senses. They can also help the unique features of the wall shine and make a great statement in your interior space.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Below you can find a complete list of paint colors that work well for textured walls, including some key factors that can help make your final decision easier. let’s start

Beige became our first choice for several reasons. Firstly, it is a neutral shade that can complement any texture and pattern, while highlighting very well.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

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Second, it can add warmth and comfort to your room and make the whole space feel more cozy and comfortable.

Finally, you can use beige in any style of interior design, from traditional classic to contemporary modern.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Black may seem like a risky choice, but in reality it can bring out all the unique features and details of your textured wall, making it bold and dramatic.

Abstract Grunge Texture Pattern Of Black Paint On White Wall Stock Image

Another reason to choose black is that it can create a strong contrast between text, separate shadows more elegantly, and create a three-dimensional look.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

This warm and rich color palette can bring a textured wall to life and energy, while remaining cozy and attractive.

It can also be a good option if you use a textured wall as an accent wall, making it stand out more dramatically to become a focal point of your interior.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

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Another powerful option that can add a dramatic look to a wall is dark red. Although dark red is not a common color for walls, it is slightly different when it comes to textured walls.

The dark red look brightens shadows and texture. You can use this option if you want to create a beautiful feeling in your home.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

This deep, rich green creates an unfinished wall that looks luxurious. And as a green, it can bring fresh and natural air and create a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Stucco Cement Wall Texture Background In Dark Grey Color Paint Stock Photo

Light gray is a simple choice that never fails, it can also enhance the natural beauty of a textured wall. This versatile option can also make your room look harmonious and balanced.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Using light gray gives you many options to add other colors so you can use basically any furniture or accessories.

Make your text wall fun and cheerful by using pale yellow colors. A bright yellow can also bring some light, so it is useful for any dark or small space.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Black Paint Grunge Texture Or Abstract Surface Dust And Rough Dirty Wall Background

However, using too much yellow can be overwhelming, so only use it for an accent wall.

Mint green can add a refreshing and soothing touch to any textured wall, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

It can also be a good option if you have a lot of natural elements inside, such as wooden furniture or lots of greenery.

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If you prefer green colors with a warm tone, you can try olive green. In fact, it is one of the most popular shades of green when it comes to textured walls, combining fresh natural beauty with a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

Create a pop of pink by painting a textured wall. This soft and soothing color can add a touch of excitement to your space, making it the perfect choice for any minimalist or modern interior.

Pink painted walls can also create a cool and calm atmosphere that will help reduce stress after a busy day at work.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

The Dulux Texture Collection

This neutral brown shade can be used on a textured wall, not only to highlight all the texture and grain, but can also add an earthy and industrial look to make the wall more interesting.

Its unique warm character makes taupe a good choice for any room where you want to spend a lot of time with the family, such as the living room or kitchen.

Black Textured Paint For Walls

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Black Textured Paint For Walls

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