Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors – Gentlemen! Did my choice of exterior color really make a dramatic difference? Maybe I’m too close to judge because I just finished painting, but yeah!

I have been at the same farm in Ohio for 19 years It was white like 90% of the other square farmhouses around it I was fine with it for a while, but the original paint on the aluminum trim was showing its age Where it was in the shade, it stained and couldn’t be cleaned, and where it absorbed the sun, the cone shapes reverted to bare aluminum.

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

My house minus the blue shutter Van Deusen I started adding trim here, but it’s only in the back corner

Exterior Paint Colors

Since it’s aluminum siding, I didn’t feel like replacing it It was very functional I priced out some siding options, but didn’t want to spend the money to figure out how to paint the aluminum to finish it.

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

The right exterior paint will make your home look stunning If it’s already awesome, they can make it even more awesome I had a wonderful vision of a beautiful, colorful house on the white farmhouse site

But… I ran into a problem You see I am married It’s great, but it’s a joint effort from some decisions And my wife had nothing to do with that colorful nonsense The farmhouse must be white His grandmother’s farmhouse was white. End of discussion

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

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That kept me going for a few years I didn’t want to invest the time or money to paint my house

But then something happened that put me over the hump One of them is that I started working with color at work I actually trained in color theory and used colorimeters to match colors Second, we bought a chair for the living room

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

Did buying a chair for the living room bring a complete color change to the outside of the house? Tell me! How did it happen?

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I would be happy. We need a new chair for the living room The old man was no longer visible. I went with my wife to help pick it out We had carpet in the living room and needed a chair to go with the carpet and bed The courts were easy They were neutral in color Think coffee with cream Carpet was a tough game It had a greenish-blue thread that predominated

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

We found the perfect chair It looked amazing, had a great price and matched the rug perfectly

As my wife said no, it’s not exactly green It will be a hit I respect all the feminine art of my wife’s furniture, clothing and home decor We ended up in seat B which was also good Personally I didn’t think it was the right green, but I thought the carpet was necessary anyway, so if the game wasn’t good, I was going to buy a carpet.

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

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Apparently I went to buy a rug, but my wife said, “You’re right, honey.

That’s when I gained confidence in my color skills and discovered that my wife is talented in many ways besides color selection (for example, choosing a husband).

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

With my new color skills, I had the confidence to push back on the house color change, but I still had to do a couple of things.

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I started by pointing out various houses that looked like ours but were painted I also looked online for colorful square houses It housed the colorful houses of the imagination He has difficulty seeing colors, but when he sees colors, he is able to evaluate them She didn’t like any of them, but at least she could imagine the house in that color

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

As I went through this exercise with her, we started removing some of the color Yellow was out He didn’t like the yellow house Green is possible, but both bothered us When green is bad green, it’s terrible We had a red roof so the problem was red It will lack contrast or confusion

Then I asked my sister for help I tried some painting websites where you can paint your house digitally, but the results were pretty sketchy. My sister is a commercial artist, so she volunteered to paint our virtual house in different colors.

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

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I also took this opportunity to try out my shutter removal idea Black shutters always bothered me because they looked the wrong size and didn’t fit perfectly Helpfully, I showed my wife what the house would look like without the shutters

My sister also helped me to prove this concept I thought the house looked boring with only windows and no shutters, so I added decorative boards to the corners to give it more contrast. It added a lot to the house, at least on paper

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

He started to feel better about the color, but I had to show him that the shutters on the four sides were not original and were not needed Looking through old magazines from the 1990s, we found several ads for the same house No one had a shutter

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We both decided that light colors don’t look as good as dark colors We removed brown as an option, leaving us with gray and blue We even went into saliva

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

I looked around town for a few houses that looked nice and he agreed that something within that exterior house color would be perfect and would leave the choice up to me.

If you check out my sister’s article on painting aluminum siding, you’ll see that I chose to use Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint as my top coat. I finally had luck with Washington Blue, a darker version of Prussian Blue. It is in the Benjamin Moore Colonial Williamsburg Paint Collection.

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

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But, when I got to the paint store, I went crazy I decided that the Washington Blue was a little darker than I wanted and the Prussian Blue a little lighter. In the end, I found Van Deusen Blue to be a comfortable compromise

I think I should probably stick with my original choice I love Van Deusen Blue, but it doesn’t look as dark as it does at home on swatches Here are some tips when choosing exterior house colors Paint will have a different effect on a much larger canvas than your home

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

I wanted white for the trim, but which white? Having rebuilt my garage after the fire I thought I would try to match the white The builder also used the PVC mold I plan to use on the house, so I brought a sample to compare with all the paint samples. I haven’t really found one that works

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Gutchas and gutters are painted gray in the distance I decided that the color of the ceiling was close enough to the color of the PVC mold that I didn’t need to paint the mold to match The down spots sit right on top of the PVC trim and you have to get very close to see any difference.

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

Unfortunately, Distant Gray does not cover as well as Van Deusen Blue. Although I could only use one coat of blue paint, I had to paint all the decorative elements twice

I am amazed at the difference But I also love the color change in my house day by day

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

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As the night wore on, I couldn’t imagine it getting any thicker, and I was surprised at how bright it was at noon.

I have two advantages of straight pipe combined with PVC molding First, the windows fit into the down panels, so they don’t look weird Second, they add interest to the home They help emphasize the shape by defining the edges of the house The cube may be boring, but it also has a nice richness to it, and the strong white line on the edge helps emphasize this feature.

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

I will never forget the blind The shutters look nice, but they looked wrong in this context There is no need to clutter the surface with extras, especially with edges emphasizing the simple geometry of the house

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I haven’t painted my porch ceiling blue yet When the house was white, it gave a splash of color, but now it’s just fighting

Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

The door also needs to be painted Since the storm door is covered, I’ve always ignored it, but this time I’m going to get a little creative with the color choice.

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Blue Green Exterior House Paint Colors

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