Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

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Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior – Grace is a former associate home editor for Southern Living. She has covered a variety of print and digital topics, from design and flower arranging to cottage gardens and pets. She joined Southern Living as an editor before moving to the Homes team. You can find her regularly walking around neighborhoods in the South to admire houses and take pictures of colorful front doors.

You may have a list of home improvement projects that you promised you would get around to. Maybe you started from the inside – by painting the living room in a mood-enhancing shade or revamping the bedroom with comfortable furniture. Walking around, admiring other houses, inspiration strikes. How can you update your brick house to be the prettiest on the block?

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Paint can instantly freshen up a home’s exterior without any major renovation. Anyone who lives in a brick house is probably well aware of the great debate about color. One side is about painting the brick facades, while the other side is cruel about the original red brick exterior. After all, it’s your personal preference. However, once the brick is painted, there is usually no going back (no printing or anything!).

Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

For homeowners looking to repaint their brick exterior, we’ve compiled eight different shades that are sure to add curb appeal.

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Stick to a relatively neutral shade for the exterior and choose complementary colors for smaller details (for example, khaki shutters for a warm white facade or a forest green front door against a soft gray exterior). Whether you’re dreaming of a creamy white cottage or a contemporary nautical craftsman, find inspiration for repainting your brick home with the colors below.

If you need reassurance, check out how designer Cheryl Luckett of Dwell by Cheryl Interiors transformed this stunning colonial with Sherwin-Williams’ Pure White Coat, SW 7005. This classic combination uses a warmer white. It is not too bright and fits well in a sunny exterior.

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Brick And Roof Color Combinations For Your Home

From classic white to earthy green to more modern black, these colors will transform the brick exterior of your house into the most beautiful house in the block of flats.

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Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

25 Soothing Colors to Make Your Home a Sanctuary 25 Farmhouse Colors That Will Always Be Stylish The Best Bedroom Color for Sleep Isn’t Beige, Study Says 11 Colors to Make Your Guests Feel at Home 24 Designer-Approved Bathroom Colors for a Totally Personal Feel According to Interior designers, these are the best colors for dark spaces. The best bold colors for kitchen cabinets You can’t go wrong with bold colors. To create a look that enhances the look of this feature, brick house exteriors create color schemes that work from top to bottom.

The Key To Color Combinations For Your Home’s Exterior

The VARS approach is a five-step method for choosing a pleasing color palette for your home’s exterior. When you use fresh thinking to select the right color for each element—roofing, siding, doors, windows, shutters, trim, and accents—you’ll create a unified look that exudes appeal.

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

There are many things to consider when choosing exterior colors for your home, with the most influential being the fixtures.

Look at the fixed elements of any attractive home and you will begin to see a certain repetition of tone. This duplication allows different materials and textures to work well together. This is especially important for a house with a full or partial brick exterior.

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Choosing Exterior Paint Colours: Why Your Home’s Exposure Matters

When choosing colors for the exterior of your brick home, find colors that blend with or complement the dominant color or tone of the brick. All colors must coordinate with the brick to create the best look. If you are building a new home, first choose the brick and then create a color scheme that will enhance the feature.

Color distortion is a term used when talking about stone, brick, roofing or other materials. In general, the important elements of the exterior of the house are not a solid color, but a mixture of colors. To describe these materials as monochromatic would not do them justice, because the beauty is in the color variations. The term “color form” describes the dominant color in a material that consists of different colors. Tint is a term with roots in photography that describes the overall tint in a photographic image caused by sunlight or incandescent lighting.

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Then consider the next four fresh steps. Details on how to do this can be found in the e-book of Fresh Home Exterior Color Schemes for Brick and Stone, which is available to you with our compliments. Just click on the link.

The 10 Most Popular Colors For The Exterior Of Your Home

When choosing an exterior color scheme for brick or part brick homes, start by looking closely at the bricks to see their true color. Your first thought might be that the color of your brick is simply red, but take a closer look. Your brick may have a different color cast or be closer to pink or brown than red. Stones come in a wide variety of colors.

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Red, brown/buff, white/cream, pink, gray, brown and black are the colors you usually see in residential exteriors. Within each color group, you will see bricks that are predominantly that color or have a cast of that color. The color as well as the shade needs to be determined in order to choose the best color scheme for your brick or part brick house.

There are many colors and types of bricks, but by far the most popular is red. This classic, all-American look has a timeless appeal. From clean, straight lines to rustic jagged edges, your red bricks are the focal point of the color palette. Looking for inspiration for your brick house? Check out “Five of Our Favorite Red Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes”

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Best Exterior Brick And Paint Color Combinations

Don’t be fooled by preconceived notions about pink. The bricks range from slightly lighter than red to neutral raised with a pink glow. Add soft colors and an accent or two that have the same soft sheen as your brick. If your brick is on the lighter side of red, check out “Five Awesome Pink Brick Exterior Color Schemes”

Although not typically off-white or cream, the clean look of light brick is attractive in home styles from historic to modern. One of the advantages of white and cream bricks is their ability to match many colors. This makes it easy to find plenty of white and cream brick exterior color schemes to enhance your home. See examples in “Five Inspirational White and Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes”

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Bricks with a gray cast can be either a cold true gray color or a warm brownish gray. Match the temperature of your bricks to your primary color temperature and neutral color schemes to get the best gray brick exterior color schemes.” Five Great Gray Stones Outside of Color Schemes”

New Home Exterior Colors: Stone

Not pure brown or black, the bricks have rich dark neutrals enlivened with contrast and color. When creating black brick exterior color schemes, contrast with a light to medium main color and then add medium to dark accents. Here’s “Five Beautiful Black Brick Exterior Color Schemes”

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

Bricks that are predominantly brown or brown overlaid with another color have a warmth that feels welcoming. Tan bricks are a natural partner for a palette of warm colors. Cool colors can also work, especially when used as accent colors in brown bricks outside of color schemes. Find inspiration in our “Five Exciting Exterior Brick Color Schemes”

The tips above will help you get started. For all the details on how to create the best exterior color schemes for a brick home, download our full guide – Fresh Home Exterior Color Schemes for Brick and Stone.

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

View Popular House Exterior Paint Colour Schemes

Find even more inspiring color schemes, see which exterior color scheme best matches your DaVinci roof.

Kate Smith is an internationally recognized color expert, consultant and designer. She is a skilled colorist and color consultant. For over ten years, Kate has been lending her expertise to DaVinci Roofscapes. Kate will help you choose colors that you will love for many years.

Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

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The Best Exterior Brick And Paint Color Combinations For Curb Appeal

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Brick House Colour Schemes Exterior

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